And that’s the rest of it! :D The background cracks in the Flash were done by rah-bop, and that’s why they arent’ included here! It really was a blast drawing this, and I’m glad ya’ll enjoyed the update as much as I did! ^u^

I’ll probably put a bonus section later for some drafts that weren’t accepted hehe! :)

Thank you for all your support!

The new upd8 was hella nice, but this slide in particular bothered me a lot when I stopped to think about it

Like, we always knew that people in doomed timelines went to the dreambubbles, right? But these ones are not doomed selves, these are versions of characters who didn’t die in that moment: that John is the one who ascended, those Rose and Roxy were the one who revived when their dreamself were kissed, and so on. 

This means that these people died even though an exact “clone” of them, of their personality and memories until that point, lived on somewhere else - the John that was stabbed on his questbed didn’t survive through ascension, he died and a copy of him went on.

This is some creepy The Prestige level shit, these people got robbed of their existence and their copies are not even aware of it