books read in 2017 ⟶ the midnight star by marie lu

“If you are very quiet and do not look away, you may see the brightest star in the constellation glow steadily brighter. It brightens until it overwhelms every other star in the sky, brightens until it seems to touch the ground, and then the glow is gone, and in its place is a girl’

  • Raffaele: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you have lost throughout your life.
  • Enzo: It would be nice to get my sense of purpose back.
  • Teren: Oh wow, my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding that.
  • Magiano: My will to live! I haven't seen this in years.
  • Sergio: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!
  • Adelina: Mental stability, my old friend!
  • Violetta: Guys, could you lighten up a little?
That happy moment when you realize...

That most of the characters in The young elites probably arn’t white.

That there is more then one character in The young elites that is not straight but there sexuality isn’t the focus of the story and doesn’t define them.

That many of the characters in The young elites are far from perfect and are actually quite dark and flawed.

That you get the villain’s POV enough to question whether or not he’s really the villain.

That the heroine is dark and flawed enough to question whether or not she’s really a heroine.

That the love interest doesn’t really love the so called heroine, and he might not even be the love interest.

That more people should read The young elites, because it’s different and dark and humanized and totally worth it.

reading the young elites/rose society be like
  • Me: I wonder which one of you is the cinnamon roll
  • Me: is it you?
  • Me: or is it you?
  • Me: perhaps it's yo-
  • Character: *does something*
  • Me: oh fuck, god what are you doing? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
  • Me: *glancing around at everyone doing same thing*
  • Me: everyone here is a horrible person, they are absolutely awful
  • Me: .....
  • Me: *whispering* I love them all

Strangers on a Bus by Terene

Summary: Castiel is flummoxed. This is a social situation he is not equipped to handle. What is the protocol when the stranger sitting next to you on a bus, whom you incidentally find very attractive, falls asleep with his head on your shoulder?

Comments: 7/10. It’s cute and fluffy, so fluffy. Dean falls asleep on Cas’s shoulder and misses his stop, Cas invites him home to call him a cab. Dean ends up staying the night but bolts the next day. It’s not really angsty, but they do pine, a lot. Especially Cas.

  • Logan works as a clerk, copying tax records in the scriptorium.
  • It’s not the most exciting work, but it gives him access to the palace library and satisfies his family’s obligation for service to the crown, since he’s not able to fight and serve in the guard.
  • He spends what free time he has reading, either in the library or, on clear, warm days, out in the gardens. This allows him to observe the other palace inhabitants that wander through, as well, and to see drachlings flitting about, and sometimes the dragons taking off from the Royal Den above the city.

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· YA LIT MEME: ten series or books (5/10) - the young elites by marie lu

“tell me, little wolf. do you want to punish those who have wronged you?”


edit request meme: the young elites + favourite underrated character →   teren santaro // requested by anonymous ♡

[insp] inquisitors drag teren to his feet. even now, in his pain and exhaustion and heavy chains, he pulls and strains against them, causing the multiple iron shackles binding his limbs to pull taut. to my surprise, he smiles at me. it is a bitter, anguished smile, full of heartbreak. his cheeks are wet with tears and rain.

why don’t you kill me, my little wolf?

want one?


I walk over to Teren, then bend down so that my gaze meets his. I watch the rain pour down his face. When was the first time I saw this face? When I was chained to the stake, of course, and he had come to bend down before me. How poised he had been, then, with this handsome, chiseled face and his mad, pulsing eyes. I smile, realizing that we have switched places now.

I bend close to his ear, in the same way he had once done to me. “No,” I say. “I will keep you, until the day I choose not to. You have destroyed and harmed all that is dear to me. In return, I want you to know what that feels like. I will not kill you. I will keep you alive. I will torture you.” My voice drops to a whisper. “Until your soul is dead.”

Teren can only stare back at me.

Marie Lu Themed Asks

Day: What’s something in life that makes you happy, or gets you through the day?

June: Is there anything you think you need to strive to improve? If so, what?

Tess: What’s your favorite childhood memory?

Eden: If you could create an invention with no limitations, what would it be?

Metias: Do you have any siblings?

Thomas: Do you have someone you love?

Ollie: Do you have any pets?

Anden: What career do you have? If not working yet, what career path do you hope to follow?

Adelina: What do you lie about the most? What’s the biggest lie you have told?

Violetta: Would you consider yourself more of a selfless or selfish person?

Enzo: What is something you are passionate about?

Teren: What’s your biggest pet peeve/thing you hate the most?

Raffaele: How do you think others would describe you?

Gemma: What’s your favorite animal?

Lucent: Favorite element (earth, wind, water, fire)?

Magiano: Do you know how to play any instruments?

Emika: Would you rather be famous or barely known?

Hideo: What’s your favorite video game?

Hammie: Do you consider yourself a hardworking person?

Asher: Do you consider yourself more of a leader or a follower?

Roshan: Do you have any regrets?

Tremaine: What’s the edgiest thing you have said, done, or witnessed?

Zero: What’s your scariest memory?

Ziggy: What was the most recent thing to make you excited?

Ren: What’s your favorite kind of music?