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You sit on the bed in your room 64, searching for your lost family. You lived in Seattle for your whole life and your mother has never told you about your family. You’ve never met your grandfather or grandmother. That’s why you decided about searching them.

The clues goes to the Hotel Cortez, but you didn’t know. It was the nicest hotel you’ve seen on the internet. But then, when you were finding another things, you found out your grandfather is James Patrick March. You are teriffied. Because you’ve never expected your grandfather is going to be a killer, and you’ve never expected you are going to be in his room. Room 64. You have to go out to calm down. 


Fair enough, The burning of the cars and all that would be pretty teriffying, and yes Mike’s parents did say to have peaceful protests and they should but they have been having peaceful protests this entire time yet the police have been using force the entire time so I guess the protesters are just giving back what they were given. hopefully it does return to being peaceful though. I haven’t watched the grand dury decsion though, i didn’t know you could watch court preceding??? but yeah well, this proves that Darren Wilson is super trash because he has no remorse for what he did

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Do they ever confess tlove to each other in teacher au? I can see Anna forgetting herself and these words just slip out. Kristoff's somewhere between stunned and teriffied, definitely more terrified. He stiffens, moves back and tells her, in a very harsh, distant voice, to leave. I bet he's trying to avoid her at all costs after that (because he feels the same way, duh? But doesnt realize it or just doesn't want to admit it yet).

HEART EYES I am all over this give me the angst in this smutty au lmao 🙏🙏🙏🙏