tequila my love


Bonnie and Clyde Kai

Inspiration from my earlier edit prompt/AU (here)

Don’t tell your mother
Kiss one another
Die for each other
We’re cool cruel for the summer

[Demi Lovato - Cool for the summer]

Also when I got home still drunk at like 3 am I took my water bottle and dumped out all the limes that were in it (from when Ben made me lime water) and just kind of. Left them in the sink and the next morning my mom was like “Emma” and I had a good explanation but she was like “oh at least you weren’t doing tequila shots” and I was like ok so fun fact I WAS doing tequila shots all night lmao but this is from my water

Happy National Margarita Day! These Margaritas are the Jalapeño and the Maelstrom from La Cava Del Tequila located in Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion.