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Any Other Way: Kataang Week 2017 - Unconditional

Summary: A city councilman oversteps his boundaries and says that Bumi and Kya will never be what Aang or the world wants them to be. Aang and Katara assure their children and each other that they shouldn’t want things to be any other way.

Rating: K 

Word Count: 2,278

A/N: This is my last submission for Kataang Week, so thank you to the mods and everyone who participated! I loved sharing what I wrote with y’all and loved what everyone else submitted!


“Avatar Aang, please reconsider.”

“I’m sorry, but my mind is made up,” Aang said with an edge of force.

The councilman’s face grew red with frustration, but he took a deep breath to hold his composure. “This meeting is crucial in determining the fate of the United Republic, Avatar. It would be beneficial for you to be present.”

“I understand that, Councilman Katsuro, but I have a prior engagement. You must understand.” Aang glanced at the picture of his family on his desk and smiled, but the councilman didn’t seem convinced.

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Headcanon: How Tenzin finds out about Korrasami

Rohan: hey daddy is it OK if two giwls kiss?

Tenzin: *slightly taken aback* what do you mean by “kiss”? I mean, on the cheek, or…

Rohan: I mean the lips, daddy!

Tenzin: if it makes then happy, it’s totally fine, Rohan, it happens sometimes. Even two boys are allowed to kiss on the lips. Why do you ask? *drinks a bit of tea*

Rohan: oh, ‘cause I saw Kowa and 'Sami kissing on the lips

Tenzin: *chokes and starts having a coughing fit in total rage mode* I’M HAVING A SERIOUS TALK WITH THEM

Rohan: but you just said it’s totally fine

Tenzin: I KNOW BUT…HOW DARE THEY *whispers sadly* how come they didn’t tell me they were together?

Kainora living together headcanons

- Jinora is going to college in Republic City, and even though it’s not that far from the Air Temple, she thinks it would be easier to live in an apartment around the area and go back to Air Temple Island on the weekends to help wherever she can.

- She wants Kai to come with her, so she decides to start college after he gets his mastery tattoos so she won’t feel like she’s hindering his growth by asking him to leave the air temple.

- Jinora tells Kai that she’s decided to go to college when she’s in the process of giving him his tattoos. She’s talking about how she’s going to live in Republic City, and Kai looks kind of sad because even though he supports her all the way, he feels bad that he won’t be able to see her every day.

- As Jinora continues to talk about it, she looks more nervous, and Kai is getting scared that maybe she wants to break up since she’s finally doing something she’s dreamed of since she was a little kid, and she’s ready for things that are bigger and better than him (because of course my baby is still insecure about some things).

- She starts speaking really fast, talking about how she knows that he’s finally found a home and a family at the Air Temple, and there’s no pressure on him at all to go with her, but she would really like it if he came to live with her. Before Kai can say anything, she continues to talk really fast about how it’ll only be for a few years and her apartment won’t be that far from the air temple, so he can still go up there as often as he wants to teach classes or train or whatever, and she already talked to Tenzin, and he said he could arrange some work for him to do in the city so he could earn extra money. She goes on to make sure that he knows he doesn’t have to go with her if he doesn’t want to, and she’ll still come back every weekend and he can visit her any time he wants, so it won’t affect their relationship.

- Kai is surprised at first, but then he has this huge grin on his face. He tells Jinora that he’d love to live with her, and not to worry because she’s his home. She’s really excited and starts to go in for a hug, but remembers that she’s still tattooing him and his skin is probably sore, so she just grabs his face and kisses him.

- They have a two bedroom apartment, because Tenzin is the one who set it up so what else do you expect? On their first night, they get up from the living room to go to bed, and Jinora goes to her room and expects Kai to follow behind her, but he goes to the other room instead. She stops in her doorway is about to say something, but she suddenly gets really nervous and feels weird about saying, “Hey, wanna come in here and sleep with me?” so she just says goodnight. Kai actually wanted to sleep in Jinora’s room as well, but he didn’t want to be too forward by just walking in and assuming that she wanted to sleep with him. They sleep in separate bedrooms for about a week even though every night they felt kind of sad about walking in different directions to go to their rooms.

- One night Jinora can’t sleep because there’s a bad thunderstorm, and she hears a knock on her door. She opens her door and Kai is standing there looking nervous. He tells her that he knows she hates thunderstorms (It’s more that she doesn’t like the loud noises rather than being afraid) and wanted to check on her. She invites him into her room, and they fall asleep in each other’s arms. As Jinora was drifting off to sleep, she mumbled something about how he should sleep in her room more often. From then on, they always slept in the same room, and they agreed that they wouldn’t be afraid to ask each other anything anymore.

