So my friend sent me a tweet that Terez Owens put out, and I had to comment on it because it was too damn funnily blatant. The minute I do comment? Equally blatantly? He RTs me. 😂😂😂

anonymous asked:

TaraBrowning found the classiest photos of E*** that she could. Lmao 😂 😂😂 But seriously, she has to know Terez Owens is a gossip site. Idk why she's posting pics and saying that's Klay's girlfriend. Everyone knows Klay bones IG hoes then drops them next week. It's the [ Lifecycle of Klay Thompson ] nothing new. Klay's been hoeing around since his college days and it got even worse when he got some money and made it to the NBA. Klay is gonna do Klay... ALWAYS!


Shuuen -Re:Mind- lyrics (2/2)

I wrote all the romaji lyrics of the Shuuen -Re:Mind- exclusive songs, and will be posting them in 2 posts. Still, be aware of REALLY long post under the cut. PART 1 HERE.

The songs in this post are: Yonchoume no Himitsuya-san, Bokutachi Days, Tereze no Tameiki, High-Collar Corp Park and Schroedinger no Neko. To look for a specific song, you can use ctrl+f and put the song title in the search bar :3

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2015 was the year i accidentally deleted my blog but I only arose from the ashes stronger and funnier than ever so it merits a list of blogs i ENjoy

or*y bl*ck is the reason im dating two people

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hi there! it’s Tess/Terez again. i’m a trigender lesbian that goes by any pronouns you want to call me. i love to make new friends so feel free to message me c: my blog is scathingsanity. also i am now one of the mods for a new lgbtq+ blog called lgbtandslay, so feel free to shoot me or one of the others mods a message on there as well or just check us out :)