teresa revel

Character Descriptions 01: Teresa Revel

Teresa Revel is a fourteen year old girl – about 4'10 in height (possibly a bit taller) with a  somewhat pear-shaped build. Her upper body is small and trim with narrow shoulders and thin arms without much muscle tone. She doesn’t have much waist definition but she does have large, fleshy hips. Her legs are short and thick – as much from muscle as from fat. She has very fleshy thighs that touch. Wide hips but no “thigh-gap” to speak of.

She has a rounded face with a weak, rather undefined chin. Her mouth is abnormally wide with thin lips. Her teeth somewhat resemble that of a shark mixed with that of a human: the front third of her mouth contains teeth that are sharp and serrated – made for tearing through flesh. Her back teeth are the usual flat, grinding molars possessed by omnivores. All three rows of teeth are similar to this in construction. She has a small, button shaped nose with understated nostrils. Teresa has large, almond shaped eyes without an eyelid crease. Irises are crimson in color with cat-like pupils. Short, thick and rounded eyebrows.

Her hair is of varying lengths – the shortest just below chin-length and the longest reaches just below her breasts. Generally of a lank, stringy and almost greasy texture. It is blue-black in color and seems to always be touched by a gentle breeze. 

She has a light, golden tinted beige skin tone. Lips are oddly pale, barely different from the general tone of her skin. Nails are usually painted a variety of bright colors (lime green, bright red, yellow) but the polish is most often chipped. Nails are ragged and often untrimmed. She has small hands with somewhat thick fingers. Not really all that attractive.

Fashion sense tends towards the eclectic and varies greatly. She has a penchant for wearing bright, mismatched/clashing colors and clunky footwear. Has an intense fondness for suspenders, cute belts, patterned tights and other leg-wear.. Favorite color is yellow. Usually, wearing yellow plastic barrettes to keep hair out of face. Is never seen without a silver ID bracelet around her left wrist. Almost always wears several chunky plastic bead bracelets in varying bright colors.

Teresa rarely, if ever, wears any makeup though she’s always wearing some sort of flavored lip-balm. She has a bad habit of chewing on her lips so they tend to be chapped despite her lip-balm addiction. She doesn’t even try to tame her hair most of the time and just allows it to do whatever it wants.