• Beca: I mean, hey, y'know, I like Chloe as much as the next girl. You know, clearly I have feelings for her, but feelings don’t mean love! You know, I mean, I have loving feelings for Chloe, yeah!
  • Stacie: ...
  • Beca: But I have… I have, you know, continuing feelings of love, but that doesn’t mean that… that I’m in love with her. You know?
  • Stacie: ...
  • Beca: I have… I have sexual feelings for her, but I do love - oh! Oh my god! Oh my god, Stacie, why didn’t you tell me?!
  • Stacie: We thought you knew!
  • Beca: WE?!
  • Stacie: Yeah, we all know, we talk about it all the time!