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Do. NOT. GET mad when a cashier asks for id when you buy alcohol or tobacco.

Seriously. Dont. Even if you’re 30 and smoke every day. We dont know that. We HAVE to ask for id because if we dont and the customer turns out to be an underage undercover for the state and we sell them alcohol, not only do I the cashier who SOLD the alcohol gets in trouble, but its immediate termination of employment, $1000+ fine for selling alcohol to a minor And I cant work anyplace that sells alcohol ever again. So dont get pissy when I ask for id. Because I’m not going to risk my job for you.

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My Unlawful Termination (Read, please)

I usually don’t make posts like this, but I felt that this really needed to be shared. The reason why I’m sharing this is to bring awareness to our society, I know for a fact that I’m not the only one this has happened to. I also won’t be the last

(((Before I get into the specifics, I’ll make it known: I am professionally diagnosed as having ADHD, high-functioning form of autism, depression, and anxiety. I am properly medicated for the ADHD and mood disorders. This means that

So, here’s my story:

I’ve recently been fired from my job. This was done out of pure retaliation in response to me standing up for my rights granted to me by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and for reporting multiple incidents against senior employees.

The first incident reported to management involved ableist language used against me AFTER the complete dismissal of my disabilities. “I don’t care about all of that, can you do this? Thanks” was the response I got when I first advocated for my disabilities. The ableist language being, “Wow, are you DEAF, too?” The culprit? A manager. The twist? It was done in front of customers, who promptly expressed their disapproval for the behavior on his part.

Embarrassed and hurt, my feelings on this incident were then not only dismissed by the owner, but also turned around into a victim-blaming defense tactic, questioning me, “What did YOU do?”. Expressing my dissatisfaction with the response from the higher ups, I sternly stated that another incident like this wouldn’t be tolerated and I’d look into filing a grievance if it happened again.
NO DISCIPLINARY ACTION WAS TAKEN AFTER REPORTING THE INCIDENT. My promise wasn’t taken seriously, and I was just shooed away with the statement, “This is an adult business, you don’t go around making threats like that”. What?

After this specific incident, I noticed changes in how I was treated. Some of the staff, management and the owner himself would hone in on me, nitpicking at the tiniest most minute things. It became routine that someone (without power) would come up to me and begin loudly berating me on the floor, with customers all around, if I did so much as miss a couple of tiny crumbs while sweeping during the rush.

It was then about a month after that first big incident that I was called in to sign a paper. I was being “warned” because there had been (supposedly) 2 customer complaints and 2 staff complaints. When I inquired as to what the complaints involved, I was DENIED the right to know. No physical proof was shown to me detailing there ever was a complaint from a customer.

Before and after this written warning, I had never engaged with anyone who was yelling at me, I just reported it to management. After the warning, I began secretly logging each of these unprofessional incidents in a notebook, detailing what occurred, the date, and who had been informed. My routine reports were seemingly having little to no effect on the behavior of these few staff members, but I continued to do so anyway.

The week before I was fired, on a Friday night, one of the particularly problematic staff members approached me. Aggressively, he demanded, “can you get these f*cking n*ggers off of my front bench?!”, then stormed off. I immediately reported it to management. While I believe the owner yelled at him for his inappropriate racial slur, again, NO FURTHER DISCIPLINARY ACTION WAS TAKEN. Instead, for the next week, each shift I worked with both him and his girlfriend, they honed in on me, harassing me and even resorted to name-calling at one point. I reported this also, and again, nothing happened.

Fast-forward to a week later, and I’m being told (again) that there’s been more complaints made against me. They are telling me I’m just not “working out” and they’re going to have to let me go. Again, in disbelief, I made the request to hear more of what or who the complaints involved. The owner chuckled at me when I asked to read or hear more of the complaints, “no, you absolutely may NOT” was his response. I explained to him that withholding this type of information again was detrimental to my understanding of what it was that I did wrong. He cut me off multiple times while I tried rewording my request, insisting that I’d “find another job, it was no problem.”

So, for those of you out there who feel something is “off” in your workplace, TRUST YOUR GUT INSTINCT, DO YOUR RESEARCH, AND STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS. You REALLY could have a valid, legal case…

I AM in the beginning stages of filing a report with the EEOC and hiring a lawyer. I do have a voice and I won’t be silenced.

