terezi ancestor

pyrope rotation

Latula(ancestors troll) -> neophyte redglare (beta troll) -> Terezi (alpha troll) -> Latula


 *just re-design.  u_u

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 *HS rotation finally complete!














redesigns of my old beforan ancestors, this time all of my own design and made to seem more cohesive as a group :3 way more pleased with how everyone turned out this time around ///especially the ladies ooh la la//

there’s some lots of info on their jobs and my headcanon beforus junk below if you’re interested, too!

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Click on the pictures for the names

The Tote design by askmoodymrgemini and The Balanced Guardian design by GCmun, the rest of the designs were made by AGmun.

Behold the Scourge Sisters, Beforus style.

Vriska and Terezi run around Beforus, carrying out the planet’s biggest scam and getting away with it.  They met when Terezi, after moving from one culler to another due to her blindness, unwanted because of her misbehaviour, found herself on Vriska’s doorstep, the next unlucky troll to try and cull her properly.  Whoever decided this was a good idea was probably fired.

So what exactly do they do?  Vriska plays the part of a worried, overprotective culler.  When she “goes out for the night” she leaves Terezi with their next victim.  Terezi runs off, leading her “babysitter” on a wild goose chase.  Vriska raids the hive and Terezi circles back, where they meet up and high tail it out of there, leaving many high bloods practically broke.

I like to think that they’re the first trolls to join the Silenced.

anonymous asked:

Since you read Homestuck, who was your favorite troll? And who was the troll you hated most as well?

Loved Terezi. Hated all the ancestor trolls because they were underdeveloped and underused.