Teratophobia Fear of bearing deformed children, or fear of monsters, or deformed people (I will repost this once I’m done with the coloring, I apologize that I posted this rather multiple times but it’s due to the Internet not working well) Here is my version of Teratophobia, the gender of the phobia is of course female. As her reformed self she goes by the name Elida. Her personality is rather different at times due to having a personality disorder since in her first form she has two heads that are not conjoined. Meaning they have their own personalities, though even if there personalities are actually the opposite they can still cooperate while moving the body that they both share. Elida might of been reformed but only some other reformed phobias look through her monstrous appearance and like her for who she is. (I’m not going to say which reformed phobia since they don’t belong to me, that’s for you to decide.) while others seemed to get creeped out or uncomfortable at her presence. She tries ignoring but she feels like an outcast, making her stay a distance away from them. The main reason for that cause is because due to her other personality is rather not completely reformed, she’s afraid she might harm the others. Though my idea for the Teratophobia level(You don’t have to use this idea), is set in some sort of mansion, it does indeed have this dark atmosphere to it. Vince for the level would have to wear that shows an appearance of a monster. The boss’s minions would see him as another ‘monster’ and become passive by him, but if he doesn’t have a complete appearance of a monster then the minions would see him as a intruder, instantly capturing him and literally makes him into a monster, resulting a gameover. But if he manages to get passed them, it does get a little tricky as he gets closer to the boss level. There will be deformed guards that will actually see through his disguise and chase after him. The only choices Vince will have is either fight them or find a place to hide. If he hides, the guards will go back to their hiding spot, but if he fights, their high defenses make them tougher to defeat. The enemies main goal is to make sure Vince is a monster. (If you have any questions on this character I don’t mind you asking me) Night Terror belongs to


The version of Teratophobia belongs to me

it fucking happened again. fucking scary gifs, on my dashboard.

is it too much to ask for people to TAG THESE POSTS? i’m sorry, i have teratophobia, i can’t deal with those things, and i hate going through tumblr on october because of that!

i’m sorry for the rant, but i just basically had an heart attack and now i’m fucking crying over how pathetic me and my phobia are.

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and you consider yourself a phan? hah.

i’m sorry, i think i should have told my reasons not to.

i have teratophobia. specifically, it is a phobia of monsters and/or really badly deformed people in general. i can handle ALW’s erik because most of the time his makeup is hidden under a mask and, well, it’s only one side of his face. plus the makeup is not THAT horrible. i can totes handle that. but for the silent film, it’s worse. i can’t really explain it, but his makeup freaks me out, to the point i have to look away and scroll really fast when gifs/screenshots of the movie come up on my dashboard. i hate it, and i hate not being capable of watching a simple horror movie, but that’s just how it is.