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Nowadays, there’s a huge emphasis on eating natural foods. Staying away from GMOs, pesticides, and processed sugars is generally thought of as a good thing. Some call it the paleo diet and it’s a way to harken back to a simpler time, when our ancestors ate gathered fruits and hunted animals.

Going paleo is very noble and all, but the problem is: the plants and animals we eat are nothing like they were thousands of years ago, let a hundred years ago. Before test tubes were ever a part of the equation, we selectively bred everything from cows and chickens to apples and bananas. You’d barf in your mouth just looking at an OG banana, let alone trying to eat it. And cows? They were bred from their ancestors, cattle-like animals called aurochs, who would fuck you up if you tried milking them.

The food we eat today and think of as normal is just one example of a historical blindspot we have where we think commonplace objects and concepts have been around forever. 

THIS WEEK: Jack O'Brien is joined by Michael Swaim and Teresa Lee to discuss how things like food, love, racism and mourning dead children are all surprisingly recent developments.

Simple Concepts Humans Developed Surprisingly Recently

[ Imagine #3 ] Med-jack ~ Newt (TMR)

Fandom: The Maze Runner

Pairing: Newt x reader

Word count: 1270 words



I stood on tiptoes and streched my arm as high as possible, but i couldn’t reach the medicine. I were too small. With a heavy sigh, i grabbed a chair and used it to fetch the small brown bottle. Right when i stood on the floor again, the door got opened and Jeff sticked his head around the door with a smile. “Y/N? Lunch is ready in a few minutes. You can take a break.” Then he closed the door again.

After finishing my work, i left the med-jack hut walking towards the homestead. Frypan gave me a plate full of food and i made my way to the table where i were sitting with Newt, Thomas, Minho and Chuck. Today the runners had a day free, so they could join the lunch, even if they were usually in the maze at this time of the day. I placed myself next to Thomas and started eating. The boys had an animated disscusion about different possibilitys to kill a griever. Even if the ideas were utterly ridiculous, it was funny to listen to them.

While eating, i couldn’t help staring at Newt. He looked just so good, with his light brown hair and his brown eyes, which were looking at me…oh shit, they were looking at me! I cleared my throat, embarressed at the fact he just caught me staring at him and looked down at my plate. He chuckled and i quickly stood up, mumbled: “I go back to work.” and made my way back to the med-jack hut.

I closed the door behind me, plumbed down on a chair and buried my face in my hands. Why? Why did i always embarressed myself infront of Newt? I mean, we were just friends. Well, just friends for him . I wished i could stop thinking about him, but he was always so sweet and caring, every time he talked to me, i just fell more and more for him, even if i were sure he meant it just in a friendly way.

Suddenly, the door bursted open and Thomas came in. He placed himself on the chair next to me and looked at me. “You like him.” “W-what do you mean?” i asked and felt my cheeks heating up. “Newt. You like him.” he repeated. I stared at him, completely shocked. “But - that’s not true!” He raised his eyebrows. “Oh please, Y/N, don’t deny it. It’s more than obvious. You have to tell him!” I shook my head. “Nope, i won’t do that. It would just ruin our friendship and make things terrible awkward, because he doesn’t feel the same way” i answered categorically. Thomas pouted. “You’ll never know until you tell him! Besides, i think he likes you too. You should see how he stare at you sometimes. And you two would be such a cute couple!” I smiled slightly at Thomas words but then stood up and gestured towards the door. “However, i would love to continue talking about my non-existing lovelife with you, but i have plenty of work to do. So… maybe you could help somebody, too.” Thomas shrugged and left the hut. But then turned around again and winked: “Think about what i just told you. He likes you.” I groaned, pushed him out of the room and closed the door behind him. Then i continued sorting the little medicine bottles.

After a few minutes of working, the door opened again and i turned around stressed, expecting Thomas standing there, but it was Newt. I gasped at the sight of him, he was deathly pale, his hoodie was ripped and bloody at the right side under his chest and he leaned against Zart, not able to walk alone. “Oh shuck, Newt! What happened?! Lie down here!” I hurried through the room and prepared one of the beds for him. Zart helped him to walk slowly to the bed and lie down. Then he asked: “Do you need help, Y/N? ‘Cause i have work to do, but i could send you Clint or Jeff.” I smiled at him. “No thank you. It’ll work.” He nodded and left the hut.

