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Incorrect TMI quote
  • Jace: *has chicken pox* Clary what are these red spots on my arms?!?!
  • Clary: Oh my gosh you got the pox...
  • Tessa: ...
  • Jace: ...
  • Tessa: ...DeMoN pOx!
  • Jace: *starts to panic*

“La historia de la chica que había golpeado en la cabeza con la jarra de agua al chico que había ido a rescatarla” 💜

Joshua Anthony Brand as William (Will) Herondale

Danielle Campbell as Teresa (Tessa) Gray

or Emily Rudd

Mitch Hewer as James (Jem) Carstairs

Kaya Scoldelario as Cecily (Cecy) Herondale

Douglas Booth as Gabriel Lightwood

Anna Popplewell as Sophie Collins

Max Irons as Gideon Lightwood

Gabriella Wilde as Jessamine (Jessie) Lovelace

Gemma Arterton as Charlotte (Lottie) Branwell/Fairchild

Tom Hiddleston as Henry Branwell

Chace Crawford as Nathaniel (Nate) Gray

Clemence Poesy as Camille Belcourd

Alexander Skarsgard as Alexei De Quincey

a project from my digital imaging class: design a movie poster for a book that hasn’t yet been made into a movie. City of Bones was out so… c:

characters belong to cassandraclare​, none of the photo’s are mine and finally, please do not remove my caption/original source <3

So many lessons…. and we’re still learning, aren’t we?

Mrs. Herondale - A Wessa Drabble

@victorianfangirl said she wanted a thing wherein Will calls Tess Mrs. Herondale. This is the the thing I have written in response to that. It will eventually be the start of the next chapter of Beginning of Forever

Tessa leaned against the rail and looked out over London and tried to clear her mind. She thought about practicing the little concentration tricks she’d read about that were supposed to make it easier to learn to use magic. She was terrible at them and thinking about using magic wasn’t going to help her mood. Magic was the last thing she needed to be thinking about after the dinner party she had just attended.

She reached down and picked up a stray piece of the roof shingle and turned it in her hands a few times. She finally let all her attempts at being a proper lady go for a split second and turned and hurled the piece of slate across the rooftop with a sharp yell.

Will ducked it.

“I’m sorry,” she said looking at him as he righted himself slowly. He had arrived near silently and she was surprised to see him. He still wore his suit but the collar was unbuttoned and the tie was missing. His hair was just a little more rumpled than it had been when he’d appeared before the party so she could tell him whether or not he looked appropriate. She knew that he was just showing off.

“You look heartstoppingly beautiful you great peacock,” she’d said to him looking up at the mirror but not turning to look at him directly. A maid was weaving blue ribbons that matched her dress into her hair when he’d appeared. The maid had flapped at him and sent him away a moment later and she’d seen him make a little bit of a face in the mirror as the door was shut on him.

He still looked heartstoppingly beautiful but this wasn’t Will brushed and dressed for company. This was just Will and he was even more beautiful for that. She still wore her evening dress as well. Indigo taffeta that rustled and shone and fell back off her shoulders and down to a short train. It was a beautiful dress. It showed off her neck and her arms and was the most fashionable cut. It also made it easy to see that there was not a rune on her.

Will came over and stood near her. He leaned down and kissed her shoulder and she smiled as she looked away from him at London.

“He’s the Head of the Paris Institute,” Tessa said and Will nodded, his mouth still against her skin for a moment longer than a kiss really required. The dinner had been an important meeting as well as a fancy party. 

“He’s an idiot,” Will said.

“He called me Miss Gray all night,” Tessa said.

“Idiot,” Will said again.

“He was just being rude?” Tessa asked.

“You have to be a Shadowhunter to carry a Shadowhunter name,” Will said.

“And I’m a warlock,” she said. “He was just reminding me in case I’d forgotten? I haven’t forgotten.” To make a point she cycled through a couple of remembered changes, none much different in size from her so her dress stayed in place but the changes in her hair left it falling out of the complicated style. When she turned to look at Will, he was unperturbed by her little display of magic. He pushed a piece of loose hair backed from her face and gave her a small smile.

“You, Mrs. Herondale, have as much right to that name as I do,” Will said.

“Do I really?” she asked.

“I married you, all of you, the piece of you that is a Shadowhunter, the piece of you that is a warlock, if there is a piece of you that is a pink pony, I will marry that part too,” Will said and he startled a laugh out of her.

“Aren’t I going to sully your good name, Mr. Herondale?” she asked but she was smiling now. She couldn’t help it. Even thinking of the whispers she had heard from Clave members over the last few months about just that topic couldn’t keep the smile down. He caught her face in his hands and tilted her chin up to look at him.

“You are the most incredible person to ever carry this name. You are Mrs. Teresa Herondale and I wouldn’t have it any other way but if you decide you don’t want it, I’ll change my name too. We can become the Codfish family if you wish but we will always be together,” Will said.

Tessa leaned in and kissed him, “I like being Mrs. Herondale.”

“I had something made for you,” Will said and he kissed her again and then held up a hand to stop her from saying anything as he continued, “It was supposed to be ready for the wedding but I had to go outside the Clave to get it and I have made a few errors in contracting a mundane artisan. I was going to keep it and give it to you at our first anniversary but I’m going to give it to you now instead.”

He pulled a box out of his pocket and held it out to her. It was dark on the rooftop and once she had it in her hands he came to stand behind her with a witchlight in hand to light up the space. He circled his arms around her waist and looked over her shoulder. She settled back against him for a few moments before she lifted the lid on the box. Inside, on a square of dark velvet was a gold bracelet and held in place by the fine chains was a symbol made of solid gold.

“Shadowhunters wear our marriage vows on our skin. A rune here,” he touched her breast bone just above the line of her dress, “and another here,” he touched her arm, “I can wear the runes on my skin but you cannot. I would like you to have this so you can wear the wedded union against your arm as I wear mine.”

“Not my heart?” she asked in a very soft voice as she traced the pattern of the rune with her finger tip.

“This is as powerful as any rune,” Will said touching the jade pendant Jem had given her, “Now you have one for your arm as well as one for your heart.”

Tessa turned and let him lift the bracelet out of the little box and fasten it to her wrist. She watched him as he did it. His fingers were long and graceful even in the dark, even when he fumbled with the clasp. The glint of gold was recognizable even in the poor light. She took his hand and unbuttoned his cuff so she could line their arms up. Will lit up the witchlight again and she could see the stark outline of the dark rune on his skin and the exact same symbol in gold against hers.

“I love you Mrs. Herondale,” Will said, “You will always be Mrs. Herondale to me. Always.”


So i did the violin silhouettes, with Will and Jem. Then i thought that i should do some victorian style profile pictures.. its quite fitting. 

The Infernal Devices.. 

“Most people are lucky to have even one great love in their life. You have found two”