terezi flarp

concept: black kanaya/terezi. kanaya’s never understood terezi’s insistence on wearing crocs, but honestly it’s easy enough not to look at her feet so she doesn’t pay it much mind. it still annoys the shit out of her but she can deal.

then one day on the meteor or earth c or somewhere, terezi shows up wearing her full cherry-red-on-teal FLARP outfit and kanaya. she knows terezi can still “””see”“” what she’s doing and still does shit like this on purpose. and realizes that this isn’t any ordinary lack of fashion sense she’s dealing with here. this is actively offensive to the concept of not looking like shit. this is advanced tacky.

Show: Don’t Tell.

That is one of the “basic rules of writing”, and sometimes if you are showing things well enough, people won’t even notice they are being shown.

Notice that Terezi addresses Vriska by her LARPing name “Marquise” here. One of Terezi’s biggest skills is her ability to manipulate others, and like all good manipulaters, they don’t even notice it is being done. As does the audience, at first.

But Terezi’s goads Vriska into action by pretending to take part in her game. When addressed as “Marquise”, Vriska views herself as the daring pirate captain, Mindfang, and  throws caution to the wind.


in the last photos i was going to move Wiggins but i was like nah 

ha ha what cosplay making me happy again? what? SLANDER! BLASPHEMY! LUDICROUS, I EXCLAIM!