During the group MC, a girl called out saying “Shouta-kun is cute!!” but Shouta had said earlier he was going for a “cool” style for the live (which obviously did not pan out lol)

Terashima and the others joked around saying it should be called “Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love ‘Shouta-kun is cute’”

Yume wo Uta he to (夢を歌へと…!)
Yume wo Uta he to (夢を歌へと…!)

Yume wo Uta he to - ST☆RISH & QUARTET NIGHT & HE★VENS [full] 


Suwabe and Terashii went to see Quartet Night’s live together on March 12 (with the same thing in mind when they picked the color of their shoes w)

MY_MURMUR: We went to see “Quartet Night Live Evolution 2017.″ To say the least, the four on stage gave the best performance! I left with my praise toward them and a feeling of agitation toward us [Starish] in my mind. Gotta turn these feelings into the motivation (to give our best in the future).


Maji Love Live Favorite Moments [4/∞]

ST☆RISH Meets Pen Lights (part 1) - 4th Stage Talk Corner

Uwaaa~ it’s cool! Cool! It’s awesome!

some shit about terashii

- Terashii has a heart of an otome
- Terashii likes the concept of childhood friends
- Terashii loves cute things he often spazz about cute things
- Terashii loves and watch Yuri On Ice
-Terashii loves shoujo manga
- Terashii loves BL
- Terashii was called pervert but refereshing by suzu
-Terashii is a fan of Beit of sideM
- Terashii can make nishiyama koutaro’s heart go kyuun
-Terashii loves weird people
-Terashii is not good with haunted house and amusement park
- Terashii address most people by their last name
-Terashii throat often hurts after doing otoya lives
- Terashii stops bleaching his hair because he’s going bald XD
-Terashii don’t like using lightstick for his live because he likes the sound of solid clapping
- He thinks he’s best as uke
-Terashii’s really bad with height
-Terashii was called “tsundere” by Mamo
-Terashii fave color is green but red as his signature color


Batsu game intro

I dunno if anyone still watch this, but I miss these dorks.


After seeing how enthusiastic Terashii & Mamo were, everyone else tries to follow their lead.. and then at the end..