terf means lesbian

you should really re-think your allyship to trans women if you’re not willing to do something as simple as using the term TERF correctly and continue to hurl it at everyone who disagrees with your brand of discourse that’s not even related to trans women or radical feminism

TERF specifically means trans exclusionary radical feminist and is in use along with TWERF - trans woman exclusionary feminist - which was coined to point out that it’s trans women specifically that terfs target

and you know what TERFs love? “terf means lesbian” and other tactics to make themselves seen as a harmless and unjustly accused majority. terfs love that the term “terf” itself has become so watered down that yall not only use it out of context, but straight up refuse to use it right and call people terfs left and right

stop making it easier for them. stop proving them right.

  • Me being "transphobic": sex involves sexual organs, and it's absurd to ask people to dismiss that in order to seem progressive.
  • Liberals not being homophobic: same sex attraction makes me uncomfortable. You guys are nasty ass scum obsessed with genitals. Genitals are the only thing you care about in a partner.have y'all even heard of the HEART? Anyways y'all need to unlearn your gross preference.

What are TERFs?

@terfstillmeanslesbian start at 2:33 she literally says she doesn’t call herself a lesbian because it seems “terfy”.

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do anti-terfs not see how evil and blatantly homophobic it is to tell lesbians that the word for females who like females is “a transmisogynist”?

can they not comprehend that they’re literally saying that females being homosexual (a natural state) is inherently bigoted because it doesn’t fit perfectly with their ideas of gender identity (a social construct)?

every time someone claims that a woman only being attracted to women/females/vulvas/whatever you wanna say is bigoted, they’re openly promoting homophobia, and all i can see as the end goal of this movement is that they want all homosexual females to hide their homosexuality and accept males into their sexual/romantic lives.

homosexuality is not and never will be bigoted. it isn’t progressive to tell a lesbian that she’s a “transmisogynist” because she isn’t attracted to males. it’s homophobia hidden under faux progressive bullshit.

i love being nb and i love being a lesbian?

lesbian ≠ porn category; lesbian ≠ terf; lesbian ≠ mean and hateful don’t feel afraid of “lesbian” bc some ppl are disgusted by it, that’s their problem

you can be nb and a lesbian even if ppl tell u “u have to be 100% a girl who only likes 100% girls” because womanhood ≠ 100% a girl and it doesn’t mean feminity

u can be a transfem nb lesbian bc womanhood is different for everyone who has a connection w the term

u can be a nb lesbian and not feel guilty bc of ppl who say “hearts not parts” because being a lesbian has nothing to do with “parts”

u can be a trans butch lesbian! womanhood ≠ femininity! 

u can be butch and a lesbian without being cis period! like ur connection to womanhood has nothing to do with the way u present urself ur not a fake lesbian!

u can be a lesbian and use he/him or wear a binder! idk how many times i say it but womanhood ≠ femininity! (also if this applies to you i seriously reccomend stone butch blues by leslie feinenberg)

don’t let non lesbians define lesbian for you bc every lesbian has a different connection to the word and thats okay, u should never feel guilty for being proud of being a lesbian!

lesbians: hey this thing is really lesbophobic and gross

someone who is not a lesbian: hi I’m not a lesbian but here’s my 10 page essay on how I don’t believe this is lesbophobic and therefore ur wrong and also a dumbass. also stop being such a bully

anyway don’t reblog this if you’re a terf. this post isn’t for you.

it sucks that i cant talk about my lack of attraction to men, as a lesbian, without some terf taking what i said out of context and using it to bash trans women. like, just because your piece of shit that degrades women to their crotch doesnt mean we all are

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radfems are a lot like men in that they channel their insecurities into preying on those of lower social status (like trans people for example) because it feels good, nice change of pace from always hating yourself and eating carpet all day huh

Your obvious lesbophobia is showing, you disgusting piece of shit. 

Also I wish I were on a higher social status than a bunch of white rich men who can afford to medically mutilate themselves into looking like a fucked up caricature of humans. 

