No. 3

When I was a sophomore in high school I was introduced to Anthony Bourdain’s show “No Reservations” by channel surfing on the couch one bored evening at my parents house. An older guy smoking and drinking and traveling the world. I really didn’t need to know much more than that. I was addicted to watching Tony travel the world, getting hammered and seeing amazing new sights.

That was around the same time I picked up a camera and began experimenting with different cameras on the “lomo” line. I was working at a dry cleaner that resulted in having a lot of down time to be on the phone and listen to music. One day I decided to call the travel channel and pitched a book idea of me following Tony around the world snapping pics of everything behind the scenes. I could barely work a camera, but I didn’t care, I just wanted to hang out with him and have a beer.

Me being 16, that obviously didn’t work out. But my love for travel and photography has evolved into the magazine I’m making now. I didn’t get to snap pictures of Tony around the world myself, but I had an opportunity to go on a student exchange to South Korea, which was my introduction to the world outside the states.

Fast forward eight years and now I’m printing his behind-the-scenes photos, No Bullshit. 

This has been my favorite issue to work on by far. The artists were stoked about the idea surrounding the magazine and their pictures damn well reflect that. They are truly capturing moments that I’ve been wanting to print since I started this magazine. I hope you enjoy the new issue as much as I loved putting it together.