You know what I think I need to embrace right now? Some goddamned FLUFF RECS because I’ve been cranky at fandom a lot lately and FLUFF MAKES ME FEEL BETTER, so, this is my attempt to cram some sunshine down everyone’s throats! :D

cold war by cavaleira [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, fluff, 2.1k

featuring teenage dickwads in love, snow, tickling, and (of course) fucking

Cradle by catiepie182002, thor/loki, sick!loki, fluff, pre-movies, ~1k

Loki is ill and Thor is doting.

untitled by by_copacetic, thor & loki + other asgardians, lokitty, fluff, ~1k

Perfect. He regretted only that cats could not roll their eyes. He really shouldn’t have agreed to meet in a bar.

Destroyer of Plants by teracity, thor & loki + other thor characters, lokitty + dog!thor, fluff, 1.6k

For all the affection Thor received from the neighbours, Loki seemed determined to match it with frustration. No fewer than five gardens had been destroyed quite singlehandedly by Loki, with even the tightest security measures proving no match for the elusive cat. It had led to grumblings and the name of ‘Destroyer of Plants’, all of which seemed to please Loki very much if his contented purring as Jane admonished him for yet another act of mischief was any indicator.

Loki is a little shit for the nth time but that’s what we’re all here for, so, eh, fuck it. P.S. there’s also porn by thisdorkyficthing, thor/loki + other thor characters, NSFW, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, pregnant!loki, fluff, happy au, 84.9k

Guilt bubbled up in his belly, not for the first time since he decided he needed to find a way to get out of Jotunheim permanently, but it was worse now that his plans seemed to be falling into place. For all his faults, Loki loved his father and knew he had his reasons to try and shelter him. Loki felt bad about having to trick him, but he’d never let Loki go otherwise. Asgard was going to be his home. Whether anyone else liked it or not.

Expense Accounts by peppermintquartz, thor/loki + tony/pepper + other marvel characters, fluff, ~1k

Pepper calls Tony about a purchase made using the company card.

Blessings From Sins by DarthSuki, thor/loki + other asgardians, NSFW, pregnant!loki, fluff, 23k

Deanon from Norsekinkmeme. Loki is pregnant, coming back as an exile in chains from the final events from the Avengers movie. Nobody seems to know about his ongoing pregnancy, nor the father of the child. Loki doesn’t know how to handle it, from bearing the child, to his constant thoughts that he will be killed, surely, for the crimes he had committed. But what is he to do when he’s welcomed back home with open arms?

How I Met Your Father by beingevil, thor/loki + loki’s kids, human au, lawyer au, fluff, 19.2k wip

Thor Odinson is an up and coming barrister who becomes entangled in the messy divorce proceedings of one Loki Laufeyson and his custody battle for his four children. Their relationship becomes increasingly unprofessional.

Until Ragnarök Come by Zuvios Gemini, thor/loki, made human!loki, fluff, 4.3k

Thor figures out that the new bookstore in town is Loki’s hiding place. A confrontation leads to old wounds being opened and secrets being revealed.

Keeping Promises by Zuvios Gemini, thor/loki, mildly nsfw, some fem!loki, fluff, 7.6k

Thor made a promise to Loki. How long will it take for him to fulfill it? And what else will happen because of it?

Heart Beat by Zuvios Gemini, thor/loki, fluff, 1.1k

Takes place during my “Keeping Promises” timeline. Thor and Loki spend some time together on a nice spring day.

Gods Bearing Gifts by by calicokat, thor/loki, mildly nsfw, fluff, ~1k

Thor has been shopping.

Habit by EliraWinter, thor/loki, fluff, ~1k

Loki’s sleeping habits before and after Thor.

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