Let me tell you about Terezimon:
  • She is really really gr8 okay
  • No you dont understand
  • She is really really g r e i g h t
  • And she goes through a lot of shit and she doesnt deserve any other shit from some douchebag who’s too much of a chickenshit to actually come off anon.
  • You don’t understand.
  • You have pissed off someone that cares alot about Lianne and is already currently in a bad mood. So seriously, if I find out who you are I will not hesitate to throw a brick at your face or hurt you in the worst way I can do. Okay?
  • No lianne srsly ur gr8
  • ignore this shit
  • bullet points are really cool tho right???
  • i mean seriously
  • look at these fuckers
  • bullet
  • points