Coptothyris adamsi

…is a species of marine Branchiopod found in the Pacific Ocean. Although it may look like a clam C. adamsi is no clam and is actually a member of a group of ancient animals known as branchiopods which almost went extinct due to competition with bivalves. Branchiopods like bivalves are filter feeders but feed through the means of a lophophore (a series of cilliated tentacles) rather than a siphon like a bivalve.



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Northern Lamp Shell (Terebratulina septentrionalis)

…is a species of brachiopod native to the cold waters of the Northern Atlantic. Brachiopods while they may look like bivalves are actually a phylum of unique animals that date back to the Cambrian period. Like bivalves they are filter feeders but use a lophophore to take in food, instead of a siphon. Northern lamp shells range in color from yellow to grey to reddish brown and are often found attached to rocks, algae and tube worms.



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