Yup! The first thing Mamo-chan wants to do is to ask how Piyo-chan is (o^∀^o)

from Quiz no Prince-sama -Maji Love All Stars-


kuroshitsuji seiyuu events are an absolute gift to this world pt 2


Trailer for the SERVAMP event!!

Uta no Prince Sama: Maji Love Legend Star Vol. 5

Quiz no Prince Sama: STARISH (pt.3)

Suwabe and Terashii went to see Quartet Night’s live together on March 12 (with the same thing in mind when they picked the color of their shoes w)

MY_MURMUR: We went to see “Quartet Night Live Evolution 2017.″ To say the least, the four on stage gave the best performance! I left with my praise toward them and a feeling of agitation toward us [Starish] in my mind. Gotta turn these feelings into the motivation (to give our best in the future).


Maji Love Live Favorite Moments [7/∞]

ORIGINAL RESONANCE - 5th Stage (+ Bonus Backstage Shenanigans)

SERVAMP Festival Fanreport (2/5) (Night)

Take note this report contains only the night session. Noon session can be found HERE. And since it will be made into a DVD (that will be released on 28th June), it will be considered spoilers if you are intending to get the DVD so you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to! My report may or may not be a little Kimura Ryohei/Greed pair-centric since I unconsciously focus on them most of the time.

I should also mention that it might not be 100% accurate as it is based off from memory, so sorry if I mess up! I’ll only write what I can remember.
And also because I fail at English and suck at writing a report it probably turned out being messier than I thought it would be…….sorry.

※Also, just a light heads up that the night session contains quite a bit of ┌(┌^o^)┐ホモぉ… tension and fanservice (a lot of hugging too) so if you’re uncomfortable with things like that please read with care..(or skip it wholly if you just can’t stand it)

It’ll get pretty lengthy so I’m placing everything under a cut!! ↓↓

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During the group MC, a girl called out saying “Shouta-kun is cute!!” but Shouta had said earlier he was going for a “cool” style for the live (which obviously did not pan out lol)

Terashima and the others joked around saying it should be called “Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love ‘Shouta-kun is cute’”

Yume wo Uta he to (夢を歌へと…!)
Yume wo Uta he to (夢を歌へと…!)

Yume wo Uta he to - ST☆RISH & QUARTET NIGHT & HE★VENS [full] 


Uta no Prince Sama: Maji Love Legend Star Vol. 5

Quiz no Prince Sama: STARISH (pt.5)