Because the questions don't get answered on-screen.

Title: First Flight (I)

Characters: Jinora (others mentioned)

On Jinora’s fifth birthday, her father presented her with a real Air Nomad glider. “The one your grandfather gave me when I was your age,” he said. “I hope you don’t mind having a hand-me-down.” Her mother rolled her eyes at the statement, but Jinora could not have placed more value on it if it had belonged to Avatar Yangchen herself (a statement that would be proven true when she found that glider eight years later).   

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Tenzin has THE cutest family :) I love it so much. The kids bring so much to the show, and Pema is very warm and gentle (but has hilarious timing and sass too :P)

This entire scene I couldn’t help but get warm fuzzies. Even in times of war, in our darkest moments, there’s little things that bring light 

Ep 10 Writing

Well I’m seeing alot of ppl upset about the episode and I will agree it was a hard episode to watch towards the end, but Mike and Bryan didn’t write it…..the credits say I do believe Joshua Hamilton……they had to throw something dark into the mix and yes I’m very sad and agree with all of you it had to be Jinora and will greatly affect Tenzin and his family as well as Korra……I hope and believe we get our wish of Aang’s presence returning and seeing him in action or something.