kuroshitsuji seiyuu events are an absolute gift to this world pt 2

Yana’s message to Snake’s VA

Snake’s voice actor, Takuma Terashima, announced today that he married voice actress Satomi Sato and Yana congratulated them on twitter:

Wow! I heard Mr. Takuma Terashima who voiced Snake🐍 got married! Congratulations! I wish them all the best on their new beginning!

….says Toboso🐍.

@hiro_mashima: Shopping notes

PS: Let me explain why Mashima drew Wendy and Jackal like that. Because the people who voiced them in the anime announced their marriage earlier.

Terashima Takuma (Jackal’s VA) said on his radio show that he’s been dating Sato Satomi (Wendy’s VA) for eight years ^^ So that’s why we got that sketch!! But I was right, Mashima will do something after they announced their marriage >w<


Uta no Prince Sama Maji Love Live 6th Stage Official Report Pictures 2/2

I have only posted pictures that have Maeno in it. Please click the source for the full images.

Shoutan's Blog Update - 2017-05-30 - Look at the Tears

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Uta No☆Prince Sama♪

To everyone who came, to everyone who wasn’t in the venue but supported us,
Really thank you very much!
It’s my 4th time appearing as Mikaze Ai, from QN.
To myself, there was a lot to what I think, to what I feel, it was the stage.

First of all, about QUARTET NIGHT.
Before 6th Stage, QN got to hold their own live!
At that time everyone’s momentum was amazing, the love was amazing.

While being able to stand on stage, I constantly felt grateful and moved.
And, the bonds between the 4 members of QN deepened even further.
2017, thanks to this QN Live, I spent a lot of time with the members.
In QN Live, repaying back as much as we can right now to everyone who are supporting us, and to do that to all of ST☆RISH and Uta☆Pri.
On top of that, if we could show you a stronger, levelled up QUARTET NIGHT. I swore by those 4 members, and took this stage as a challenge!
Doing as much as the guts pose behind with the 4 members, we tried it! While I have that kind of confidence… .

It’s HE☆VENS first appearance this time.
Watching the 2 groups’ stage, on the monitor in the tent with the members… .
As if there’s something burning hot in our chest, something new was sprouting. Everytime each song finished, while the applause was born from the cast and characters shown on screen, this is bad… we’re not good enough just like this. We must aim even higher. The 4 of us talked about that feeling in the tent. It was hot. It was really hot. Even as us, we got another stage closer to QN, the wish to get close appeared.

Also, everyone’s love and the casts’ tears.
This time, look at HE☆VENS and ST☆RISH’s tears
And everyone who smiled or felt the love watching over them
Really, I want to keep loving Uta☆Pri with everyone from now on and always. That’s how I felt.

Morikubo nii san already said this too but,
The feeling when we first got to stand on stage as QUARTET NIGHT. I think it was the same for HE☆VENS.

The role as Mikaze Ai, when my appearance was decided, when it was announced.
That time was really really *blue. (There are still many blue moments)

*Blue here means new

This work called Uta☆Pri, ST☆RISH, and even the same group QUARTET NIGHT and even Ai, may end up becoming like an embarassing existance.

Everything, felt like we’ve been indebted.

But, Ai’s words in the game, the conversations with the members
The Senpai Casts’ kindness.
And so many people who tells us that they love this work, receiving the love.
I’ve placed this on my chest and I’m standing on the stage right now.

Until I can hold my chest out proudly. I’ve made you wait a long time, Ai.
I’m really sorry.
Always,  from now on too yoroshiku.

The feeling of being drawn inside tightly after seeing everyone who shed tears
I also want to protect that with everyone, I want to keep connecting with everyone.

That was how the stage felt like.
I can’t gather what I want to say at all (It’s always like this right. I’m sorry sweats.)

I’m happy to convey this.
It might feel strange to some people, without using too many words but
I wrote my honest feelings down.

I’m grateful to everyone.

Photo of QN.

We had the outfits like this, QN’s theme was checkered this time! I tried wearing Ai coloured socks!

And everyone!
I like this photo after all!

Uta no Prince Sama Maji LOVE LIVE 6th Stage - 05/27/2017

OMG. OMG. OMG. I have still not completely absorbed the fact that I was there - that my dream of attending Maji Love Live concert has finally come true on this fateful day. *cries a river*

This is a fan report - which is basically my feelings put into words. And warning: as in my previous seiyuu event reports (Bungo Stray Dogs, High Speed), this is looooooong. ^_^ Plus, I used the seiyuu’s nicknames for convenience.


Shinomiya Natsuki - Taniyama Kishou (Kiiyan)

Ichinose Tokiya - Miyano Mamoru (Mamo)

Aijima Cecil - Toriumi Kousuke (Tori-san)

Jinguji Ren - Suwabe Junichi (SuwaJun)

Ittoki Otoya - Terashima Takuma (Terashii)

Kurusu Syo - Shimono Hiro (Shimono)

Hijirikawa Masato - Suzumura Kenichi (SuzuKen)


Kotobuki Reiji - Morikubo Showtaro (Morikubo-san)

Kurosaki Ranmaru - Suzuki Tatsuhisa (Tatsun)

Mikaze Ai - Shouta Aoi (Shoutan)

Camus - Maeno Tomoaki (Maenu)


Hyuga Yamato - Kimura Ryohei (KimuRyo)

Otori Eiji - Uchida Yuuma (Uchida-kun)

Amakusa Shion - Yamashita Daiki (Daiki-kun)

Kiryuin Van - Takahashi Hidenori (Takahashi-san)

Otori Eiichi - Midorikawa Hikaru (Midorikawa-san)

Mikado Nagi - Yonaga Tsubasa (Wingu)

Sumeragi Kira - Ono Daisuke (OnoD)

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うた☆プリキャストが勢ぞろい!3組が決戦の先に見たものとはー『うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ マジLOVELIVE 6th STAGE』ライブレポート

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