“Jesus, I forgot how stealthily you move,” he greeted with a nervous chuckle, releasing the handle of the pan, but his other hand still gripped the fork. His voice was gruff, raw with sleep, so he must not have gotten up that long before her.

With a smile, she pressed her mouth between his shoulder blades. “You didn’t get a reminder last night?” she murmured teasingly, and he chuckled again, poking at the bacon. He was quiet for a brief moment before he cleared his throat.

“I, uh, think you were a little too tied up to fully remind me,” he said quietly, and though she couldn’t see his face, she could almost hear the blush and the boyish smile in his voice. What a stark contrast from last night.

The Education of Katniss Everdeen by atetheredmind (Ch 1)

I’ve just arrived home and I’ve seen there’s an update for TEoKE. I haven’t read it yet but I’m so excited that I have finished bearded!Peeta so I could post it now instead of tomorrow morning as I planned. Amy you’re the best! 

anonymous asked:

omg, i just read the teaser you wrote where peeta is dominating katniss. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!! pleaseplease write a lonf fic about it!! i literally cant wait!!

LOL!  I might consider it, after my WIP, Good Again ends.  In the meantime, fuckingplebe/atetheredmind has an incredible fic called The Education of Katniss Everdeen that is, as all her works are, stupendous and HAWT.  Peeta ties Katniss up quite a bit in that one :D.  Thank you for the ask!

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