This. This right here. 

   We see Aang willing to accept a total change of a sacred, traditional Air Nation celebration to make it more appealing and more modern for everyone. For the Acolytes, who can’t bend, for the towns people, who don’t consider themselves Air Nation. And for Sokka, who loves eating meat–something that goes against the Air Nomads’ strict vegetarianism. 

   He was willing to change his ways and his culture to fit just friends and a bunch of strangers. 

   Now, if you think for .01 second that he wouldn’t be willing to do this for his children, or that he was disappointed if his children were not Air Benders or vegetarians or if they did not fully accept every little Air Nation religion/tradition then you. don’t. know. Aang. 

   Bumi didn’t live up to the Air Nomad culture of violence-free, peace advocacy by joining the Army, but he kind of did, by joining with the purpose of protecting the world and upholding the laws and values his parents dedicated their lives to creating. 

   No, Kya did not accept the Air Nation as her own nor took any apparent interest in their culture, but she kind of did, by embracing her nomadic heart and a clear attraction to the spiritual side of life. 

    And Tenzin. Dear Tenzin, who tried so hard to continue to Air Nation, but lived by the Water Tribe values of family and love. 

     His children may not have been what he expected, but if you think for one second Aang didn’t love and wasn’t proud of each one of them, you're wrong. 

What she says: I’m fine.
What she means: Did Sokka and Suki ever have children or grandchildren? If so, why are we never introduced to their descendants in LOK? Sokka is only mentioned a couple of times and we never really hear anything about Suki at all. We’re introduced to Toph, Zuko, and Aang/Katara’s lineage in LOK, but what about Sokka and Suki!? Wouldn’t Tenzin and his family have a relationship with their other family members??

anonymous asked:

Actually on the thing about Aang 'being a bad father' Bryke has said he wasn't. They said in an interview or something that he was just very busy and to make time for airbending training he would take Tenzin with him at the same time. The idea of him being a bad father was the other two exaggerating his time less spent with them because of those things. They said he tried to be the best father he could and loved all his children but repairing a broken world and destroyed nation is hard work.

Bryke really love to tell us what things mean while showing us something else, don’t they?

Rant time!  Thanks for giving me the opportunity, anon.

Okay, first off, Aang.  You guys remember Aang, the sweetest, most well-intentioned, fun-loving, adorable, moral, peaceful child that ever lived.

I can’t think of a single time he ever hurt anyone’s feelings on purpose.

I also can’t think of a single time he hurt anyone’s feelings at all—other than out of character moments like him hiding the letter from Hakoda to his kids, or accidental moments like when he burned Katara with his firebending.
I’m sure they exist, but it is very significant that I can’t really think of a time that he truly hurt someone emotionally.

He’s very careful to speak kindly and gently, even when, for instance, Toph is mistreating and beating up his staff, a handcrafted airbending relic by the monks that must have been his most prized possession.
He’s careful to include people and be kind to them—he tries to befriend Zuko back when Zuko is still trying to capture him (The Blue Spirit), and after he realizes Zuko has changed, he’s quick to make a friend of him and help him join Team Avatar (The Firebending Masters & so on).

All this to say that Aang is one of the most kind souls ever.

If he is kind enough to rescue essentially his archenemy from his other enemies (Zuko in The Blue Spirit) and try to befriend him, he is kind enough to love all of his children.

“oh but he loved all his kids he just had stuff to do with Tenzin”

That’s ridiculous.

If he could bring Tenzin “to Kyoshi Island to ride the elephant koi“ and build ”amazing sand palaces“ on Ember Island [x], then he would have brought his other kids too (he would have brought the whole family).  Tenzin was the freaking youngest; there is no reason that the older kids couldn’t have come too since they could have easily occupied themselves when Aang and Tenzin were doing airbending or whatever.

