teresa lisbon

After watching the Mentalist:

  • Jane doesn’t sound like a girl’s name to you anymore
  • Seeing doodles of smiley faces at random places gives you the creeps
  • You cannot hear Lisbon and think of the city as a first reaction
  • When in public, you might try to guess at the life of random strangers based on what they’re wearing and the things they carry
  • You’ve searched for every jisbon fanfic that exists
  • You know there is no such thing as psychics and you’ll defend your case whenever challenged
  • You cannot have daily interactions with people without internally analyzing their code behavior
  • You’ve become a tea enthusiast
  • You get emotional over cups
  • You’re wiser

‘Teresa Lisbon. It’s… It’s a nice name.’ - Patrick Jane

Did Jane think she’d be his destiny when they just met? Did we think they’d end up together? Many of us hoped so.

For the one we met was a woman of character, someone strong and honest, someone who this lost and hopeless man saw as his hope as of the start, someone he - and we - trusted instantly. Teresa Lisbon, a person of integrity, not perfect but with a giving heart, a woman knowing what it is to suffer and lose someone, full of empathy, unselfish, and loyal. The character we gradually fell in love with and so did Jane. Someone he chose to share his life with, someone who became the love of his life, and we know why.