terminal annex


I was tagged by the wonderful @cosmicpenguinn ~ Thank you so much! 

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1) Pulp Fiction - Motion City Soundtrack
2) Hoodie Weather - The Wonder Years
3)  Casino Park Zone - Sonic Heroes OST
4) The Disease - Angels & Airwaves
5) Bedford Falls - Knuckle Puck
6) Here She Comes - Low Millions
7) Terminal Annex - Harvey Danger
8) ‘67, Cherry Red - Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties
9) Blue Skies - Landon Pigg
10) Mathematics - Little Boots

i’m amazed only one twy song came up

I’m going to tag @solacethemage @sugarkamisama @silkreverie @mypikachuitches and @ongaku9 if any of you are up for it~ 

“New United States Post Office Terminal Annex, at Alameda and Macy Streets, which will be open for business Monday. Costing $3,000,000, the building has a score or more ‘first, biggest and only features,’ including hollow column ventilation, new combination of conveyor belts and gravity chutes and biggest and fastest freight elevators.”

- Los Angeles Examiner, September 5,1940