36 Reasons Why You Should Thank a Union

  • Weekends
  • All Breaks at Work, including your Lunch Breaks
  • Paid Vacation
  • FMLA
  • Sick Leave
  • Social Security
  • Minimum Wage
  • Civil Rights Act/Title VII (Prohibits Employer Discrimination)
  • 8-Hour Work Day
  • Overtime Pay
  • Child Labor Laws
  • Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA)
  • 40 Hour Work Week
  • Worker’s Compensation (Worker’s Comp)
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Pensions
  • Workplace Safety Standards and Regulations
  • Employer Health Care Insurance
  • Collective Bargaining Rights for Employees
  • Wrongful Termination Laws
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967
  • Whistleblower Protection Laws
  • Employee Polygraph Protect Act (Prohibits Employer from using a lie detector test on an employee)
  • Veteran’s Employment and Training Services (VETS)
  • Compensation increases and Evaluations (Raises)
  • Sexual Harassment Laws
  • Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Holiday Pay
  • Employer Dental, Life, and Vision Insurance
  • Privacy Rights
  • Pregnancy and Parental Leave
  • Military Leave
  • The Right to Strike
  • Public Education for Children
  • Equal Pay Acts of 1963 & 2011 (Requires employers pay men and women equally for the same amount of work)
  • Laws Ending Sweatshops in the United States

for @littlebeanmichael and @hopelessash movie!5sos blurb night I know this is probably too long to be considered a blurb but once i stated thinking about luke as a movie star i couldn’t stop writing

Crew are not to be romantically involved with cast members. Doing so may result in termination of employment.

When you’d first signed on to work as a production assistant for a major Hollywood studio, you’d glazed over that portion of the contract. You’d been told that you would first be working on an action movie, starring a past-his-prime star and a woman 20 years younger than him. Unless there were any exceptionally hot extras, there wouldn’t by anyone on set that you would want to hook up with. However, just the day after you’d signed the contract, you’d received the information that you were being assigned to a new movie, a romance. A heart-wrenching, Nicholas Sparks-esque, boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl discovers she only has two months to live romance, starring a young starlet opposite the very hot, very talented Luke Hemmings.

Although you’d recently been crushing on the blond haired, blue eyed actor from magazine covers lining the grocery store checkout line, you still weren’t worried. Why would Luke Hemmings, who was in a different club every night and rumored to be dating a different model every week, even look twice at you, who would be at the bottom of the totem pole on set and was fresh out of college and working to pay off student loans?

You hadn’t counted on somehow catching his eye the first day on set. You hadn’t counted on him actively pursuing you. And you hadn’t counted on waking up naked in his king size bed in his Beverly Hills mansion just a few days after meeting him for the first time. “Shit.” You murmured, realizing that you had made a huge, huge mistake. Panicking, you slithered out of bed and began gathering your clothes, planning to dress quickly and leave before he woke. You’d worry about what you would do the next time you saw him later on.

“You know I’m not really a morning person,” You heard from behind you as you were bent over picking up your bra. You straightened, giving him a hard look. Despite your anger, at yourself for making such a stupid decision and at Luke for attracting you to him like a fly to honey, you felt yourself melt a bit at the sight of him. His blond hair was tousled, the polar opposite of the neat quiff it was styled in while he was filming, his milky white chest littered with lovebites that you remembered leaving all too well, his icy blue eyes fixed on your body as if you were the only thing that mattered in the world. “But waking up to this view I could become one.” He raked his eyes along your naked form.

“Luke,” You began, quickly pulling your clothes on, knowing that it would be easier to have this conversation with him and then make a quick getaway if you were already dressed. “Last night was a mistake.”

“Was I that bad?” He asked. You knew he was trying to make you laugh, but you weren’t in the mood, the consequences of last night weighing on you heavily.

“No, it’s just…you’re you and I’m me.” You cringed inwardly at how cliché that sounded. “You always go for models and starlets and I’m just a normal girl.”

“Maybe I need a break from them.” He got out of bed, wrapping the sheet around him and advancing toward you.