- Jinora wakes up early to continue her routine of meditating in the morning, but Kai opts to have an extra hour of sleep. Jinora doesn’t really mind since the quiet mornings help her focus.

- Jinora is usually the one to cook, but Kai will occasionally wake up early to make breakfast for her, especially when she has a test that she’s worried about. This applies to dinner as well.

- Sometimes Mako and Bolin will come over and they’ll cause a ruckus, and Jinora will walk in and realize that there are too many guys around, so she’ll invite Ikki and Opal over for a girls’ day.

- Sometimes Jinora will over-study and stress herself out, so Kai will turn her alarm off on days she doesn’t have classes. It makes her mad, but he does it anyway.

- When Jinora needs to relax, she’ll read to Kai while they’re lying down on the couch, and they’ll usually fall asleep like that.

- Jinora ended up bringing so many books with her that they ran out of space for them, so Kai brought them all back. Whenever Jinora wants to read a certain book, she tells Kai which one it is, and he brings them for her on the days he goes to the air temple to teach classes.

- Kai really misses Lefty, so they end up adopting a smaller pet to fill their animal void (even though they know they can never replace Lefty and Pepper).

- People always assume they’re married by the way they talk about each other and their home lives.

- Instead of the regular red night clothes that she wore at the air temple, Jinora buys these really cute pajamas that have sky bison all over them, and Kai always has a huge smile every night when he sees her wearing them.

dream of the lotus in bloom: chapter 12

Summary: Amon kidnapped Korra when she was three and fourteen years later she’s so fucking done with his shit
Word count: 10,115 god help me
A/N: going for broke with this monster chapter.  it’s both hopeful and extremely dark. tons of makorra. i split it into two parts and linked the second half as a private post at the bottom of this one. the next chapter is the last one wow amazing

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Korra looks at her fist, the skin on her knuckles split and bleeding, and throws another punch at the wall. The first punch cracked the plaster. The second one dented it. Every one after that leaves a dark red splatter. She keeps going long after her hand loses feeling, sheathed in numbness.

She shouldn’t have listened to the radio. She was hoping for the music hour, something wordless she could sink into after a full day of interrogation with Chief Bei Fong, but the music hour didn’t happen. Instead, Korra got the newscast: After the Avatar revealed herself at the probending championship game, as none other than the daughter of anti-bending Equalist Amon, benders and nonbenders alike took to the streets in riots that lasted until early yesterday morning.

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Diamond - Flashfic for "Beyond the Wilds"

She doesn’t know why she’s here.

Doesn’t want to acknowledge the last flickering ember, fighting to survive in the bitter wind.

She interrupts dinner - a happy little family, warm and snug and shocked by her entrance.

“Tenzin, we need to talk.”

He follows her out. Out of the building, out to a clearing, out away from children’s ears.

“Change your mind.”


“Help us. Kuvira has to be stopped. Help us.”

“Lin, as I said, I will not support -”

“Damn you, Tenzin, can’t you see your mistake?” She gestures broadly. “Don’t you remember what happened the last time Air decided they couldn’t be involved in other nation’s problems?”

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post wedding ceremony. mako and korra have a heart to heart about why she didn’t write for 3 years. mako tells korra he’ll follow her into battle no matter what. they reminisce about how simple things used to be. an arrangement of looking across yue bay swells as korra says to mako “i’m ready to give this, us, another shot if you are” and he swoops her up into a kiss

(tenzin interrupts, it’s awkward but funny. mako tells korra he’ll meet up with her later and leaves. tenzin and korra have a longer moment together. CUE TITLE CARD)

anonymous asked:

Korrasami prompt: Korra is ready to propose to Asami, the only problem is that she doesn't know how. She asks a few people around air temple island, kya, tenzin, pema ect.. But in the end when she's trying to do it and she fails Asami just laughs, says yes, cause she already knew

(Ahh yes. Korrasami engagements)

“Tenzin!” Korra jogged down the hall, trying to catch up with her mentor, “Wait up! I need to talk to you!”

“Hmm?” The airbending master turned around in confusion, “Korra? You’re back from the Southern Water Tribe? I thought you were going to your apartment first?”

“No, no,” Korra tapped her foot nervously. “Look, I need some advice for something. You seemed like the best person to ask!”

“Very well,” Tenzin waved the Avatar into his office. “Come in then.”

Korra followed him into the room, the bender shuffled on her feet anxiously. Whatever was bothering her seemed serious enough. The father of four turned to look at her, “What is it?”

“How do you propose to someone!?” Korra stammered, “I meant the most romantic way, what do I do to make it special?!”

Tenzin blinked, “Propose? Are you going to ask Asami?”

Korra sighed and nodded, pulling a box from her sleeve. It was a velvet blue, large enough for a pendent maybe.

