tequila body shot

Dicking Down to Wifing Up

“Horan! Hurry the fuck up!” Harry yells through the door. “People are starting to show up!”

Niall looks in the mirror and adjusts his quiff a bit, “Coming!”  He just had the blonde redone and was more than ready for their house party.

Harry snorts from the other side, “Sure thing. Just don’t leave a mess.” He jokes and Niall hears him go down the hall.

He rolls his eyes and leaves the room. You said you were going to be coming to the party and he was looking forward to that. He had been trying to convince you for the entire semester to attend a variety of the parties that his frat put on.

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Carter doing tequila body shots on you. His tongue trailing from your belly button up to your breasts and to your cheek to kiss your lips before doing another shot and eating you out on the table.

I love the idea of body shots because you could totally but the salt under you belly button, tequila in your belly button then a lime in your mouth. I just love the idea of them and think they can be so damn sexy

Moaning Monday™

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Tbh if we were dating I'd spoil you so bad. Home cooked meals all day every day, sex when and where you want it, massages all the time, movie marathons, constant appreciation posts everywhere, cute dates at the beach, tequila body shots & lap dances. The basic but good shit 💁

lol at body shots and lap dances

Lick, Sip, Suck

(But jealous, rough Liam! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ)

(This is a smutty one shot. You’ve ween warned.)

Working for Caroline Watson was like the worst. I mean, I got to work in fashion, which was my complete and ultimate passion and they paid me for it, I got to travel the world and they paid me for it, and got to hang out with the One Direction boys, and…..well, they didn’t pay me for that. 

We were in Nashville, and I was in my room, stuffing myself with a sandwich, because the day had been so hectic I had forgotten to eat. I was fighting with the stupid bacon, when I felt my door open and close, my head turning around, my eyes widened like a deer caught in the headlights.

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PLS REC ME YOUR FAVORITE CANON OR ENCHANTED FOREST AU FICS - totally an anon inspired by the other anon

SO I’m gonna publish this in case anyone can weigh in or needs an ego boost. ;)

I’m so bad with remembering titles, so this whole answer is going to be a hot mess.

Definitely “Beyond the Horizon” as my favorite Enchanted Forest AU, by @alexandralyman. I’m an absolutely SUCKER for pirate!Killian/Hook + Princess!Emma (Captain Duckling?). The beginning of that story hooked me (heh) RIGHT away––where the pirates storm the ship and it’s all very appropriately threatening and swagger-y without making me uncomfortable, you know? Which sounds silly but it’s kind of a fine line, at least for me––making Killian or Captain Hook as scary or frat boy as he likely would be without completely betraying the puppy pirate beneath, or making him gross. And all the budding sexual tension that follows is my AESTHETIC. It’s just written very well. It’s a fully-fleshed world with well-rounded characters and it’s fun and adventurous and hot as hell?

I also loved this AU fic–I think it was called Change in the Wind? I read it on FF.net. It was a season 1 AU where Hook, amidst some deal with Regina, goes to kidnap Emma from Boston with the intention of getting her out of the way so she doesn’t break Regina’s curse. So she’s on the ship for awhile and they have a slow-burn thing. And doing Hook + Season 1 Emma is not something you see very often, and I thought it was done really well. I would totally go re-read that one if I could find it.

There was also one I reread a bunch of times. “The Paths That Moonbeams Make.” Season 2 canon-divergent, where Hook climbs into Emma’s room when he’s wounded and she bandages him, and it’s just an amazingly written journey for them that takes place in such a short time frame, and maybe only 6 chapters. It just rang true, to me. Lots of good moments in that one.

Okay, ONE more. @msgenevieve447 wrote this one-shot about CS and tequila body shots awhile back and I wanted to die and still want to die. I’d hunt down the direct link but everything she writes is pretty awesome so I mean if you get lost in her fic tag, you can thank me later.

…..What was the question?

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My boyfriend and I have been dating for over 3 years. I feel like he's too comfortable with me now which led to him not trying anymore. And by try, I mean go out and do cute things. He's stopped being flirty and cute. I don't feel important to him anymore. I don't really know what to do; I was hoping that that's where you come in. Any advice?

Be up front with him and tell him you think he’s being one of THOSE boyfriends. I mean, do it in a less antagonistic manner, but, you know, tell him what you just told me. If he’s unclear what you mean, beat him over the head with literally any issue of Cosmo published in the last twenty years, because I feel like this is one of those problems common enough that anyone in a serious relationship should be ready to kick him or herself in the ass the second they realize they’re not only making their own life boring, but dragging someone else down with them.

Having your relationship hit a slump isn’t something to mope around and feel guilty over, but it’s also something that should be worked on the second it becomes apparent. Jenn and I slowed to a roll a few years ago; it was a mix of me working too much and casually putting on fifteen pounds, while she was feeling restless in her last year of grad school, and not talking about some unresolved shit that I was totally oblivious to. After a bit of pussyfooting around the palpable lack of of romance, we eventually just spilled our guts and dealt with the situation. It was awkward and painful (emotionally for both of us, physically for me while getting back in shape) but here we are a couple years later, much happier for it.

As for concrete suggestions for spicing things up, that totally depends on what you’re comfortable with and what’s logistically/financially feasible. You could role-play like you’re going on a first date again, and pretend you don’t know anything about each other. Let him hit on you at a bar or whatever. You could go on a trip, whether it’s ten days in Hawaii or just spending a weekend in a motel a couple towns over. You could change up your routine and replace a Netflix submission with a gym membership and both just get super fit together, or you could do the opposite and get rrrrrrritzy with some foofy-ass five course meal where everything’s triple-creme butterblasted and sautéed in ancient brandy discovered on a sunken ship haunted by the ghost of Julia Child.

Fuck it, get weird. Buy a bottle of good Tequila and do body shots. Tie each other up. Watch 9 ½ Weeks. Watch porn. Make porn. Bring one of your friends home. Bring one of his friends home. Secretly fuck around at your friends’ houses. Pick out a new bedspread and then ruin the old one. Go antique shopping. Fuck around on furniture older than your parents.

In short, your course of action should be 1) tell your boyfriend what’s up, make sure you’re on the same page. 2) Assuming you decide to stay together, fix your shit. You’ve identified the pattern, now nuke it from orbit.

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If it's not too late for your one-shots? How about jeanmarco and tequila body shots? If you're okay with that kind of thing :)

i did totally not have to look up how body shots are taken. i totally knew it already. it’s not like i have no social life at uni or anything… 

anyways, sorry this is late, hopefully it was worth the wait ^^

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