You stepped back, avoiding his advances. “Luke, I could lose my job over this.” You said. You didn’t really expect him to understand, he’d had his first big movie as a teenager and as far as you knew had never worked a regular nine to five but you still hoped he could see where you were coming from.

He stopped short, eyes widening. “What?”

“Didn’t you read your contract? Crew and cast aren’t allowed to be romantically involved.”

His look of confusion turned to a smile. “Y/N, you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

“Why?” You asked, irritation creeping into your voice, annoyed that he couldn’t see things from your perspective.

“I mean it’s not like we’re a couple. We just slept together.” His smile widened and he held his hands out as if to say “problem solved”.

“I doubt my boss is going to care about the difference!” You finally snapped, yelling at a volume that would have had your neighbors complaining had the two of you been having this conversation at your studio apartment. “Why can’t you see how bad this situation is for me? For you this is great, you got laid, didn’t even have to buy me dinner first, and once we finish this film we never have to see each other again. I could lose my job, which I need thanks to my thousands of dollars of student loans and this could ruin my reputation so I’ll never get a production job again. Plus I slept with someone who I might have feelings for but-” You cut yourself off before you could finish that final statement. You hadn’t meant to spill your secret feelings for Luke, but it must have slipped out as you vented the rest of your frustrations. Truthfully, your feelings had developed beyond a crush. After seeing how nice he was to everyone on set, even the lowly production assistants such as yourself, and how he was always smiling and making people laugh, you’d developed real feelings for Luke. “Never mind.” You said quickly, turning on your heel and running out of the room.

“Y/N, wait!” Luke called after you, following you as you rushed down the stairs. You tugged open the heavy oak door and ran outside, slamming the door behind you. You figured that Luke wouldn’t follow you outside, not wanting to risk being seen by paparazzi despite the fact that he was in his private neighborhood. Your theory was confirmed when you stopped briefly at the end of his driveway to catch your breath. If he’d wanted to, he could have caught up to you, but when his door stayed shut, you knew he’d stopped following you. If you’d been paying less attention to Luke’s front door and more attention to your other surroundings, you might have heard the telltale camera flashes coming from bushes lining the driveway.
You’d been scrolling through your Twitter timeline when it happened. The tweet had been from one of the trashy celebrity gossip accounts that you followed. “Luke Hemmings’ New Piece? Mystery Girl Spotted Outside His Beverly Hills Home!” Your heart dropped. You quickly clicked on the link to the article, skimming through it, praying that there wasn’t a picture. The article noted your “disheveled appearance” and speculated about the various “nocturnal activities” that might have taken place between you and Luke. That wasn’t even the worst part. No, worst was the picture of you at the bottom. Had you not been so livid, you might have actually admired the photographer’s skills. The picture was high quality and taken from an angle where your face could be seen clearly. Also visible were your messy hair, hickey covered neck and shirt that was on inside out.

Your first instinct was to tell Luke, see if there was anything he (or more likely his lawyer) could do. But you were too stubborn to do that. You were still angry with him and no matter how bad things were you weren’t going to come crawling back. Your second instinct was to check your e-mail to see if the executive producer of the film, your boss, had requested a meeting yet. In your short time in Hollywood you’d come to find out that news spread incredibly fast. But you didn’t do that either. You wanted to prolong the illusion that everyone else might be oblivious as long as possible. You disconnected from social media for the night, turning off your phone, laptop and TV and headed to bed early.

Of course, someone had to burst your bubble eventually. The second you set foot on set the next morning, one of your coworkers had told you that your boss was looking for you, and as expected you’d been fired. Though you’d tried your best to explain the situation and that you and Luke wouldn’t be seeing each other again, it had been to no avail. You’d started to look for new jobs and had applied for a few, but you knew that getting fired for hooking up with a cast member looked bad to potential employers.

A few days later, you were sitting in your apartment, eating ice cream, and praying for a call back from one of the places you’d sent your resume to.  You were startled by a knock on your door, since so far you hadn’t really made any friends in LA. Regardless, you went to answer it, mentally preparing yourself to chase away a Jehovah’s Witness or a kid selling something for a fundraiser. Instead, you saw Luke. He was dressed in the most nondescript clothes possible, a black hoodie with the hood pulled up hiding his hair and sunglasses over his eyes even though he was inside. You knew he hadn’t wanted to be spotted entering your shitty apartment building.