Furthermore, Aang’s culture was so important to him that I’m sure he would have taught all his children about it.  If Bumi and Kya didn’t care to learn all about it, then I guess he wouldn’t have forced them to learn, but I have a strong feeling that they would see how important this was to their dad and they would listen.
Aang took freaking nonbending strangers with him everywhere (The Rift) to become air acolytes and learn about his culture; I’m sure he would have done the same with his children—provided they wanted to.  And from Bumi and Kya’s resentment, they obviously wanted to.

That brings us to another thing: in the episode we find out ”Aang was kind of a sucky dad" (Civil Wars Part 1), Tenzin is 52 freaking years old.  According to the family picture, Bumi looks at least seven/eight years older than him, and Kya maybe two years older.  That means Bumi and Kya are ~60 and 54, respectively.








If Bryke wanted to reveal stuff like “Aang was as good a dad as he could be, but sometimes he paid a little more attention to Tenzin” (which I think would still be a bit out of character, but maybe not if they explained it properly) then they should’ve shown it in a flashback or something, not made characters during The Legend of Korra still upset about it fifty years later.

Finally, not only does this throw Aang’s character out the window, it also destroys Katara’s.

Katara.  The girl who directly challenged the sexist Northern Water Tribe master and called him a “sour old man” to his face.  The girl who told Toph and the others exactly what she thought of their scams, even when they teased her about being a mom for it.  The girl who THREATENED TO KILL ZUKO SHOULD HE MAKE ONE WRONG MOVE WHEN HE JOINED TEAM AVATAR.
Even if Aang DID become a completely different person, there is NO FREAKING WAY she would let this damaging favoritism go on and not give Aang a piece of her mind and straighten him out.

And THAT. is why Aang was a good dad.  Why the narrative says otherwise.  And why I’ll never accept that part of the narrative as canon.

[Not upset at you anon, just to be clear—just upset about the writing!  Feel free to shoot me any more asks for further discussion/explanation if you like!]

Avatar Headcanons #1

 Aang Era Headcanons

  • Zuko was very involved in the rebuilding of the Southern Water Tribe.
  • Zuko apologized to Gran Gran about what he did during the first two ATLA episodes…destroying the village, and dragging her out of the crowd etc…he was kind of embarrassed but pleasantly surprised when Gran Gran accepted his apology. 
  • After the war, Zuko taught the Fire Nation how not to rely on hate and anger for their firebending drive, and basically created a golden age for the Fire Nation founded on peace. 
    • This is also why lightningbending is so prevalent in LOK (will also post about that later).
  • Zuko learned to lightningbend.
  • As he aged, Zuko incorporated more waterbending forms into his bending style. Iroh was impressed. 
  • Zuko, and Aang had at least one flying bison v dragon race. 
  • When Izumi was around 10, she asked her father if she could visit Ozai in prison. Zuko refused–and Izumi visited Ozai anyway.
    •  Zuko was furious, but Mai and Iroh insisted that it wasn’t too bad of an idea for Izumi to visit her grandfather. 
      • Izumi’s line about “nonsense wars” was a direct result of Izumi’s interactions with Ozai. 
  • Both izumi, Iroh II, asked abou Zuko’s scar when they were young. When it was Iroh II’s turn…they were at a gathering and Izumi was incredibly embarrassed about the whole thing, but Zuko laughed it off and told his grandson–and anyone who cared to listen–the story of his scar. 

Pre-LOK Headcanons 

  • Assuming Iroh II was born shortly after Iroh I’s death, and assuming that Izumi is anywhere from 50-60, Iroh could have died when Izumi was between the age of 10 and 20. So profound was his effect on her that she named her son after him.
  • Katara and Tenzin showed Korra’s family the Southern Air Temple when Korra was a young girl. Taking a stroll with Tenzin, she overheares Korra say Aang’s name. Looking in her direction, she sees Senna kneel down to ask her how she knew Aang’s name. Katara smiles. 
  • Korra penguin sledding while Katara watches. 

