teratoid heights

Teratoid Heights by Mat Brinkman

ahhh yes, the good stuff.  The top shelf, only get it down for holidays and important guests, kinda good stuff.  

In starting this blog I found myself researching the authors/publishers of the comix I’m reading a little bit, a little bit more than normal at least.  And one major thread I found through many interviews is references to stuff by this guy and the crew he hung out with.  Which is cool, I’ve always loved this stuff but I never really appreciated what an influence they were on this new generation.  I mean, they talk about this guy in the same reverent tones I use to describe Brian Eno.  But its well deserved, there is not much that comes close to Mat Brinkman’s ‘Teratoid Heights’.  Its just interesting, or the privilege one has of being old, to see who from that era is remembered or forgotten, who’s work still seems fresh and who’s seems dated.  Brinkman’s stuff is gonna be groundbreaking for years to come, methinks.  

Back then Brinkman was just one of many who were creating amazing music and art. That reverence that the youngsters are expressing wasn’t felt, it was more that we felt an excitement and energy for awesome stuff that was being created.  Gerty Farish, Mens’ Recovery Project, Xerobot, Thinking Fellers Union, Math, Couch, Arab on Radar, Locust, Melt Banana, Negativland, Mindflayer, Lighting Bolt, 25 Suaves, Wolf Eyes; all those shows play out in my brain when I pick up this comic because I was quite often able to buy comics like these at those shows. 

And I’m gonna get grumbly and curmudgeonly again but I feel like today’s comics are still holding up that part of the bargain, that scene, that willingness to experiment, but todays music isn’t.  I’m so sick of fucking noise bands and guitarist drummer duos and knob tweakers and guys who dress up like alfie the robot and do circuit bending with their dicks.  Unless they do it really good, then its cool.  These comics guys and gals are learning how to use their pens, or at least how to make them work for them but musicians just aint taking that approach.  All I deal with is no talent no skill players who think they know noise because they saw a throbbing gristle documentary or way overskilled players who’s only ambition is to get a cruise ship gig or a seat in a pit orchestra.  Bah, I shoulda got drunk before I posted this.  I bought some real fancy gin for New Year’s and it would have put me in a jolly mood but instead I’m here typing away at this as I feel a migraine coming on.  Cheery stuff tomorrow as we start with the first of our submissions for review!!!!