You immediately went to slam the door in his face, not wanting to see him, wanting to be able to completely forget about your mistake and move on, but he wedged his foot in the doorway to stop you. “Y/N please, I want to talk.”

“Unless you’re here to apologize I don’t want to hear it.” You said, giving the door another nudged, trying to get him to move his foot.

“I am. I’m sorry you lost your job and I’m sorry I was so insensitive…that morning. Y/N I never wanted to hurt you.” You knew you should never trust an actor, they were masters at faking emotion in their voices but Luke sounded so sweet and sincere you could feel your anger ebbing away. “And I didn’t come here just to apologize.”

“If you’re looking for a repeat of the other night you may as well just leave now.” You still weren’t quite ready to forgive him.

“That’s not why. Can you just let me in before someone comes down the hallway and sees me standing out here?” Reluctantly, you opened the door and let Luke inside your tiny apartment. He removed his sunglasses and hood, revealing his perfectly styled hair. You figured he must have just come from filming. He quickly glanced around the space. You waited for him to make a snarky comment but he didn’t instead choosing to settle himself on the couch. He patted the space next to him, indicating that you should come sit too. You did, opting to sit on the opposite side of the couch instead of right next to him. To his credit, he didn’t slide up right next to you, he seemed to respect that you didn’t want to be near him.

“First I don’t even know how that guy got that photo. And when I saw it the first thing I did was call my lawyer to see if we could get it taken down. But he said that it wouldn’t be much use because it was probably all over the Internet already and I know it’s caused you so much trouble. I wanted to tell them not to fire you, but I figured that that would only make it look more suspicious. But when one of the other production assistants told me what happened, I had an idea.” He smiled. “I’m currently looking for a new personal assistant. And I thought you would be the perfect person for the job.” He smiled even wider and held his hands out in the same “problem solved” gesture you’d last seen when he broke your heart.

Of course, this time the problem was actually solved. “Luke, really?” He nodded, keeping the same smile on his face. Though your first instinct was to say yes immediately, you peppered him with questions first. What would your duties be? Managing his schedule, doing his shopping (not being able to go out in public without being recognized made even a trip to Trader Joe’s a hassle, he explained), and essentially doing whatever he told you to do. What would the pay be like? Way more than you were making as a production assistant. And finally. “Are you sure this is a good idea with our history?”

“Do you forgive me?” He asked.

You thought about it. He’d apologized, tried to help you and was now presenting the solution to your unemployment problem to you on a silver platter. “Yes.”

“Can you move past what happened?”

You hesitated. Despite everything, your feelings for Luke lingered. But you figured you could move past them in time. “Yes.”

“Then the job’s yours if you want it.”

“I do.”

And so you began working for Luke. At first it was a lot to handle, but you grew accustomed to it and after a few months you had it down pat. The two of you grew closer as you spent more time together, you learned more about him and he learned more about you. You discovered he had a great sense of humor, he only liked almond milk in his coffee, not regular (this you’d learned the hard way) and that he loved watching cartoons despite the fact that he was in his twenties. Another interesting thing had happened since you had started working for him. The string of models/actresses/any girl that was skinny, blond and hot had ended. Sure he still went out to clubs frequently, but he was always seen leaving alone, not with some girl in tow. A few months after you’d began working for him, you found out why.

“So Y/N,” He began, as you frowned over your iPhone, planning out his next few days.

“Yes?” You asked, looking up at him, thinking he was going to ask you to go on a coffee run or a grocery store run.

“There’s currently another position available and I was wondering if you would be interested.”

“A promotion?” Had you been in a cartoon your eyes would have lit up with dollar signs. Though you were making more money now, you were itching to make enough per month to move to a new apartment.

“Sort of.” He hesitated. “The position open is as my girlfriend.”

“Luke,” You whispered, not sure what to say.