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i hate that when radical feminists, especially lesbians, say they wouldn’t date a trans women for any number of reasons, trans activists are so quick to ask us “but what if you met a passing trans woman?” “what if you met a trans woman you really liked and you didn’t know she was trans?” “what if you met a trans woman who had bottom surgery?”

i have a question for them.

why are a hypothetical man’s hypothetical bodily attributes more important than literal, right-now feelings of women that are cemented in reality?

this is a reminder that I’m an inclusionist and I dont think its fair to judge a wide group of diverse people from the actions of some bad eggs, thats not how it works. You don’t get to receipt someone for being bad and then go out to hate the rest of a group they might share an identity with, thats what a bigot does. 

if you’re seriously asking ‘why are so many cis lesbians terfs’ then maybe take a moment and think about why women exclusively attracted to other women might object to the abrupt appearance of a new moral imperative to artificially fabricate attraction based on ideas of political righteousness and ideological purity, essentially a rebranding of the eternal hetero-patriarchal refusal to let women have the last word on their own expressions of sexuality, love and affection, forcing them to alienate themselves from their own instincts and essentially pushing them back into the closet even in lgbt+ spaces because to be honest about their sexuality will get them branded a bigot, up until the moment they absolutely have had enough so find community with likeminded women who aren’t telling them to ‘unlearn’ and ‘examine’ their unnatural dislike of male bodies, as if mainstream culture was ever supporting the beauty and joy of female love to the extent that it could possibly be an internalised mistake and not an authentic expression of desire

and then maybe find a mean terf lesbian u were mad at and go send an apology on anon??

Honest to god if you aren’t a woman please don’t call yourself a lesbian. If you don’t want a girl to call you her girlfriend and to love you and call you her wife then guess what the word isn’t for you.

If you only experience SGA? Great! You’re probably gay! And that’s totally okay, but please don’t touch the term lesbian if you’re not a woman. Let the lesbians have their word.

🌸 Also this post is very much for trans lesbians & their girlfriends/ wives I hope every trans lesbian out there has a lovely day 🌸

The difference between terfs and lesbians


-loves women

-respects women, even those she does not want to sleep with

-accepts women as women, no matter if cis or trans, even when she has no interest in them.

-does not see men as women just because they were born with a vagina

-knows trans women face many cis women issues, and some  issues specific to  being trans, still does not  put trans women in the ‘other’ category

-respects peoples pronouns

-makes the community safe


-says she loves women, but will turn on them in an instant if they dare defy the terf-rules of how women have to be, or those who dare to protect women who defy those terf-rules of womanhood.

-often trys to insult women who  don’t answer to their interest. Prefered insult for bi-women who don’t want to date a terf ‘dick woreshipper’, 'fake-lesbian(also used for lesbians who dont want to  date terfs specifically because of a terf’s bigotry). (like men insult women who don’t have interest in them)

-more or less tries to other nb and trans women. Many are outspoken horrendous in spreading lies about  trans lesbians being rapists by default.
Nb people, especially those with a vagina are called confused, delusional- while trans women are called fetishising or mentally ill at best, if not outright called predators.

-sees men as women when they were born with a vagina, often agressively pursues and harrasses trans men who they want to 'heal’ with their womynly love.“You just need to find the right woman“(like men want to heal lesbians )

-If those 'poor transfused womyn’ don’t appreciate their help, they will often call trans men 'it’.

-gay trans men are to them 'womyn fetishising gay men’, and if they dare not to be helped by helpfull terfs, said gay trans men are harrassed, called sick and homophobic.

-lays great importancy on vagina, womb in different combinations.

-calls women often 'female’

-says that women can use he and they pronouns, but as soon as trans men, trans women  or nb people(who don’t identify as female aligned) use them, terfs swoop in with the insults.

-says that they hate that men reduce women to certain attributes, will do the same when trans people enter the discourse

-tries to make  lesbian synonymous with terf

-terfs are a danger to the community

Friendly lesbian here informing you that TERF does not mean lesbian, it means Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist. Not every terf is gay. Not every lesbian is a terf, and I for one don’t like being associated with transphobes. No one is forcing you to fuck anyone. Just to acknowledge trans women as women and trans men as men. Just be respectful, stay in your own lane, and protect their rights as much as you’d protect yours. I certainly don’t want to be seeing the same exact hate mongering language being used for trans women as I see used by homophobes. You should know better. 

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People are saying you and catsuggest are Terfs because Tumblr suggests it, clearstim outright spreading it without sources

i have no idea who either of those people are but let’s be realistic: people are claiming we, the two mods, are TERFs because despite our consistent vocalisation of the dysphoria we both experience & the fact we have both in some point in our lives transitioned, ultimately—we’re women. we’re lesbians. this website has found it easier to derail and misuse the term “TERF” to mean “lesbian” or “gender nonconforming woman”. no one is reading what we’re saying, in actuality. they’re seeing positivity for lesbians and doing what society has taught them! distrusting that women can exist without men. trans women are an actual afterthought in this line of thinking too. calling out transmisogyny should be about calling out transmisogyny, not looking at random lesbians (yknow, INCLUDING trans people) and going, “seems suspiciously aphobic and possibly terfy” on principle.

but that’s just my lesbian opinion.