I love termanal-velocity because they make posts that actually try to get the antisjw community to be a bit more introspective and it never fails that an asshole antisjw will assume they’re an sjw, insult them, and completely ignore their point because they don’t like it, most likely because they know they’re a part of that problem termanal brings light to.

But it doesn’t stop them and I respect that. I wish more people were like them because this place could use it.

Today, I learned that misandrists have made “male tears” images out of disabled people suffering from attacks.

Today, I learned misandrists turned gifs of a disabled man talking about how his disability has affected his relationships into a “creepy nice guy” post.

Today, I saw user termanal-velocity be bombarded with hate and harassment, because they dared to make a positivity post for boys.

Today, my opinion of misandrists somehow became even lower.

  • Despite the common sense advice to relax more if you want to avoid stress, the findings of the study don’t suggest that facing difficult challenges damages your health.
  • Another path to damaging stress is having lots of responsibilities, but insufficient resources and influence to control outcomes think of being a middle manager, relying on many others to achieve your goals, but lacking the political power and budget to easily make things happen.
  • Rather, focusing on finding work that’s engaging that contributes to something larger than yourself which lets you form positive social relationships and in which, if you persevere, you can be successful.

Termanal - Velocity: Boys are cool
Tumblr: WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK? ??!!!11???!!!?

You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/phone/iTunes media player etc. and write down the first 20 songs then tag 10 people.

I was tagged by starshipsales, sorry it took so long for me to get round to doing this. 

1. Purple Haze- Jimi Hendrix 

2. For What It’s Worth- Buffalo Springfield

3. I Can’t Explain- The Who

4. Supermassive Black Hole- Muse

5. Come Closer- Miles Kane

6. Electric Feel- MGMT

7. Mardy Bum- Arctic Monkeys

8. Empire- Kasabian

9. Sweet Disposition- The Temper Trap

10. Angel Of Small Death and the Codeine Scene- Seafret

11. Buck Rogers- Feeder

12. No Angels- Bastille

13. Sunshine Superman- Donovan

14. Midnight City- M83

15. Arabella- Arctic Monkeys

16. Pacifier- Catfish and the Bottlemen

17. Smile Like You Mean It- The Killers

18. You Make My Dreams Come True- Daryl Hall & John Oates 

19. All Day And All Of The Night- The Kinks 

20. Life On Mars- David Bowie 

I tag tedderette panzersinnormandy saintmotelevision giantsbelle55 potterlovermore greygreenwolf northseasailor termanal-velocity commander-shepkirk-solo craiganthonywells (if Craig’s species is capable of listening to human music, that is)

ifuckedupreallybadly-deactivate asked:

Yes, I am. As indicated by my new blog name that will probably get deleted due to the harassment I've been receiving. I fucked up. I made the post when I was tired, irritated, and stressed. It was to relieve all of that, and as a result I've gotten nearly 1,000 notes and I'm more stressed out then ever. 😓

i see. thank you for apologizing and owning up to your mistake. i understand being tired, irritated, and stressed especially on this website as ive dealt with anon gangups before on my personal blog, but please try to keep a level head and not stereotype anti feminist women (or anybody) like that. with all the misinformation about anit femists/anti sjws out there i can see why one would think the way that you do or did about us. i suggest to avoid such issues in the future please read up on their/our ideals before you make a post about them. some blogs i suggest lokking at are lgbtpeopleagainstsjws  termanal-velocity pro-bees-anti-feminism thesocialjusticedragons and thespectacularspider-girl they are all much better blogs then this one and all are very polite and helpful when it comes to this topic. i have myself have no problem with feminists only the #killallmen,pro censorship and terf like people within the movement and i know  many others among us fell the same way. thank you again for apologizing and have a nice day 

Well it wouldn’t let me reblog the post with this info but I think this important. This post is because of the argument between equestrianrepublican and termanal-velocity

ER seems to have a misunderstanding of what being trans is and entails. I’m going to help! We’re going to start with sexual dimorphism! It’s super important to understand this first!

Sex and the brain
Women have a larger frontal lobe (the part of the brain responsible for problem-solving and decision-making, and the limbic cortex, responsible for regulating emotions) and more white matter than men. Men have more gray matter. Men also have a larger parietal cortex and amygdala which are responsible for space perception (parietal) and sexual and social behavior (amygdala). Women also have 12% more neurons than men do because (while men’s brains are bigger) the neurons in the female brain are packed tighter which allows for quicker connections to be made

Studies on sexual dimorphism of the brain and it’s part in gender identity disorder (it is important to note GID is classified as a both a medical and psychological disorder)

study one: Zhou et al in ‘95

In this study the stri terminalis (bst) of trans individuals was studied. the BSTc is a sexually dimorphic part of the BST. It’s about two times as big in men than in women, even the neuron count is different. While it was found that hormone therapy does not affect this, it was also found that this doesnt appear until adulthood, meaning this isnt a cause of GID but a result

Luders 09

The trans women in this study had not begun hormone therapy and while they had the grey matter of most males this study conluded they seemed to have more grey matter in the right putamen than men

Rametti ‘11

compared to control females transmen “showed higher FA values in posterior part of the right SLF, the forceps minor and corticospinal tract. Compared to control males, trans-men showed only lower FA values in the corticospinal tract.” This study found that there is an inherent difference in the brains of ftm individuals

Berglund ‘08

This study found that activation in mtf individuals was similar to that of control women and DIFFERENT FROM MEN EVEN THOUGH MTF ARE MEN BIOLOGICALLY. Conclusion of study: MtF individuals had the pheremone activation of WOMEN

Garcia Falgueras ‘08

This study took a dive into the INAH 3 and 4 (instertitial nucleus of the anterior hypothalamus) and found that the INAH 3 in MtF individuas has the size and neuron count of FEMALES

Now I do believe ER stated that trans people are mentally ill and that’s that. Now while it is classified in part as a psychological disorder you could easily say (based on this information) that men or women are mentally ill because of their physical brain makeup. Not that it really matters. GID is a result of being born with a brain that differs (in sexually dimorphic terms) from your genitals. This means that GID (as I see it) is the mental disorder (which can often include depression, anxiety and of course sexual and gender dysphoria) where as your brain is not the disorder. This (as I am not a doctor it’s important to note that this is just an assumption my part) means that your brain and your genitals are not the mental disorder but a medical issue, which would be why (most likely) that transgenderism is classified as a both a mental and medical disorder.