“I want you to be my girlfriend. Honestly from the minute I saw you on set, I thought you were beautiful. When we slept together, I really felt myself falling for you. I just pushed the feelings away, because I was worried. I’d never really felt anything like that. I didn’t know how to act. When I realized I’d let you get away, I had to get you back. This has been my way of keeping you close. But I can’t ignore the feelings anymore. I want you to be my girlfriend.” He repeated.

“Luke,” You said again. You’d had feelings for him from the get go. Though he’d hurt you and they had gone away, but since the two of you had been growing closer they’d come back, only this time they were stronger. “Yes I’ll be your girlfriend.”

“So that means I can finally do this.” Before you could ask what he meant, he swept you into his arms, pressing his lips to yours in a kiss that was straight out of the movies.

And cut.

Actually, he was fired. there’s a difference between a lay off and a firing.

A  lay off is when the company in question can no longer afford to pay the worker, and continuing to employ them is costing them more money than it’s gaining them. and so they terminate employment.

A firing is when they terminate employment because they no longer want the person working for them.

Seeing as Escapist hired on 2 new people after their termination of Movie Bob’s employment, it’s safe to say he was fired, not laid off.

also, Movie bob is not in your industry. He makes videos. about movies. He’s as much a part of the video game industry as I am. He’s a consumer with an audience.

at my first job, when i was sexually harassed at 17 by a 27 year old, the women of my work stopped seeing the new employees “jokes” as funny. when they saw me being distressed about him ‘picking’ on me, and singing that-years super-hit “blurred lines” when i was present, they protected me when they had made excuses for other women who he made uncomfortable, and very quickly, it got his employment terminated. these women saw an underage girl in a stressful situation, knew it was inherently wrong, and took to the defense. these women- the toughest in the world, in my opinion- taught me to rally around those who needed support, and protect women who couldn’t protect themselves.

almost two years later at a workplace what felt like a world away, when i was sexually harassed at 18 by various patrons, my boss would sit me down with our cook in the back of the kitchens, make me tea and roti, and tell me that i was too pretty to cry about “dogs barking” at me. she told me that i could bark right back, that i could get in their face, deny them service, and she wouldn’t mind a moment. while i was not underage, she saw me as undeserving of unwelcome advances, undeserving of stress from the offhanded comments of ignorant people who did not realize that the girl serving them may, too, be a person. she told me to be strong, but not take any gruff.

at my job now, at 19, i was approached by an older gentleman who began to very aggressively inquire as to why i was not wearing a bikini “in this heat”. I laughed with him, i smiled at his misguided predatory compliment, and i waved him on his way- i did not thank him, and i did not agree with him. i did not return a kind word, i did not bother to tap into any brain power it would’ve taken to craft a witty comment. i let the drivel drip from his jowels without worry of it’s backsplash on me. there was no one around me to watch over me, to take the reigns of the situation or to deal with my feelings after he drove away- just me, and the words of wisdom left to me by the women who make me the unapologetic she-wolf, witch woman, “little cupcake baked by the devil”, that i am today.

women work like barbed wire fences. we have the distinct power to build eachother up, to guard those who are not yet- or do not wish to be- sharp enough to stick it right back into those who have dared cross our perimeter. from the time we are young, we look up to the women who surround us, be they many or few. we borrow from the pattern of their chain link, we learn how to carry ourselves, how to respond to unwelcomed advances, and how to repair ourselves when the line of defense is breeched.
think of how you have been shaped, even subtly, by the women most important in your life. your mannerisms, your responses, your thoughts, your strange aversions- how they’ve spoken volumes to you, how they’ve lasted so far into this lifetime. think of that crucial interconnectivity when you are around other women, no matter what walk of life you find them in. remember to uplift, support, empathize with, and empower every girl, be they family or friend or acquaintance- and do all you can to be the woman that you would’ve liked supporting you when you were young.

Colorado meat company fires 150 Muslims workers after prayer dispute

A meat-processing plant in Fort Morgan, Colorado, has fired 150 Muslim workers following a dispute over prayer. The workers, Somalis who had come west looking for work, had their employment terminated after 11 workers asked to pray at the same time in a company prayer room, then were asked to split into smaller groups to avoid hurting production quotas. An ensuing protest led to their termination.