Newt P.o.V

My side hurted so bloody much, it felt like a thousand knives had been stabbed into my body. Y/N looked at me with a worried expression on her face and asked me softly: “What happend?” I tried to ignore the penetrating pain and replied through clenched teeth: “I was trimming some vines and then the knife slipped down and cut me.” She nodded and reached hesitantly for my sweater, but then stopped. “You - ehm, you have to take it off” She blushed slightly and avoided my glance. I had to hold back a chuckle. She was just too cute. “Ok, but you have to help me.” Y/N blushed a little bit more, but grabbed my hoodie and tried carefully to remove it. Where her soft hands brushed my bare skin, i could felt a tingle, and now i felt my cheeks heating up. She put the hoodie down next to the bed and turned to my again. I could see her gaze briefly wander about my body, until she saw to wound. Her eyes widened and she mumbled: “Oh shuck.” Then she quickly walked towards one of the shelves and took a bottle and a little towel. She bent down next to me. “This will hurt” she warned me, but i simply nodded. It hurted so much now, i doubted more would be possible. But when she carefully touched the cut with the towel, i could barely hold back my tears and drew a sharp breath. Y/N looked up with a weakly smile. “I really try my best being carefully. I’m sorry.” I forced me to smile back and she continued cleaning the wound with a concentrate expression. I couldn’t help staring at her, she looks absolutely gorgeous when she bite her lips and narrow her eyes in concentration.

After she finished, she raised her head and when she met my intense glance and realized i had been staring at her the whole time she blushed hard and quickly turned around to clear away the towel and the bottle. Then she took some bandages and came back. “Soo..you have to raise your back a little bit so that i can dress the wound” she explained, still with red cheeks.

I carefully tried to sit up and Y/N started to wrap the bandage around my torso and even if it hurted bloody much, i enyoid it because she had to embrace me every time the bandage was at my back. The whole time she said nothing, and when she finished, she stepped quickly away.

When she turned around i quickly tried to stand up, because even if it hurted, i had work to do. When Y/N saw what i’m trying to do, her eyes widened and with a few steps she was next to me and pushed me back at the bed, her hands laying on my shoulders. “What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing? You have to rest! At least two days!” I just stared at her. When she noticed my glance, she stopped talking and her cheeks reddened once more. “Eh…is everthing alright?” I just nodded and then - i didn’t even myself know where i got the courage for that from - i just kissed her. And she immediately kissed me back.


I know the end is kinda crap…but i hope you still like it ♡


If we wanted to be sad while watching football, we’d watch ‘Remember The Titans’ for the thousandth time.

How Being Decent To People Is Political Now

Regrets (Newt imagine)

Your heart sank in your chest as you watched Newt hanging out with some of the other girls from the other mazes in the compound. All the memories and moments you had with him were thrown out the window once you and the other Gladers had been rescued and Newt realized he had way more girls to pick from. You had realized this and you made the move before he did; you had broken up with him before he had the chance. You didn’t give him the power to break your heart.


You stood in front of Newt with tears in your eyes as you bit your lip nervously, “We need to talk.” Newt glanced at you with a sad look on his face, “(Y/N)….” You held up your hand and he fell quiet immediately. “I know what you’ve been thinking about the past few days. Why be stuck with me when you have so many more options out here? I won’t stay with someone who won’t keep their promises as soon as the first obstacle is thrown at their relationship. I’m releasing you from your broken promise, Newt. I hope the next girl you’re with makes you happy, and isn’t as disappointed as I am,” you said, tears going down your face. Newt looked hurt by your words but that made you angry, “Don’t give me that. You don’t deserve the right to be hurt. I’m the one who just got left behind in the dust.”

Newt looked absolutely stunned, and sadness appeared on his face, “I’m so sorry (Y/N). I really am.” “Save it,” you snapped at him, wiping your tears as you walked over to the door of his room in the compound, “I hope whoever you wind up with next is perfect for you.” And that was the last time you spoke to him.


As you watched Newt talking and laughing with other girls, Thomas suddenly sat down across from you. “(Y/N), you alright?” Thomas inquired, raising his eyebrows. Your lips tightened into a thin line as you stiffly jerked your head towards Newt, and Thomas glanced over at him before looking back at you, “You let him go?” “What choice did I have, Tommy? He wasn’t happy with me and he doesn’t deserve the power to break my heart,” you explained sadly, and Thomas just placed his hands on top of yours, “You’re the toughest shank I know.” You gave a half-smirk, and allowed yourself to chuckle for the first time in days. Then, Thomas’s expression became dark, and he leaned closer towards you as he whispered, “(Y/N), I’ve got a bad feeling about this place. There’s something going on here that they’re not telling us.”