Korra Era Headcanons

  • After Jinorra’s ceremony, Zuko approached Jinorra and mentioned how much she resembles Aang, and commented that her grandfather would be proud. 
  • By now, the Fire Nation throne room looks a lot like it did before Sozin began the war, but with two dragons (Ran, and Shaw) behind the throne instead of just one. 
  • Iroh II will name his son Zuko after his grandfather, finally enabling Iroh and Zuko’s relationship to go full circle with Zuko going from being Iroh’s surrogate son to his biological son.
  • On the next coming of Sozin’s Comet, there will be huge ceremony in the Fire Nation celebrating the 100th anniversary of the end of the 199 Years War.
    • There will be a Ozai v Aang reenactment…Meelo will naturally volunteer to be Ozai despite being unable to firebend.
  • Bumi and Iroh II are total bros the same way Sokka and Zuko were. 
    • Iroh sometimes gets sick of Bumi’s shit though.
  • Korra visited Kuvira in prison on multiple occasions.
  • I doubt anyone besides Kataang’s kids know that Zhao’s in the Fog of Lost Souls…but, it would be interesting if Zuko found out. The Ocean Spirit killed Zhao because he’s the one that killed the Moon–but imagine Zuko thinking about how different things could have been. 
    • Imagine, instead of seeing Zhao in the Fog…we saw Book 1 Zuko. Imagine all the pain, and anguish that would haunt him in the Fog. On top of that, imagine Book 1 Zuko in the Fog while knowing how the prime timeline plays out. 
      • “I must capture the Avatar to restore my honor…father, I am your loyal son…” 
        • Heartbreaking, really, when you know how things actually end. 
  • Korra visited Katara after the LOK finale and thanked her for everything. 

Red Lotus Headcanons 

  • During his travels, Aang met a young man with a strong interest in Air Nomad traditions. Impressed, Aang fed the man’s thirst for knowledge and shared with him various Air Nomad teachings, even encouraging him to join the White Lotus. Eventuallyu, Zhaeer learned about Guru Laghima, and had regular debates with Aang about world philosophies. 
    • Even though the two disagreed with each other, they both enjoyed their philosophical debates. After Aang’s death, Zaheer met Xai Bau…and you all know how the story goes from there. 
  • Sokka rescued Korra, but died when he failed to swing his boomerang at P’Li in time. 
    • Boomerang did not come back that day. 

Zuko-Iroh Reunion Headcanons 

  • Zuko takes his grandchildren to meet with Iroh (I keep thinking he’d go alone for the first time, but he can’t just go without Iroh. And Honora Jr. would probably come too since we know she exists).
  • The Iroh-Zuko reunion is more heartwarming than the Zuko-Iroh reunion in ATLA. 
  • Iroh, knowing Zuko, will constantly expect Zuko to ask him to return to the mortal world with him, but is surprised when Zuko doesn’t ask him anything of the sort. If he does implore why Zuko didn’t ask that, Zuko will tell Iroh that he realizes what the consequences and implications of Iroh’s choice were, making Iroh smile before giving his nephew one last hug. 
  • Zuko tells his grandkids Uncle’s favorite tea joke on their way to see him, and neither of them find it funny for whatever reason–Iroh II especially. 
  • Iroh makes Zuko ginseng tea, Zuko’s favorite.

Sex Related Headcanons 

  • I really dislike Zutara, and think it’s illogical, but I’m on board with the idea of old, widowed Zuko and Katara hooking up if only because I want Maikos kids and Kataangs kids to constantly walk in on them for no reason but to create awkward moments. Also, I’ve pretty much headcanoned older kinky Katara thanks to some comic strips (said comics are actually about Korra), and besides the pairing here would at least make sense and it’s kind of cute. Alas, it would probably never happen–but, meh. 

Tenzin: Walks in on Zuko, and Katara WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!?

Katara: Uhh…Zuko was showing me his honor/dragon? 

Izumi: Hey where’d our parents go? All I see are two leath–OH FOR RAAVA’S SAKE!

  • I always joke about how reports of erectile dysfunction disorder decrease dramatically among the Water Tribe population during the full moon, but let’s head canon it!
  • Kyoshi gives excellent sex advice…or, rather, did until Korra’s connection with her past lives was disconnected.
Palm Reading

Summary:  After a big dinner at Air Temple Island, Lin is persuaded to get a palm reading and everyone seems awfully interested when a romantic relationship is mentioned.

