tequila flavoured beer

i might have to stop getting fucked up to the point of being on the edge of death every weekend. we planned to go out for a couple of drinks on friday and come home before eleven pm and then all of a sudden it’s quarter to 2pm the next day and i’m drinking tequila flavoured beer with mascara down my face, smoking my third cigarette in ten minutes and thinking about getting more cocaine. we have been going out to the same pub every friday for the last like 7 months and every weekend we end up in the same unhealthy state. it’s become a part of life. . today i actually went out for food, sober (well i had one drink) and it’s the first social thing i have done in months without karl with me and without getting totally scrambled . it was fun and easier than it might’ve been had my sister not been there. we went to tesco then and clipped helium balloons on to people. my friend tied some lace knickers to one of them and let it float up to the ceiling