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What is it about vikas body that doesn't fit the classical or typical image. What's different from ekaterina sit Vishneva's or somovas

I think all those ballerinas I mentioned have something in common; also, they look like princesses, while Vika, in my opinion, looks more like a femme fatal; she has ‘sharper’ lines, and she’s sort of more ‘withy’, so to say.

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May I ask something about your previous ask? It was said that Viktoria Tereshkina's physique doesn't quite fit the art and you agreed. Forgive me, because I don't know much about ballet and are far from an expert, but I'd like to know what you meant with that?

I was talking about the general appearance. Viktoria is a beautiful woman and dancer, but, in my opinion, she doesn’t look like a typical, or ‘classical’ ballerina of St. Petersburg. “she doesn’t have the appearance of Diana Vishneva, Ekaterina Kondaurova, Alina Somova, Olesya Novikova, Irina Golub, etc.” (and I meant the same thing about Katya, though she’s a Bolshoi ballerina) but in terms of fitness, body structure, weight Vika totally fits in the Mariinsky standarts, I think. I was only talking about Mariinsky standards, not ‘art’ in general whatsoever. 


Ivan Vasiliev and Viktoria Tereshkina, Le Jeune Homme et la Mort

everytime i watch this ballet i am totally glued to the screen