Rating: K

Genre: Humor, Family

Words: 2,265

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I just really, really wanted a scene of Korra walking with Bumi, or Kya or Tenzin in some market out of the eay where no one knows them and some sales person asking if Korra “Is your daughter? ”

And the Cloud Baby to stare at the person, look at Korra, and say “She’s sort of my father, actually.”

because if i was crying at 5 in the morning i’m taking you down with me


  • Pema taking Kai out for clothes shopping when he’s like 16 and remarking to the saleswoman, “Boys just grow so fast” while Kai looks at the merch nearby and the woman chuckles and says, “I know, I have 2 myself. How many do you have?”
  • “Three”
  • Kai nearly breaks something but recovers quickly
  • He’s trying not to cry as they leave the store and he just stops and hugs Pema “Thanks… thanks mom”
  • Pema just ruffles his hair “Of course Kai”
  • The first time Kai calls Pema mom in front of anyone else but her is after dinner one night and he, Tenzin and Jinora are helping clean up (Ikki, Meelo and Rohan have scampered off somewhere)
  • “Kai, can you pass the towel?” “Sure thing Mom.”
  • Jinora looks surprised but then she smiles; Tenzin has a harder time concealing his surprise
  • Kai and Jinora leave to catch a mover for a date and Tenzin’s like “Mom?”
  • “He’s pretty much our son, Tenzin,” Pema says, and Tenzin smiles because it’s true. “Besides, he’ll officially be part of the family when he marries Jinora, it’s just starting a few years earlier.” Tenzin’s smile widens, another truth
  • Tenzin going, “True,” but he still makes Kai think he has to work to get his approval when in reality the kid’s had it since the incident with P’li
  • Kai pulling off some airbending move/mission and he gets hurt and Jinora and Tenzin find him and Jinora hugs him (obvs) but Tenzin does too for the first time
  • and Kai just lightly wraps his arms around Tenzin and thinks this must be what it’s like to have a dad
  • “What were you thinking?” Tenzin says, angry with concern. “We were worried!”
  • Kai asking Tenzin for permission to ask Jinora to marry him. Tenzin pulling him into a hug, saying, “I thought you’d never ask”
  • “Thank you Tenzin.” “Call me dad?” Kai smiles so wide and maybe they’re both a little tearyeyed. “Sure thing…dad.”
On Linzin

I’m messed up on Linzin feels and want to take you down with me.

When I say “Linzin” btw, I mean their past, breakup, and dynamic. I don’t for one second mean that I want to break up Pema and Tenzin.

But…for purposes of my own, I was thinking about the timeline of Tenzin’s life. He had Jinora at 40, which was late for someone seeking to personally propagate the Air Nation. Pema is a full 16 years younger than Tenzin. And while I’m not saying it’s impossible that he was lecherously staring at her when she first came to the Air Temple, I really think Tenzin is the type of guy who’d be aware of the power dynamic between him and a young acolyte (he must have been like a rock star to her), and probably wouldn’t have thought to pursue it until she was, say, 20ish. Which puts Tenzin at 36.

And like, 4 years is reasonable for them to date, marry, and have Jinora (he was clearly 39 when she was conceived). Given Tenzin’s personality I think it fits well, actually.

We kind of accept it as canon that Linzin broke up because she didn’t want kids, and the more I think about it…yeah. That HAS to have been it. We know Lin and Tenzin were probably pretty close growing up, given how they all lived in Republic City and how Toph was certainly close to Aang and Katara.

For that reason, I’m of the mind that Tenzin and Lin started dating kind of early. Say 18-20ish, when both our precious dorks may not have been the luckiest in their love lives, had always gotten along (it’s CANON that Lin is a bby nerd in the flashbacks…Su came *this* close to shoving her in a locker. And we know Tenzin is, plus they both feel like the “responsible ones”), and decided to start something up.

