Haha, so here are some pictures from ozcomiccon Adelaide that I took. As you can see, we had HEAPS of fun, we had a lovely little trash pile forming on Saturday and some amazing dancing from Karkat, Dave and John. Later on Sunday afternoon we found a game for karkat- crabitron.

[X] Terezi/Gamzee
[X] Nepeta/Eridan
[X] Levi
[X] God tier Dave

- I was the hsfandom&heinoustuck dave.

and i don’t know the tumblr’s of anyone else.


Go play it ==> [S]Link to the Game! Vogun and I made another minigame to celebrate 413! Can you believe we didn’t have any music for it just a couple of days ago? But then Alexander Rosetti saved our bacon at the last minute by making a brilliant theme track for it at incredibly short notice! Heck yeah! Did we luck out or what!? Sadly, we didn’t quite finish making the game on time but you can still play a mostly complete game. Tomorrow I will update again, there will be more levels, more objectives, and a few little changes like better fonts and some sfx. Happy 413 everyone!