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Terezi Pyrope
* 20 years old
* American
* Sound witch / psionic
Danger level: 7
Terezi wasn’t much of a powerful witch when she first found out about her powers, but had a certain predisposition towards divination nonetheless - she mostly developed her psychic powers thanks to vibrations’ perception.
She lost her sight during a strife with Gamzee, though she’s still not sure he was actually the one who blinded her; after her incident she became more receptive to vibrations around her, getting to hear even the sound of silence in the end. This peculiar capacity, together with her psychic powers, guarantees her a great potential as mind manipulator, letting her know his opponent’s moves before they actually make them. She has gathered quite a name because of that. She often likes to “play judge” with her adversaries, asking questions she already knows the answer to.
Her aggressiveness is never unmotivated - she tends to engage fights in young neophytes’ defense “in the name of Justice”
* sniffing things/people
* Playing different instruments
* Painting
* Stealing Sollux clothes
Karkat Vantas
* 19 years old
* American / Jewish
* Kitchen witch / potion master
Danger level : 3 (mostly supporter)
He descends from a powerful witch bloodline, but didn’t have much fortune despite that. He inherited a quite low magical potential, so he focuses his powers in the kitchen where he seems to unload the majority of his emotions, anger particularly. An expert in enchanting ordinary objects, he developed his capacities through studies and experimentation.
He’s also quite dedicated to potions and filters, which he sells through Sollux’s crystal shop to the witches who need it (Terezi helps them recognize the “true” witches) or offers to Kanaya’s homemade ambulatory; selling his potions to the wrong people has often caused him troubles, to the point that he has, more often than not, to wear some charmed crystal to protect himself from unsatisfied witches. Once he sold to Eridan a bag of tea instead of a love elixir by error.
* baking
* Messing up places and rooms (expecially kanaya’s place)
* Yelling at his magical oven
* collecting books
* Experiments

you cant fight the homestuck...really you cant
  • me: *sees astrology post*
  • brain: apply it to h o m e s t u c k
  • me: no, not everything is homestuck
  • post: Sagittarius and gemini love match is 99%
  • brain: Sollux and Equius are in love???! #rarepair af
  • me: Y u do dis??

Some of my favorites from the Homestuck snap (i’ll probably redraw a few later)



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c- update art for A+++++++ UPDATE I would do better/refine this but I’m so tired.

This is it.  This is how I’ve always shipped gamrezi so I’M HAPPY FOR SO MANY REASONS.