I love termanal-velocity because they make posts that actually try to get the antisjw community to be a bit more introspective and it never fails that an asshole antisjw will assume they’re an sjw, insult them, and completely ignore their point because they don’t like it, most likely because they know they’re a part of that problem termanal brings light to.

But it doesn’t stop them and I respect that. I wish more people were like them because this place could use it.



quite frankly im upset with the results. egalitarianqueen i was rooting for you in the end…

so first, our ever lovely severusluver blew up termanal-velocity, marauders4evr and that1guykaiser.

then, alanprickman and theclockworkcrow drowned atheistjapanesesocialist.

then me and tabbitcha fight roman-rory-fallen-angel and wwaterbottlegodess and we DIED.

literally all mansonbugliosi has done so far is sleep…

siriusly-queer, thisisspinaltapprivilege, paradisemantis, slaboumny and monsieur-lecter are hunting for human.

we ded.

severusluver lmao u tried sweetie.

alanprickman basically destroyed paradisemantis‘s livelihood.

mansonbugliosi SLEEPS SOME MORE.

mrs-sardonicus and wwaterbottlegodess snuggle <3

siriusly-queer blew up vikinglibertarian, slytherbae, soggy-burnt-broccoli and wwaterbottlegodess. at least one of them cuddled in their last hours.

theclockworkcrow tried to get paradisemantis to kill him. nope.

yall ded.

mansonbugliosi, thisisspinaltapprivilege and egalitarianqueen killed mrs-sardonicus. rip in peace.

theclockworkcrow now tries to get pro-bees-anti-feminism to kill him. nope.

u ded.

monsieur-lecter ur a cannibal u should be in ur habitat. stop crying.

roman-rory-fallen-angel snuggles with mansonbugliosi. i’m sorry emely.

paradisemantis CUT OFF alanprickman‘S HEAD.


pro-bees-anti-feminism tried to poison thisisspinaltapprivilege but drank the poison herself whoops lmao.

paradisemantis blew up mansonbugliosi. tru.

so there was a hurricane.

paradisemantis tried to save thisisspinaltapprivilege but they both died. lmaoo.

egalitarianqueen pushed theclockworkcrow into a boulder and he died. he got his wish at last.

ded af.

so the cornucopia gets food and supplies and weapons and memoirs from everyone’s family.

egalitarianqueen destroyed monsieur-lecter‘s memoirs. rude.

ok real…

siriusly-queer threw a knife into silvery-kitten‘s chest. keepin it real i see.

monsieur-lecter blew themselves up. same tbh.


siriusly-queer killed slaboumny for stuff. tru..

egalitarianqueen tried to sing herself to sleep. did it work?


siriusly-queer, egalitarianqueen and roman-rory-fallen-angel are singing together. this is not murder…

siriusly-queer died of dysentery. how horrible.

egalitarianqueen died from thirst. HO U SHOULDA BEEN DRINKIN WATER GOD.

roman-rory-fallen-angel WON.

first place was roman-rory-fallen-angel with 2 kills.

second place was egalitarianqueen with 2 kills.

third place was siriusly-queer with 6 kills.

fourth place was slaboumny with 0 kills.

fifth place was monsieur-lecter with 0 kills.

sixth place was silvery-kitten with 0 kills.

seventh place was theclockworkcrow with 1 kill.

eighth place was thisisspinaltapprivilege with 1 kill.

ninth place was paradisemantis with 2 kills.

tenth place was mansonbugliosi with 1 kill.

eleventh place was pro-bees-anti-feminism with 0 kills.

twelfth place was alanprickman with 1 kill.

thirteenth place was mrs-sardonicus with 0 kills.

fourteenth place was wwaterbottlegodess with 2 kills.

fifteenth place was soggy-burnt-broccoli with 0 kills.

sixteenth place was slytherbae with 0 kills.

seventeenth place was vikinglibertarian with 0 kills.

eighteenth place was severusluver with 3 kills.

nineteenth place was atheistjapanesesocialist with 0 kills.

twentieth place was tabbitcha with 0 kills.

twenty-first place was me with 0 kills.

twenty-second place was that1guykaiser with 0 kills.

twenty-third place was marauders4evr with 0 kills.

twenty-fourth place was termanal-velocity with 0 kills.

this was a mess.

Over 900 followers omg!!!!

I don’t feel like waiting for 1000, so I’ll just do one of those “follow these people” thingies and I’ll update it if need be. offensivebeachsjw-is-bullshitstraight-white-male-thoughtssjwfailgod-you-stupid-feministszoobekinunintelligent-pizzatuhmblr-logicwearesocialjusticeworriersfuc-kintiredofyoursjwbullshitriffraffismydaddy thumbbkinthe-official-soviet-uniontermanal-velocityolliewillemoraldivageneralfishthe-jimmies-rustle-softlysjw-hellthe-unpopular-opinionsfellowship-of-the-patriarchyanti-radfemjustfeministhingsforce-to-be-rektsjwmadnessihatestupidshitswtffeministsprincess-roxxifeminismisfuckingstupidcrashingtublrwihtnosurvivorsareyouactuallyhavingfunimaginarybatmanpatri-archie-comicssuperprivilegedshitlordthis-is-cthulhu-privilegemoreprivilegedthanyoupencils-and-sketchbookschanelstraightjacketgood-night-sjwsiamyourtriggermakebelieveballroomreal-tired-of-yalls-shitlet-me-take-a-pikachuanti-feminist-rayquazawhy-we-dont-need-feminismtcutshawequality-knows-no-hateallahs-lil-infidelvodkaandsjwsanti-feminism-pro-catstheultimatesjwlion-against-sjwresistingmobmentalitydogs-against-sjwcrush-the-matriarchyilikechildren–friedjustsocialjusticewarriorthingshardboiledoldmenilikemyownopinionsocialmediasocratesbrbcheckingmyprivilegehikikomori1995siryouarebeingmockedthe-antifeminist-atheistfuck-no-bullshitnooneneedsfeminismcringepicstw-evanciswhitethingenderofthedayugh-sjwsotherkinpickuplinesyou-feminist-idiotsximbatmanshhhwtfsocialjusticewomenagainstwomynwheel-skellingtontoothpastenotpoliticsredchanitthatsreallyproblematictakingofforionsbeltrape-and-pillaging-the-internetspecialsnowflakesanonymousotherkin-bullshitoppressing-all-womynsmakingfunofbullshitjuztgurlythingztriggerwarning-humanityfortyninerwizardfirstworldfeminism @feminismshmeminism feminism-is-not-helpingcishetwhiteoppressor There might be a couple of inactive blogs on here though. Hope you find some cool people to follow! :)