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oikawa rare pair week day 4 - crossover!!!!
great news everyone its oihina!! and avatar!!!! my faves

ao3 link !!


When the war had ended, the Avatar had probably expected to have to rebuild the Air Nomadic nation with the power of his own love (no, it was his dick, Hinata will say), and the trust of the other nations to help him bring back their culture. It was to be a difficult mission, one that would probably takes hundreds of years to accomplish. The Avatar’s wife could only have so many children, not all of them destined to be air benders. With Avatar Aang’s passing, his mission was passed onto the only air nomad to succeed him, his son Tenzin. Even his family could only produce so many benders, though they had been luckier than Avatar Aang. As the process dragged on, it became evident that rebuilding the entire nation to be as full and prosperous as it once had been would take much, much longer than they’d expected.

Until one day, Oikawa sneezes and his entire fishing boat tips over.

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Tenzin Delek, one of the most prominent Tibetan religious leaders in Chinese custody, has died. Activists from the Tibetan community stood outside the Chinese consulate in New York to demand justice for Tenzin Delek, whose family suspects that the Chinese government murdered him while serving a life prison sentence.

More information on The New York Times

makaveli-the-avatar  asked:

I just noticed in that picture, Ran and Shaw form a heart-shape around Aang and Zuko, what a lovely piece of subtext. Did you know Bryke apparently insulted Zukaang by calling the idea of two boys in a relationship gross? Zephyrita had a post on it.

It’s really too bad that that blog has been lost—though a lot of the Avatar info still remains on The Wayback Machine.  I can’t find the post in question, so I’m not going to accuse Bryke…but I will say it would not surprise me if it were true. (Those who follow my posts will know that Zuko is the only person I think Aang should be shipped with post-canon.)

In LOK, Bryke seem to have no idea what representation actually means. They confirm in fan interviews (after the show is over) that characters like Kya and Aiwei are LGBT, but put no effort whatsoever into implying it on screen.

And I guess I’ll have to weigh in on the inevitable Korrasami endgame … what do I think of it?

Everything that has been said about Korrasami–that it’s sudden, that it’s one-sided, that it doesn’t match the romantic endgame that Bryke had previously planned–is true. But it must be said that these problems are true of most relationships in Legend of Korra. Mako and Bolin started out as a seemingly aloof older brother looking out for his hapless younger sibling, and they ended as … well not much of anything, as Book 4 barely remembered they were family. Tenzin and Korra’s mentor relationship had some really good dynamics in Book 1, but by Book 4, all Tenzin could do was spout nonsensical encouragement and cheerlead Korra on things that she really should have felt a healthy sense of remorse about. And what about Asami’s relationship with Mako and Bolin—does she even have one? How many times was she shown interacting with them outside of defeating the bad guys or shipping scenes?

After Asami made the hard choice to side with the Krew against her father in Book 1, did Korra console her? No, but neither did anyone else. When Asami’s company was going under in Book 2, did Korra provide emotional support? No, but neither did anyone else. When Asami’s father died in Book 4, did Korra do anything to help Asami through her grief other than one single line of sympathy and a hug before immediately changing the subject? No, but Mako and Bolin did even less than that.

The difference between the Krew and the GAang is that the Krew interacted as allies; the GAang interacted as friends. There are very few scenes where the Krew are developing character together, and almost none outside of the fight scenes. They don’t look out for each other; they don’t stay connected; they don’t embark on a real journey together. Korrasami, like Makorra, is just one more casualty of Bryke’s lack of storytelling prowess.

I’m sure I could write reams and reams on the unhealthiness of all the relationships in LOK…but you know what? I don’t even care enough about said characters to do that. What a waste of potential.

Tying The Knot

Summary: Korra and Asami are finally tying the knot! Surrounded by loved ones with laughs, dancing, and horrible singing, it will certainly be a day to remember. (Written for Korrasami Wedding Day)

Rating: K+

Genre: Humor, Romance, Friendship, Family

Words: 4,446

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