You jerked your head back confusedly, looking around before looking back at Thomas, “What do you mean?” “I don’t think anybody ever leaves this place,” Thomas whispered, causing your eyes to widen. But before you could question him further, Janson walked into the room with the list of people who were to be taken to the ‘Safe Place’ that day. “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. You all know the drill; if I call your name, please come and line up alongside my companions by the wall, your news lives are about to begin,” Janson announced, flipping his clipboard to the page with the names on it.

As he began naming other people you didn’t know, you sneaked a glance at Newt who was still chatting away amicably with the girl of his left, not looking at you. You couldn’t help but feel extremely bitter at the sight, but then you heard Janson finishing his list, “….Samuel, and last but not least, (Y/N).” You jerked your head up to look at Thomas with a terrified look on your face, before slowly getting up and walking over to join the others. As you looked back at Thomas, Minho, Frypan and Winston, you could see all of them whispering and muttering worriedly, their eyes flitting from you back to their group and then back to you. You sent them a pleading and terrified look, but then the group started to walk away to the other section of the compound which was restricted to the others. You felt the desperate need to look at Newt one last time, but you decided against it. You were better than that. So, as you passed by where he sat, you held your head high and ignored him altogether, your expression cold and unfeeling. You figured he was still talking to the girl next to him, so you didn’t bother to even check using your peripheral vision as you passed and followed the others away from your friends, and away from Newt.

A little while later, after having been led to your own room, you got changed into an outfit that was laid out for you to wear, and you sat on the medical bed in your room and waited for the doctor who was assigned to do your final checkup to show up. Suddenly, the door clicked and swung open, and in walked a woman with a pleasant smile on her face, “Hello. I’m Doctor Crawford. You must be (Y/N).” You nodded in approval, and she smiled at you, “Nice to meet you. Now, I just have to do a few last tests to ensure your health and one last needle to make sure you get all the vitamins and minerals you’ve been deprived of. You’ve got a long trip ahead of you.” You nodded once more as she began her tests, and once she had finished, she pulled out her syringe which was filled with a sort of blue-clear liquid. “Just relax,” Doctor Crawford said as she injected the liquid into your arm, and after a couple moments, you began to feel dizzy and tired. Your mind was in a panic, as Thomas’s words echoed in your mind: “I don’t think anybody ever leaves this place.” You understood now; this was your end. You tried to fight, but the anesthesia had already taken root and you felt too tired to fight back. ‘I’m sorry, Thomas. I’m sorry Minho. I’m sorry Fry, Winston, Teresa, Jack. I’m sorry, Newt,’ you thought to yourself, just as the world went black.


Back in the cafeteria, Newt excused himself from his female companions and quickly walked over to his fellow Gladers, who were talking worriedly amongst themselves. His mind and heart were racing: (Y/N) was gone. And he didn’t know when he’d see her again. “Where’d they take her?” Newt hissed at the others, who glanced up at him in surprise. Thomas’s expression was one of suppressed anger, and Newt understood that you had told him what happened. Thomas had been your closest friend asides from Minho and Newt back in the Glade, so it was only natural that you had told him. Newt remembered the way you looked so scared standing with the others, frantically searching for someway to escape, but failing to do so. He also remembered the way your expression became closed off and how you walked past him without a second glance, ignoring him altogether. Although it probably shouldn’t have, the lack of recognition on your part stung. But he had been the one to hurt you, hadn’t he? He broke his promise to you, not the other way around.

“Haven’t you got a bunch of other shuck girls to flirt with now?” Minho replied, the edge in his tone obvious, “I don’t think (Y/N)’s your concern anymore at this point, shank.” Newt felt his anger rising, but he kept his voice calm, “(Y/N)’s my friend too, and I care for her more than you shanks do.” Minho snorted at his statement, “Yeah, you care for her so much that the second you got the chance, you ditched her for a bunch of other girls who could talk your shucking ears off about something someone said months ago.” Newt had never so badly wanted to punch Minho in the face, but deep down he knew he was right. He had been a right slinthead towards you, and you deserved so much better than him. As cliché as it sounded, he didn’t realize what he had until he lost it. After spending the past couple days talking to those other girls, he realized that they were just airheads, and the one he spoke to most, some girl named (R/N), was perhaps the biggest airhead of them all. She might’ve been extremely beautiful, but she had no personality. He just didn’t want to seem rude, so he kept talking to her. But the truth was that none of them compared to you in the slightest; you were tough, resourceful, intelligent, yet funny, cute and kind. Newt knew he screwed up big time, and now he needed to find you and win you back.

