terezi fan art

i wanted to draw My Girls one last time before it ends… homestuck was certainly. an experience. that i think i learned a lot from. 

i got into homestuck when i was like 15 (i am currently 20) and it certainly influenced me a lot during a formative time in my life, lmao. its weird but i feel like homestuck definitely contributed to who i am today and where my art is today.

this was a pretty quick doodle but i really do appreciate the experience as a whole, as weird or as bad as it might have been at times. 

For some reasons i’m sure, this gurls would make a real mess if they decorated house for the Christmas. This is a good way for them to know each other better and even get along tho. Look, Jade took Dave’s new camera to picture this adorable moment. She will probably send it to their friends as a postcard. And who cares what will our boys say when they come back from the store!