So it’s Terezi Week and I’ve never actually done any character weeks before, so this is my first one! I’ve had this drafted all night and couldn’t wait to post it!

Thursday is AU day! So I did Humanstuck!
Though I wanted to do Parentstuck or HeinousStuck, I didn’t have time to draw a whole other drawing. Thought I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!


Sketch + Lineart Process Video

I made a quick trip to the grocery store today, and as always Terezigrub is there to 1NV3ST1G4T3 my haul. Here she is climbing atop a collection of SH4RP TH1NGS to observe the fresh collection of FR4GR4NT H3RBS. 

WH4T’S TH1S? >:!

Terezigrub doesn’t really know what R3D CURRY P4ST3 is, but she has a feeling it would be completely illegal not to use it right away.

Okay, now, now you’re going to go to bed. For real. And nothing is going to stop you. Just as soon as you climb up the rest of the mountain to Terezi’s place because all the other beds in the monastery are full.

But, as you round the last part of the path, you see light peeking through the shutters. Of fucking course.

You reach for your sickles, but she says, “Don’t worry. Look.”

She points forward. Pyralspite is curled at the base of the stone monolith like a massive cat. She lifts her head slightly, acknowledging your presence and then lowers it again, covering her nose in her claws.

“If Pyral isn’t worried, I’m not,” she says. She marches up to her cottage and throws the door open.

“Ah, I was wondering when you’d be coming along.” Rose sits beside the fire, her finery looking completely out of place against the simple wicker chair and dirt hearth. She holds a red bottle in one hand and a piece of parchment in the other. Dave’s crow flutters across the counter, looking for scraps.

“Aren’t you like psychic or something?” You scoff.

“I don’t like to waste my energy on such trifling things when I can do simple math to realize that there are fewer beds in High Hrothgar than the number of people at that meeting. Although it still escapes me why, then, their table had that many chairs.”

“Thanks for that save, by the way,” John says. “You were great!”

“It’s a little less impressive when you realize she had rehearsed that speech in her head over and over again as she came in,” Terezi says, leaning against the wall.

Rose smiles and raises the bottle. “Well, it paid off.”

“Is no one going to ask what she’s doing here?” You demand. “No one else is going to ask what she’s doing here. So I guess I, as the only reasonable one here, have to-”

“So what are you doing here anyway?” John asks, cutting you off to be a dick.

“I came to sell you two on a vacation.”

“You’re kidding.” You say. “Come on, I know you’re kidding.”

“Well, yes and no.” She reaches down, placing her bottle on the floor. “John, Karkat, we need the two of you in Solstheim.”

When your friend has been committing acts far past your moral boundaries and now she intends to fight an all-powerful being in the slight chance she will win however she is more likely to get everyone killed so you agree on a coin flip to decide if she should leave and as it drops it dawns upon you she will twist the fortune in her favour and that for once in your life you’re seeing more perspectives past the good and bad = black and white narrative while debating if it’d be morally right to sacrifice her life in place of the others that would live.