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Keith is gay?

I’m not sure if this has been done before, but if so please direct me to them.

“I didn’t just turn Galra!”

This line (said by Keith) really struck me. And the more I thought about it, the more similarities kept popping into my head.

Keith being Galra is a lot like he’s gay.

I’m not talking about how a lot of shippers want him to be the Emo Gay™. I mean his struggle with coming out and the reactions to it.

Allura, despite being his friend for a good season and a half, won’t look at him without feeling betrayed and angry. She can’t look at him the same until around three episodes later (and in a 13 episode season I’m imagining that’s a fairly long amount of time).

Hunk, the most accepting of the group, doesn’t look at him differently but makes lots of ignorant comments/jokes. “So you all know each other?” “Galra Keith is more fun than Human Keith.” (And more but I don’t remember the wording).

Shiro doesn’t really have a reaction (that we see on screen, besides being a good hugger and generally a good Space Dad).

The others (Lance, Pidge, and Coran) have no reaction on screen, so I can’t really say about them.

But how Keith hid his first suspicions (for again, 3-4 episodes which is probably a while), has to deal with people treating him differently and disregarding all previous good things he’s done, and how he deals with ignorant comments/jokes were exactly like experiences I (and other, fellow LGBT+ people I know) have had to deal with.

voltron s3

there are a couple of plotlines i wanna see developed/resolved

  • pidge finding more about her/their family. where is matt, who are the people who rescued him? probs not the blade of mamora, which means we have another resistance group to meet and learn about
  • who gunna take the black lion? i know shiro was pushing for keith to take leadership. eventually. i dont think the rest of the paladins really see keith as a leader any more than keith does atm, so… does this mean allura will take the reigns of the black lion for now? or will coran live his dream of piloting red while keith figures out how to lead?
  • lance is homesick on top of feeling inadequate. instead of flirting so hard, maybe a couple scenes where he unburdens himself? i feel like he’d be able to come clean with shiro or hunk, and since shiro is awol… a serious hunk and lance moment, maybe
  • shada said so many things about lance maturing. shada said stuff about his cuban heiritage being acknowledged. explicitly. other people said sexuality was going to be tossed into s2. pidge’s identity was supposed to be contrasted to katie’s. (is that what the bathroom scene meant???) all that… didn’t happen. bruh. next season tho,,,,?
  • hunk needs more recognition than the constant barrage of food-related lines. he was ready to get dunked in acid to save an arc of aliens, can we focus more on that? or, i dunno. his fierce compassion for shay’s people. give me something aside from ‘the food guy’. i know lance said he doesn’t know what he contributes to the group. but hunk, man. he got that calzones line right before the big finale. :\
  • the galra/altean alliance. the lion lore. we knew zarkon was the black paladin, but it definitely felt like his connection to the his lion was tainted, seeing as how black lion saved shiro AND gifted him the bayard during that whole mind battle sequence. which, by the way, what the fuck was that.
  • hey while we’re on the topic, kinda weird for a guy to sudden disappear into nothingness, amirite?
  • my roommate said that the galra keith stumbled on during the hunk+keith episode might’ve been matt. or keith’s mom. who_is_she.gif
  • where is kaltenecker. is she safe.

I just want to reblog this and stress this: Team Voltron lost it’s entire black paladin. They didn’t lose 20% of their black paladin. They didn’t even lose 50%. They lost their entire black paladin. You can see the death in their eyes, but they keep on going. This is why Team Voltron are my favorite characters

when they tell me not to ‘jump ship,’ i say that i am taking the lifeboat to find a new crew, run by a captain i can trust.
—  when your overarching message is, “never leave us, no matter what,” followed by threats of “natural consequences,” there is a problem.