But Tenzin knew otherwise. He was half-water tribe himself, and his eyes widened when Korra opened the box to show off the carved circular gemstone.

The youngest son of Avatar Aang was at a loss for words.


“He doesn’t know what to do!” Korra ranted to Pema and Kya, the two women were sitting in the courtyard, watching Rohan chasing some butterflies around the flowers, “How did he propose to you Pema!? What did he do?”

The former acolyte hummed, “He didn’t really do anything. One day he asked me over dinner if I wanted to marry and start a family.”

“Yeah,” Kya laughed. “My brother’s quite the charmer, he’s never been as romantic as Bumi or I.”

“What would you do then?” Korra turned to the water bender.

Kya cupped her chin in thought, “Umm,  that’s a hard question to answer. It would depend on who I was marrying. I would do something they like with them, and propose then.”

“Yeah, but the only major thing Asami likes is racing cars,” Korra pouted. “Not exactly proposal material.”

“Just take her out to a nice dinner,” Pema shrugged. “Better yet, make it yourself. Go on a picnic, a clear beach at sunset maybe? Make it a surprise though, don’t let her figure it out.”

Korra crossed her arms, a thoughtful look on her face, “That just might work.”


Korra wished the drive had gone better.

While Asami was an excellent driver, others were not.

And she was not in the mood to be rear-ended on this special day. So, the grumpy Avatar had metal bended the grill and bumpers back into shape, Asami had checked to make sure they were safe, and they were on their way.

But then there had been a rockslide, and the road was blocked.

Unwilling to turn around, Korra had earth bended it clear, and they were once more on their way.

But when a tire popped because of a piece of waste metal laying in the middle of the street after a sharp turn, Korra said ‘Screw it’ and air bended them to the special meadow she had found the week prior.

Asami set out the blanket and sat down next to her, the two shared a sweet kiss before digging into the food Korra had spent hours trying to figure out, and they enjoyed a peaceful meal.

The sun began to lower in the distance, purple and pink streaks of light painted the clouds above them; Korra thought it was the perfect time to do it.

“Asami,” the avatar swallowed her fear and turned to face the inventor. “There was something I wanted to talk to you about- well ask you really, I mean it’s a question if that makes sense- plus, it’s pretty important, well at least to me it is, I’m not sure about you… that’s why… uh… oh yeah, why I was going to ask you.”

The master of the four elements stood up and pulled the other to her feet; Asami had amusement glittering in her eyes, and Korra couldn’t help but think about how beautiful the nonbender looked at that moment.

She reached into her pocket for the velvet box, only to panic when she discovered it wasn’t in there.

Korra patted every pocket she had as she looked, only to freeze when she noticed Asami bend down to pick the lost box off the ground.

It must of fell out when she had sat down.

The avatar bounced on her feet nervously as she watched her girlfriend open the box, the CEO’s went pale white, and Korra braced for rejection.

“Is this what I think it is?” Asami’s voice was quiet, her eyes still staring at the elegantly carved necklace.

“Yes,” Korra murmured and looked down. “I made it for you. It’s why I went home last week, I had my dad help me.”

Asami suddenly kissed her, full of passion and excitement that left Korra feeling her knees go weak.

The heiress pulled away and smiled widely, “Aren’t you going to help me put it on?”

Korra gasped, her eyes watered, “You mean?!”

Asami placed the necklace in her hands and turned, pulling her hair up so that the Avatar could hook the necklace around her neck and close the clasp.

Then she spun around, laughing as the bender lifted her up and peppered her face with kisses.

Korra decided the day hadn’t turned into such a disaster after all.

Can I rant for a second?

It makes me so sad and angry to see people STILL shitting on Korra this season. Like seriously? Do you not understand how character progression goes? She has to actually have character flaws, (and not just something introduced in the first few episodes) she has to have real character flaws in order to progress and change for the better. 

And now that she basically has, you still hate on her? She gets mad at Lin for being mean to Opal? Of course she will! Because it wasn’t right, and she doesn’t know anything about how Lin was feeling because Lin wasn’t talking about it. And when Lin wasn’t feeling well, she stopped being angry and immediately started to be concerned for her. 

And then she helps Tenzin out by giving him some advice, which was pretty good if Tenzin didn’t go completely overboard with it. 

What do you all want from Korra? For her to change her entire personality from being strong, straight-forward, and kind to being laid back, diplomatic, and neutral?

Korra cares so much about almost everyone she meets. She’s innately kind and has a strong sense of duty towards being the Avatar. Although she makes mistakes, she recognizes them and then moves forward with her life… and that’s pretty amazing. 

My thought process about this is pretty all over the place with this… but it’s a rant so blah. I just love Korra and it makes me rage when fans of the show are so fucking shitty about her.