Luhan and David Tao are collaborating to record the theme song titled “Please come to the Great Wall to Ski” for Beijing’s bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics! Luhan has admired David since childhood, and knows how to sing all of David’s songs: “Everytime I go to sing karaoke his songs are musts”. Thus, Luhan was very nervous before recording. David laughed and asked, “Did you think that I would be very fierce?” David also says that always has been paying close attention to Xiao Lu: “Other than his good looks he also has talent, his rhythm and vocal tone are really great, even if he was born with great conditions (i.e. his looks), he has also put in a lot of effort. David had even more praise for Luhan after recording: “This song is actually pretty hard to sing, for him to record to so well in such a short period of time is not an easy task. He is also so modest and polite, I think a lot of youths of the new generation should learn from him.” 

abby says.    just wanted to take a moment to wish a HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY to carrie fisher ( aka the li TERAL LOVE OF MY life ).  she means SO MUCH to me, from being openly vulnerable and honest about her mental disorders ( which gives me hope and comfort in my own problems ) from bringing one of the most influential, IMPORTANT characters to LIFE. bless carrie fisher for being such a fucking rockstar.