During the group MC, a girl called out saying “Shouta-kun is cute!!” but Shouta had said earlier he was going for a “cool” style for the live (which obviously did not pan out lol)

Terashima and the others joked around saying it should be called “Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love ‘Shouta-kun is cute’”


kuroshitsuji seiyuu events are an absolute gift to this world pt 2

Yume wo Uta he to (夢を歌へと…!)
  • Yume wo Uta he to (夢を歌へと…!)

Yume wo Uta he to - ST☆RISH & QUARTET NIGHT & HE★VENS [full] 



Maji Love Live Favorite Moments [4/∞]

ST☆RISH Meets Pen Lights (part 1) - 4th Stage Talk Corner

Uwaaa~ it’s cool! Cool! It’s awesome!

SERVAMP Festival Fanreport (2/5) (Night)

Take note this report contains only the night session. Noon session can be found HERE. And since it will be made into a DVD (that will be released on 28th June), it will be considered spoilers if you are intending to get the DVD so you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to! My report may or may not be a little Kimura Ryohei/Greed pair-centric since I unconsciously focus on them most of the time.

I should also mention that it might not be 100% accurate as it is based off from memory, so sorry if I mess up! I’ll only write what I can remember.
And also because I fail at English and suck at writing a report it probably turned out being messier than I thought it would be…….sorry.

※Also, just a light heads up that the night session contains quite a bit of ┌(┌^o^)┐ホモぉ… tension and fanservice (a lot of hugging too) so if you’re uncomfortable with things like that please read with care..(or skip it wholly if you just can’t stand it)

It’ll get pretty lengthy so I’m placing everything under a cut!! ↓↓

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some shit about terashii

- Terashii has a heart of an otome
- Terashii likes the concept of childhood friends
- Terashii loves cute things he often spazz about cute things
- Terashii loves and watch Yuri On Ice
-Terashii loves shoujo manga
- Terashii loves BL
- Terashii was called pervert but refereshing by suzu
-Terashii is a fan of Beit of sideM
- Terashii can make nishiyama koutaro’s heart go kyuun
-Terashii loves weird people
-Terashii is not good with haunted house and amusement park
- Terashii address most people by their last name
-Terashii throat often hurts after doing otoya lives
- Terashii stops bleaching his hair because he’s going bald XD
-Terashii don’t like using lightstick for his live because he likes the sound of solid clapping
- He thinks he’s best as uke
-Terashii’s really bad with height
-Terashii was called “tsundere” by Mamo
-Terashii fave color is green but red as his signature color

WE ARE ST☆RISH!! (Live Size)
  • WE ARE ST☆RISH!! (Live Size)
  • WE ARE ST☆RISH!! (Live Size) - Single

Screamless” version of ST☆RISH - WE ARE ST☆RISH!! from UtaPri Legend Star Episode 13.

Personal purchase, please don’t repost outside tumblr. You can support by buying the physical or on itune jp.


Batsu game intro

I dunno if anyone still watch this, but I miss these dorks.