sad-sugarplum  asked:

can you do a 12, 34, and 15 with lex please? (:

Here you go ! I hope you’ll like it !

12. “Babe…we have a whole hour by ourselves…”

15. “You don’t know how it’s like to love someone who sees you as a friend…”

34. “Do you know how hard I’m trying not to kiss you right now?”

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Being one of the greatest fortune of Metropolis wasn’t always easy to live, for you had a lot of duties, party to attend to, people to be nice with for the sake of the compagny etc… But the boog part was that it gave you the opportunity to be friend with Alexander Lex Luthor. Your only friend in fact, for you always had the feeling that the others people were more interested in your name that yourself. But you had Lex.

Tonight, you were at some random party of some random politician that needed your subvantion, bored out of your mind for your only pleasure at party was the fact that you could dress up. Those were your only occasion to wear your favorites acquisitions that were always to dressy for anywhere else. It could have stopped there, to the feeling that you were losing your time and that the caterer was awful, but you felt the need to drink champaign.

Strangely enough,  it made you dizzy, way to much for a single cup, and you exited by the terace to breath  some fresh air. That’s when stopped your memories.

 When you opened your eyes, later that night, you weren’t feeling good, but most of all you knew something was off. You were in a dark and gloomy room, with a single light flashing an aggressive light. And you were tide at your wrist.

“What on earth is this place?!” You panicked.

 You stood up painfully and ent to the door to try and open it, but it was locked and somehow you had the feeling that you didn’t want anyone out there opening to you. So you started to look around you in the room, which was obviously used for storage purposes, and search for something that could be of some use.

After ten minutes or so, you heard footstep coming closer, and half hide behind a shelf – for it was hard to hide totally with your pure white dress. The door opened violently, and men dressed in black threw someone inside before violently shuting the door. The newcomer had a black clothe on his face to blind him, so you manage tocatch him before he collapsed on the ground head first. Instead you colapsed on your back with all his wieght on you.

“Outch!” You breathed out.

“Sorry thanks.” Replied the guy with a voice well known.

“Lex?!” You asked, hurrying to take the clothe off his face. “What on eart are you doing here?”

“Probably the same as you. Abduction and blackmailing.” He answered with a smile.

 For someone who just got kidnapped, he sure looked like at a picnic in a park! You were still half lying under his weight, and your faces were very close, so uncounsciously you stopped breathing, mesmerized by his eyes.

“Do you know how hard I’m trying not to kiss you right now?” He said playfully.

 Your heart skipped a bit, and you felt a little bitter.

“And do you know how it’s like to love someone who sees you as a friend ?” You replied, regretting your words immediately.

Stupid big mouth of yours that just revealed you most important secret to the very person you weren’t supposed to tell it !

“Do you mind moving? Not that you’re heavy but a little indeed!” You said with a deep red blush.

“Sure thing Y/N. Anything for your pretty eyes.” Lex joked before moving off of you with a cocky smile.

 You stood up, flustered, noticing with a pinch of sadness that lex didn’t even pointed out what you just said, but you werent expecting less anyway. Lex was to busy with his compagny to care about that kind of relationship.

“So. Did they tell you anything about our current situation? You spoke about blackmail?”

“Yup.” Said happily Lex, poppoing the ‘p’. “They are trying to achieve a pretty big amount of money to give back the two boss of larger fortune of Metropolis.” Explained Lex, not scared for the least.

 He looked at his watch  then clapped in his hand:

“Perfect. My security gard should found us quickly. So babe…we have a whole hour by ourselves… Wonder what we should do with it.” He said, looking like he knew exactly what he was going to do with that time.

Strangely enough, you were probably in danger here but you coulnd’t feel scared anymore, not now that Lex was with you. Yet you couldn’t take your mind away from the binding of your wrist and were pulling nervously at it to try and take them off.

“I’ll get sure to sue this stupid senator with zero security at his stupid party.” You mumbled angrily.

“You’re quite grumpy tonigh babe, something’s wrong?” Lex asked, whatching you pacing in the room with gleaming eyes.

“Oh no, everything is perfect: I’ve been abducted and accidently confess my one-sided crush to the guy I love and that didn’t even found the courtesy to give me a clear answer. No really, best night ever.” You said irritably.

 This night was a nightmare – because now out of anger you were embarassing yourself even more! But anger was a feeling you rarely felt, so when it appear to you it changed you into a very very uncaring and irritated person. The kind to throw insult at someone in the streat because he was talking too loud, or walking too slowly.

“Confession?” Lex Repeated with a surprised look. “I have heard any one?”

 You glared annoyingly at him, frowning like hell – like very very pissed off because you knew he wasn’t stupid or clueless enough not to understand,  and shouted at him while pushing him with forefinger:

“Stop making fun of me you damn mockingbird! I’m talking about you bloody hell! I’m in love with that stupid carrot hair arrogant persona of yours ! Don’t pretend you didn’t understand or will just-”

 You were cut in your tirade in mid sentence but a passionate kiss that left you speechless.

“I love to see you angry.” Lex said with a very satisfied look.

“Yeah?” You said blaming glare.

 You caught him by the collar and glued your body to his to give him a volcanic kiss that he would never be able nor eager to forget.

“You’d better make sure I don’t get bored within this damn hour, Lex. Or else you might became deaf.”

“Oh, there is another way more enjoyable to make me deaf, babe.” He replied with and arrogant smirk.

“Shut up and kiss me.”