tera: rasaan

So I was just playing Dragon Age Origins and I came across a party banter that I had never heard before from Sten and Morrigan.

Morrigan starts off with(not word for word)
“Why are you starign at me as though I am covered in eels?”

To which Sten replies:
“Eels would be something.” which was a jab at how revealing her robe is.

Now I’d imagine that it’s safe to assume that the Qunari don’t exactly have many opposing views, if any at all.

So with that in mind, when taking Sten’s disapproval of how revealing Morrigan’s robe is, it’s likely that women of the Qun dress rather modestly. And also, clothing that can be considered sexy or provocative wouldn’t have much place in the Qun, given that the Qunari only have sex for reproductive purposes.

When you think about all of these things, it becomes apparent that the way the Tamassran in Those Who Speak is dressed goes against the lore of Dragon Age, given that the way she’s dressed is rather revealing.

Any thoughts on this matter?

This might be a little unorganized, as I’m a bit out of it. My apologies if it is.


Here a bit progress of my Captain America Cosplay. I designed it my own because I wanted a more modern military style (I know, I know, Capsicle is not the best in using modern things). Atm I really don’t know how I’ll realize it, but…we will see. The pictures a in a chronological order, so the last one is the final design. I tried to combine the whole military style with a bit of femininity (Yeah, this is actual a word.) and I wanted so make-up and the hair-style to show (Which is by the way inspired by Helge Sinclair form Disney’s Atlantis (bc she was definitly my favorit character), so I have to cancel the helmet with a heavy heart and designed a more futuristic eye piece, which is combined with a head set. Let’s see how this works out!

Captain America was really the first movie, that took me into the whole Marvel universe. I sure red some Thorki-ffs -srsly WHO DIDN’T?-, but in the end I really stayed more the DC-kind of comic-fan

(Even if the YJ-cartoon was a big disappointment for me bc I knew the YJ-comics and the original SB-comics from 1993. I mean, they messed up all time lines and characters. THA FUQ?!)

…uhm what was I trying to say…Ah yeah! But the very first movie, which got me interested was Captain America (bc Chris an Seb are hot as hell und Cap is such a cutie. I mean, imagine him meeting Wonderwoman! He’ll have to stare on her panties, but he’ll also trying not to bc this would be very crummy (God, I love 40s slang!).

I would really rather do Cap or Buckys arm (just his arm bc I just want to practice my skills) than finishing Rasaan, but Rasaan is next on my plan and I’ll stick to that plan!

Please ignore the proportions in the first pictures. I cared more about the design.