My Mind Secedes - Chapter 16 - fuzzyCracker - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
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song used for this chapter - larkspur and lazarus by current 93

i have no witty vague comment for this bit, sorry

  • Page One:A young boy stands in his bedroom on his birthday
  • Page 9859:An alien girl is flying through space leaving a message to her friend when suddenly she does a magic mind thing and sees ghosts waking up in the afterlife and her own ghost from an alternate time line finds her friend again and they hold each other for company and watch the afterlife being shattered apart from an all-powerful time traveling demon

After diligent discussion on my other blog, I decided I needed to really ruin my role in this fandom lmao

Jedi Knight Terezi who’s bad AF cause she’s blind and there’s literally no one who can compare to her when it comes to her ability to use and rely on the Force + Han/Leia DaveKat(and why Dave should not have been chosen to play the part of han lmao)