“If you are not attracted to an individual, because the individual has a trait, that’s okay”

as non trans women, it’s easier for us to hate terfs than it is for us to hate transmisogyny. we aren’t threatened in any way, shape, or form by violence that targets trans women, whereas terfs will attack anyone who shows support for them. the sooner we recognize that vocally hating terfs but never calling out forms of transmisogyny perpetuated by members of other groups is performative allyship, the safer the trans women in our community will be. 

new cool meme: start saying “transmisogynist” instead of “terf” bc there’s nothing radical or feminist about transphobia (and i don’t think we should give them that cred). also “transmisogynist” is much more effective since a lot of younger people don’t even know what terf means and also “terfs” are actually proud of the term…