Strangers on a Bus

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by Terene

Castiel is flummoxed. This is a social situation he is not equipped to handle. What is the protocol when the stranger sitting next to you on a bus, whom you incidentally find very attractive, falls asleep with his head on your shoulder?

Words: 4482, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1wJMMsK
Here’s What We Know About THE ROSE SOCIETY Based On 11 Quotes From Marie Lu’s Twitter Feed

If you’re like us, you’ve been waiting for the sequel to THE YOUNG ELITES to come out since the moment you turned the very last page. In the meantime, feed your need and get a glimpse inside THE ROSE SOCIETY with these quotes that Marie Lu has released on Twitter! (Warning, they may raise a few questions…)

1. Mystery lady character totally burns Lead Inquisitor Teren Santoro.

Makes us wonder who tells Teren this - she clearly knows him well!

2. This does not bode well.

Who says this?? We need to know!

3. New character alert!

Although we do recall Magiano being mentioned briefly in The Young Elites…

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Marie’s been planning this all along!

4. Raffaele v. Teren - oh, it’s on!

With a match-up like this, anything could happen.

5. Kennetran politics in the age of the Young Elites.

This probably isn’t going to go over well with the royals who think that their rule is determined by the gods, but that’s their problem.

6. The White Wolf rises. 

And she’s not playing around.

7. Machiavelli would love this girl…

Whatever Adelina’s planning in this book, it sounds like she’ll do anything to make it happen…

8. And she really has a special way with words.

Adelina: not your average sweet-as-sunshine heroine. 

9. New adversaries abound.

The Night King sounds like a worthy opponent…

10. Other powerful Young Elites: friends or foes?

Ah - this Magiano again…will he be good or evil? 

11. Adelina’s darkness grows…

This book needs to be on our shelf YESTERDAY.

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What Was Missing

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by Terene

Prompted by the incident with Hannah in 10x07, Castiel asks Dean a question that leads first to a long-overdue conversation about sex vs. love, then to some realizations on both their parts about the nature of their own relationship.

(In which Dean and Cas talk about feelings, then stop talking to each other for a while, and finally, uh, talk with their bodies. Because fanfiction.)

Words: 6331, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://archiveofourown.org/works/2697236

rough sketch of this idea terene and i had
it’s based off of this post. I got chocolate by jesse and joy and terene got Torn by Natalie Imbrugia (?) 
The text reads:
me: “Look at how MANY there are! how lovely! <3”
Terene: “um… more are coming back to life….I don’t think this is a good idea…”
Me: “ahaha, I love zombies! <3”

“Can chickens have souls?”

“OF COURSE chickens can have souls. What kind of dumbass question is that!?”

—  a story terene and i are writing

Akosmia’s new friend! by SailorEnergy
In the story of Three Guardians: The Pulse of Atoms, Akosmia earns a friendship with Terene Hanselt, who is an astronaut.
So here they are, partying somewhere away from naggy-nanny Oshun. :XD:

For now, I consider Terene as a supporting character (not main).

Three Guardians: The Pulse of Atoms. ==>http://www.sailorenergy.net/ThreeGuadiansMain.html

Terene, Akosmia and Oshun are of Three Guardians series created by me.

Artwork Courtesy of

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