• Writers: "I don't know why people like the villain, they're evil and ruthless, you're not supposed to like them."
  • *meanwhile during casting*
  • Writers: "Alright everyone, you know how this works, I need you to find me the hottest mofo you got. Think 'so crazy that I wanna kill you but I also gonna wanna bone.'"
  • Thomas: I like my boys like I like my girls.
  • Minho:
  • Newt:
  • Teresa:
  • Thomas: That’s it.
  • Thomas: That’s the joke.
  • Thomas: I’m bisexual.

Newt: Thomas, what is my role in the book?

Thomas: Well, there always should be a love interest and a badass sidekick for the main character.

Thomas: And we already have Minho…

Newt: I thought Minho was the badass sidekick.

Thomas:…He is.


Being the only girl in the glade would include...

• The other gladers would be so shook when they saw a girl sitting in the box
• Jumping up with a single push
• Ok, but you’d be so badass
• Kicking all the other gladers’ asses because they underestimated you
• Always impressing Alby
• All the guys are lowkey crushing on you
• Newt highkey crushing on you
• Being close to Minho and Newt
• You and Minho sassing the shit out of each other but always smile afterwards
• Minho always teasing Newt about you
• “So… Y/N?”
• “Bloody hell, shut up Minho or she’ll hear us!”
• Gally having a soft spot for you
• Being the only one Minho carries on his back for fun
• Always getting extra food from Fry Pan
• Chuck looking up to you
• All the Greenies, after you, admiring you
• When Thomas arrives, you’ll be the first to make him speak
• Understanding him like no one else
• Being a bit wary of Teresa
• But ending up befriending her
• Bonding over being the only girls
• When escaping the Maze, everyone checks on you to see if you’re okay
• Newt being extra concerned about you
• Ranting about your safety
• Accidently confessing his love for you
• Shutting him off by kissing him
• Minho teasing you for days
• “Oh Newt.” *cue kissing noises*
• “Do you want to die, shank?”
• Being happy as never before.