The Partner Digimon

Species: Coronamon
Level: Rookie
Main Family: Virus Busters
Minor Family: Nature Spirits
Main Attribute: Light
Minor Attribute: Earth
Type: Vaccine
Corona Knuckle: Releases continuous punches with heated fists
Corona Flame: Concentrates the power of flame in its brow, then fires it at the opponent as a flaming shot
Petit Prominence: Clads its body in flames and tackles
Description: Coronamon was born from the data collected on the sun by all the space agencies of the Human World. It has an innocent personality due to its sense of justice being powerfully sincere. Despite its playful nature, it is fiercely protective of its friends and has a strong fighting spirit.
Primary Habitat: Misty Forest
Secondary Habitat:
Terciary Habitat:
Digivoles From: Sunmon
Digivolves To: Firamon

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