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die letzten Workshop-Termine stehen fest:6. und 7.Dezember in WIEN (wenige Plätze noch frei)19.&20. Dezember in MÜNCHEN (wenige Plätze noch frei)27.&28. Dezember in BERLIN (fast ausgebucht)pro Tag je max. 4 Teilnehmer333€- Lichtsetzung- (hartes Licht, softes Licht, Naturlicht)- Retouching- Look-Erstellung- Modelführung- Bildkomposition- sonstiges Blablapasse mich den unterschiedlichen Vorkenntnissen anFür ambitionierte Amateure wie Fortgeschrittene gleichermaßenMehr Infos per PNoder info@straussfoto.deHAMBURG in Januar. 9. (und 10.1.2016 bei hoher Nachfrage)
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High Quality Naturally Terminated Apatite Crystals in Orange Calcite Matrix from The Cardiff Township, Wilberforce, Ontario, Canada!

Specimen Dimensions:
Length: 68mm!
Width: 66.8mm!
Height: 40mm!
Weight: 179.33 grams!

Largest Terminated Crystal: 32mm x 6.4mm!

These Special Crystals were Mined by a Wonderful Friend of ours and her late Husband!

Each Magnificent Piece is 100% Natural and Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity!

The Specimen in this Video is Available & On Sale for Valentine’s Day at our Rock & Gem Shop on eBay
(Link in Bio)


We Have a Wide Variety of These High Quality Canadian Apatite Crystals Available Upon Request! If Your Interested in a Smaller Piece or a Massive Specimen Please Feel Free to Contact us Anytime!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone

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Welcome To Flat Earth ✅
A short introduction to Flat Earth. I made this video in the hope it could be shared with those new to the subject as it avoids the technicalities behind the...

A short introduction to Flat Earth. I made this video in the hope it could be shared with those new to the subject as it avoids the technicalities behind the theory and simply shows what we all can witness. Please feel free to re-upload and share wherever you can. Please enjoy, and may I suggest you watch and listen to this video with an extremely high volume setting :)))

Music: The Host Of Seraphim by Dead Can Dance & also the (Onisoris Remix) by Onisors.

Please research:
1. Horizon always rises to eye level
2. Water always finds its level
3. Gyroscope’s always remain level throughout worldwide aeroplane flight travel
4. Polaris never moves from its position despite earths travel through space
5. No measurable curvature
6. Terminator line on the moon during daytime often does not coincide with suns directional light
7. Gravity is density
8. No photographic evidence of satalites
9 . Questionable flight paths in southern hemisphere
10. Antarctic treaty forbids freedom of movement in Antarctic
11. Van Allen radiation belt makes space travel impossible
12. Water bubbles on ISS film footage
13. The Fake moon landing
14. The Sun & globe earth model contradictions

2 anos se passaram desde que a conheci em 02 de maio de 1992
8 meses se passaram desde que ela terminou comigo
6 meses se passaram sem eu ter para onde ir
4 meses e eu ainda chorava
1 mês e eu ainda soluçava
10 horas e já não queria mais viver
5 horas e enxugo as lágrimas
20 minutos eu saio sem rumo
há 1 minuto eu já não lembrava mais o nome dela
e ainda faltam 60 segundos para o dia 03 de maio de 1992
—  Phelps Schneider

die letzten Workshop-Termine stehen fest:
6. und 7.Dezember in WIEN
19.&20. Dezember in MÜNCHEN
27. Dezember in BERLIN
pro Tag je max. 4 Teilnehmer
- Lichtsetzung
- (hartes Licht, softes Licht, Naturlicht)
- Retouching
- Look-Erstellung
- Modelführung
- Bildkomposition
- sonstiges Blabla
passe mich den unterschiedlichen Vorkenntnissen an
Für ambitionierte Amateure wie Fortgeschrittene gleichermaßen
Mehr Infos per PN
oder info@straussfoto.de

HAMBURG in Januar. 9. oder 10.1.2016 (bei genügend Nachfrage)

credits: playmate noelle mondoloni