So in celebration of Spacedogs appreciation week, I made a rec list featuring our favorite criminal and amateur astronaut. 


A Necessary Life by DarkmoonSigel

Words: 22629 Status: INCOMPLETE Rating: MATURE

Summary: An unusual pairing of a thuggish psychopath and a sweet yet sheltered man with Asperger’s syndrome. Loosely follows the plots of both movies the character are based from, but ignores a lot of the other characters in either(ie no Gabi, no Charlie, no Beth, etc….). Set in Manhattan but Nigel falls in love with Adam the way he fell in love with Gabi.

Midnighters by drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite

Words: 52228 Status: COMPLETE Rating: EXPLICIT

Summary: Nigel does not need another man on his team for this heist. He doesn’t fucking need one. And he certainly doesn’t need Adam fucking Raki, but there he fucking is.

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Did you know? Several Latin words have correlatives that are formed by replacing the initial qu- with a t-. Often these two words can be used to join together clauses in a single sentence, or one can “answer” the other. For example:

quot - tot (how many? that many)

qualis - talis (of what kind? of that kind)

quis - tis (who? that guy)

quinque - tinque (five? yeah, five)

querela - terela (complaint? ughhhhhh)