“You’re right. You’re all bloody right, I was the biggest slinthead in the world, and I hurt the best person I could have in my life. I hurt her, and now I need to get her back. She deserves the best, and even though I know that’s not me and that I bloody blew it, I know it would tear me to pieces to see her with someone else. I know I’m a huge hypocrite in saying that, but I truly just want her back. I want to apologize for everything, and I want to win her heart back,” Newt sighed, running his hair in a stressed manner. Minho shook his head and Thomas gave a pathetic half-smile, “Well, fat chance (Y/N)’ll trust you again just like that. She was so shucking torn up about it. You broke her heart, Newt. She didn’t want to admit it and that’s why she broke up with you: she let you go because she wanted you to be happy and because she believed you didn’t have the right to have the power to break her heart that way. But you did anyway.” Newt nodded his head, “I know I did. Shuck, Tommy, how could I have been so bloody stupid? I’ve lost the most precious thing in my life. I regret every second since we got here.”

Thomas rested his arm on his friend’s shoulder, “I know that you’re distressed, Newt. But given the current situation, that’s unimportant. We think (Y/N)’s in danger.” Newt’s eyes widened as he shouted, “What?!” Thomas shushed him, before secretly pulling out a guard’s ID card, “I’m gonna go investigate later tonight along with Aris. If I find her, I’ll get her out and bring her to you, then the two of you can reconcile.” Newt nodded, but then he ran his hand through his hair again, “Oh shucking God, I hope she’s alright.” Now Minho stood up and patted his back comfortingly, “That girl is tougher than most of us put together. She can handle herself.” Newt gave a weak smile, but his heart sank; he didn’t have a very good feeling about this.

As promised, later that evening, Thomas and Aris went investigating, leaving behind a thoroughly worried Newt. Thomas and Aris went through the door where they had seen the gurneys brought in, and all of a sudden, they came face to face with two long rows of the others who had been called to move to the ‘safe place’, strung up with tubes sticking out from their heads. Thomas felt horrified in knowing that both he and Aris were right: nobody ever left. It was WICKED. Then, something caught his eye; a figure dangling a couple feet away, as lifeless as a rag doll. It was smaller than the others as it was the body of a girl, with (H/L) (H/C) hair dangling in front of her face. Even from where he stood, Thomas’s heart sank as he realized that it was you. “Oh no…..(Y/N), no…..” He didn’t want to believe it, and he didn’t want to have to tell Newt. He was horrified and he felt so angry that somebody so good and pure had come to such a miserable end. You didn’t deserve it.

When Thomas and Aris came back, the hopeful look on Newt’s face tore Thomas to pieces. Instead, he focused on getting his remaining friends out; it’s what you would’ve wanted, after all. It wasn’t until Thomas started leading their way to find Teresa that Newt stopped him, “Alright, you guys can go get Teresa. I’m going to go find (Y/N). I’ll find you guys afterwards at the exit.” “You can’t, Newt,” Thomas said quickly before continuing down the hall. Newt caught up, “Why not?! We’ve got to save (Y/N)!” “We can’t, Newt!” Thomas repeated frustratedly, but Newt kept pushing, “Why the bloody hell not?!” “BECAUSE SHES DEAD!” Silence filled the hall as the warning lights continued to flash. Newt was staring at Thomas is disbelief, and Thomas bit his lip as he explained, “It’s WICKED. It was always WICKED. We were right; nobody ever leaves this place. Those people who got called everyday were taken to another part of the compound. Aris and I found the compound, and….we found her. She was strung up……and being drained. She was long gone, Newt. I’m sorry.”

Newt took a step back and Thomas could practically see his heart shattering in his eyes. Newt had just lost the person he truly loved forever, and the last thing he did was hurt them. “She’s dead….” Newt repeated, before tears began to go down his face. He continued to run behind Thomas, but he felt numb, as though he was in a trance. He never got the chance to apologize to you. He never got the chance to explain everything and how he felt. He never got got to tell you he loved you one last time. The last thing he ever did was hurt you, and the last time he ever spoke to you was to do so. Now, you were gone forever. And it was all his fault.