terezi flarp


Terezi Pyrope FLARP Costume Breakdown

I’m gonna go through and explain how I interpret Terezi’s FLARP outfit. 

I try my best to as close to the canon outfit as possible. I’ll go through picture-by-picture and point out details I have found. Each of the pictures have been taken from the actual comic itself. Nothing is being based off fanart.


The main sprite. Obviously not as detailed, but gives the basic idea, although a bit squished. Shirt and pants are the same color. Vest, skirt and boots are same color.

The vest creates the libra sign by being cut in a bit more of a semi-circle. The ends of the circle point inwards a little. Two white buttons and a seem/opening line are on the left (her right) of the vest. The opening line ends on the left side of the semi circle. Not to the side of the circle. The vest may possibly have a dark teal rim on the bottom edge as well as on the waistband of the skirt. This is mostly up to each person’s own opinion. For example, I had always thought it was just the shadow of the clothes. 

The general shape of the skirt is shown. There’s a drape in between the legs and it curves up to her thighs. Then it drapes down again.

The boots have flaps at the top.

Another personal opinion is whether the pants are round and poofy at the bottom, or just skinny and straight.


A detailed full body shot. No dark teal this time. Buttons definitely on left. Red gloves go up to elbow area. Boots definitely have flaps on top. Boots are knee-high.

The cane has a red dragon head, and the top rod part is also red. Splits off into white with black strip in between and has hidden blade by the white area. 

Skirt may be high waist-ed. Possibly around belly button. Personal preference, I suppose. And now, the big wammy with the skirt:

There’s a slit in the back. A lot of times the slit is left off of her costume. The front drape is shorter than the back. The front ends around the flaps of the boots. The lowest points on the back of the skirt end below the flaps. The front drape is a rectangular shape and shows off the front of the thighs. Two reflecting drapes on the back. The back is in the shape where the outer parts are shorter than the inner. The best assumption for this picture is that the outer edges go straight down and end around the flaps of the boots and the front drape. Then it angles inward and downward to a point. A slit is left between the two back drapes.


The only full back of her skirt I could find. Shows there’s definitely a slit in the back. Possibly doesn’t have to have the angular cut. May only be 2 drapes with horizontal ends. Back of vest has no special details.


Very detailed picture. Dragon cane’s head shape shown. Nose makes a little downward point. Four Straight points off the back of the head (although in some other pictures I’ve seen only 3).

Artist gave the vest opening an interesting little black line that goes horizontally from the neckline and then down. Personal opinion again, I suppose. Also for cosplay you can probably just make it a vertical line from the left side of the circle to the neckline.

This picture shows the shirt with a folding collar. It’s close around the neck, but not tight or tall enough to be called a turtleneck (at least for me). Other pictures show the teal shirt without the collar. Again, personal preference.


This picture is for the sole purpose of showing how Terezi’s FLARP outfit differs from Redglare’s outfit. 

Redglare’s (RG) cane is white with a red eye. Terezi’s is red with white on the rod and has white eyes. RG’s cane has three back-head spikes that are swirly and fancy. 

RG’s skirt has a slit in the front and the back and also black detailing.

Her vest Has teal stripes, a high collar, and definite black detailing on the bottom. Terezi’s has none of these. (Although, there was only one picture I saw during a flash where Terezi’s vest had a high collar like RG’s. I decided to disregard it though, considering it was the only picture of it and so much more others showed the vest with no collar).

RG’s opening is on the right (her left). Her white buttons are on the inside. Terezi’s opening is on the left (her right) and her buttons are on the outside.

Terezi’s design is simpler than RG’s.

Show: Don’t Tell.

That is one of the “basic rules of writing”, and sometimes if you are showing things well enough, people won’t even notice they are being shown.

Notice that Terezi addresses Vriska by her LARPing name “Marquise” here. One of Terezi’s biggest skills is her ability to manipulate others, and like all good manipulaters, they don’t even notice it is being done. As does the audience, at first.

But Terezi’s goads Vriska into action by pretending to take part in her game. When addressed as “Marquise”, Vriska views herself as the daring pirate captain, Mindfang, and  throws caution to the wind.

concept: black kanaya/terezi. kanaya’s never understood terezi’s insistence on wearing crocs, but honestly it’s easy enough not to look at her feet so she doesn’t pay it much mind. it still annoys the shit out of her but she can deal.

then one day on the meteor or earth c or somewhere, terezi shows up wearing her full cherry-red-on-teal FLARP outfit and kanaya. she knows terezi can still “””see”“” what she’s doing and still does shit like this on purpose. and realizes that this isn’t any ordinary lack of fashion sense she’s dealing with here. this is actively offensive to the concept of not looking like shit. this is advanced tacky.