teresa de los andes

Novena prayer to St. Teresa de Los Andes

Lord Jesus, you chose St. Teresa of Los Andes to show people the joy of knowing and loving you. She consecrated her life to your love and reflected in her countenance the beauty of your divine Face. You also asked her to spread the joyful message of the Gospel and she spent her young life living the Gospel of love. We ask you, Lord, that her canonization by the Church may serve to exalt your name and to bring her message of faith and love, of joy and hope, to everyone, especially those most in need. We also ask you to grant us the particular grace we now pray for through her intercession. Amen.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be

“Para uma carmelita a morte não tem nada de espantoso. Vai viver a vida verdadeira. Vai cair nos braços de quem amou aqui na terra sobre todas as coisas. Vai submergir eternamente no amor.” Santa Teresa de Los Andes