Una perdita devastante. Le donne, i loro modi e le loro confessioni, i loro ricordi e le loro teorie sulla bomba atomica, le loro scorte segrete di Kleenex e di crema per le mani, il calore del seno, la loro capacità di soccombere e perdonare, quella dolcezza d'amore che andava oltre la sua capacità di capire.
—  John Cheever, Cronache della famiglia Wapshot

NO podría escribir, describir o incluso concluir nada para este película, la manera en como me hace sentir cada vez que la veo es inimaginable, piensas que lo haz visto todo, que nunca podrías llorar con otra película cursi de esas sobre amores verdaderos, las desilusiones amorosas, superación personal o las basadas en la vida real, mas sin embargo el mundo esta tan lleno de personas, donde cada una de ellas es un mar de problemas, un océano de inquietudes, traumas e historias tan impactantes esperando a ser descubiertas a la espera de un buen escritor, un excelente guionista y un director de cine que pueda crear nada mas y nada menos que otra obra perfecta. 

(NO tan perfecta como esta, pero obra perfecta al final).

My hunch about Shu story!!

ok so i spent few hours try understand what this lil story (that probobly not gonna be answered in the anime) is about. How it went? Why it was this way? We only was given hints and some of them was followed by Shu☆Zo real personality (kind of as it was mostly to annoy rom)

well it only how i put this puzzle together i may be wrong and you may have other thoughts about it but that what i came up with.

Shu (his real name) had a visual kei band together with Rom, who was his best friend back then. (it was shown they got strong connection still think of the past they had) 

One day they had a live show and they played together, while an agent of the idol lable “judas” was there. Then Shu got offer to join them and become famous. He then had a chat with his best friend (i sure you would talk to your best friend if you had such an aportunity first) Rom. They went there together and found out that the contract ask for a whole change in the band. Rom didnt like the idea of change their appearace, show and music just for fame.

Thought Shu still couldn’t give up on the opertunity to make his dream come true. They brobobly had a huge fight over it what made Shu decide to go on this jurney alone as his friend couldn’t accept his ways.

So they got seperated, each to go his way. Shu went and signed the contract, while rom went to find a job(?) or a new band. The idol lable took Shu and changed his whole clothing, hair, attitude, personality, name and music to fit the new star. Charming galaxy prince with a smile as dazzling as the star lights and with sweet voice that can capture any heart. He was no longer Shu, he was Shu☆Zo. They ereased his old self and now all left was his past, that got ereased too. They made him in their contract to keep his past as a secret so no one could know that their charming shining prince once was this:

They took his old song and changed it (the song you know as Insight)
{ok so in the card that shown after was this writing under: 踊れ!俺の掌の上で。貴様等の魂が燃え尽きるまで (Odore! Ore no tenohira no ue de. Kisama-tō no tamashī ga moetsukiru made hizamazuku made) and the song InSight lyric have this: 跪くまで 踊れ 踊れ 俺の掌の上 (odore odore ore no tenohira no ue) you see what they did there? }

Since then he had to write his songs that need be fitted to his new music (the second song Small&Starlight have a hint of sadness in it. look it translated i reblogged it i think)
oh yeah of course he couldn’t have a band alone so he got a cute twin brother that was once a dancers to join him and make the perfect band to steal any heart.
Rom since then could not like anything that done for popularity and hated betrayal. Shu had to live try to hide the best his past watching the distance between him and his best friend grow while he got closer to others. Shu like and care for the twins but i think like in more of a big brother manner than how he was with rom. Also the twins only admire him, he got left alone…. TAT

well that all i came up with and i tried actually base it on stuff so you wont think im crazy xD
Any other ideas?