teresa jisbon

After watching the Mentalist:

  • Jane doesn’t sound like a girl’s name to you anymore
  • Seeing doodles of smiley faces at random places gives you the creeps
  • You cannot hear Lisbon and think of the city as a first reaction
  • When in public, you might try to guess at the life of random strangers based on what they’re wearing and the things they carry
  • You’ve searched for every jisbon fanfic that exists
  • You know there is no such thing as psychics and you’ll defend your case whenever challenged
  • You cannot have daily interactions with people without internally analyzing their code behavior
  • You’ve become a tea enthusiast
  • You get emotional over cups
  • You’re wiser

It took them a lot of time to adjust to each other’s standpoint, to get used to what the other thought right. It required a lot of disagreement, growing up and internal struggle from them both and also a lot of respect, despite how much torn they were by what they felt was wrong. But long before they promised each other to be there by each other’s side “for better or for worse”, it had already been between Jane and Lisbon, though unspoken and quite often contradictory, with them being unable to function properly without their partner, and life gradually losing taste. Consciously or otherwise, they depend on each other and seek approval and support, and understanding they could never expect from anyone else.


It’s interesting to observe Jane’s reaction when Lisbon prompts him to tell her the truth and stop hiding things from her. He knows he has made it clear that it is important to him that their relationship be based on openness, but he still finds it hard to tell her some things – out of desire to protect her and himself, too, and also their relationship from unpleasant/uncomfortable moments, and things that can “come between them”, or out of his habit of taking decisions for himself like he would in the old days. I like seeing how he struggles with himself, constantly thinking of Lisbon’s reaction, how he cares about her feelings and finds it hard to tell her everything because he’s not used to it. Yet for him the truth is essential between them, and though it is easier sometimes to fall back on his old methods, he understands Lisbon doesn’t work that way and he has to accept it. He really has changed for her.