term of trial


(via Terence Stamp & Sarah Miles “Term of Trial” (1962))

Post-War Cleanup

If I were Kingsley…

Short Term:

  • Put Umbridge on trial. Obviously.
  • Sort through other ministry employees who had willingly aided Voldemort (and that doesn’t include people who were just doing what they were told)
  • Establish a watchlist for former Death Eaters like Draco.
  • Establish some sort of clean slate so that people who were removed from their jobs because of their blood status can have them back. It would be massively complicated, because someone had probably taken over for them and you can’t just fire the second person.
  • Payback for people who were affected by the anti-Muggleborn attitude. Probably including some sort of financial settlement and then some help transitioning back.
  • Recruit some of those who fought in the battle to help round up the remaining Death Eaters and give them some official training. Maybe they could make it so that anyone who wanted to go into Magical Law Enforcement positions had the option of doing this first and getting a pay rise and not having to go through the same training or something
  • Later, the Auror program would return to normal, though it would offer an accelerated training program (rather than the normal three years) for people who had learned enough during the war.
  • Remove the dementors, and continue using Azkaban as a normal high-security prison.

Long term:

  • Slowly removing traces of institutionalized prejudice in Ministry laws.
  • Reformed laws for werewolves that prohibits job discrimination. Werewolves would have to register, but they would receive certain benefits like counseling and medical help. Wolfsbane would be provided for free, or at the very least heavily subsidized.
  • Require an understanding of muggles for more people, including all magical law departments. It should be mandatory for things where there’s any chance of muggle contact, like Aurors.
  • Expand muggle relations department to help wizards blend better and stay off the grid.
  • More control over things like dark objects and harsher penalties for muggle-related offenses
  • Tightening up corruption laws to make it harder for the Ministry to accept bribes and interfere with the Daily Prophet
  • Modernize Azkaban and raise the standard of care as much as possible. It seems horrible. I don’t agree with those who want to dismantle it, because wizards are powerful and there needs to be a ton of security.

Dzmitry Stsyashenka is an antifascist from Brest, Belarus.  He was arrested on October 4, 2013 and accused in participating in a fight against neo-nazis on May 8th of that year as well as another confrontation with neo-nazis in the summer of 2013.

Dzmitry is currently serving a five-year prison term and is awaiting trial concerning a third confrontation with neo-nazis (in which fellow antifa Roman Bogdan and  Dzmitry Zvan’ko have also been accused of criminal offenses).

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