Let me tell you about Terezimon:
  • She is really really gr8 okay
  • No you dont understand
  • She is really really g r e i g h t
  • And she goes through a lot of shit and she doesnt deserve any other shit from some douchebag who’s too much of a chickenshit to actually come off anon.
  • You don’t understand.
  • You have pissed off someone that cares alot about Lianne and is already currently in a bad mood. So seriously, if I find out who you are I will not hesitate to throw a brick at your face or hurt you in the worst way I can do. Okay?
  • No lianne srsly ur gr8
  • ignore this shit
  • bullet points are really cool tho right???
  • i mean seriously
  • look at these fuckers
  • bullet
  • points

tetsu-taiga-blog-blog  asked:

Basically everyone sending those hate anons need to grow the fuck up because there are two sides to every story and you guys only know half of it. I've witnessed things that have been said on facebook and NOTHING has been Frankie's fault. She has done NOTHING wrong and if you guys think it's SO FUCKING COOL picking on an innocent person then I'd love to see your reaction if the same happened to you and you were being wrongly accused. Get a fucking life and listen to both sides you bastards.

omg lianne ilu ;_______; <3