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If you're still taking prompts: Uncle Sokka! I haven't read a single thing about Sokka and his niece and nephews!

“Oh, sure, Katara, I’ll watch the kids for you,” Sokka grumbled to himself as he picked up the food Tenzin had blown out of his hands. “How hard can it be?” He gathered the rest of the rice into the bowl and stood up, raising an eyebrow at a giggling Tenzin. “No. More. Airbending,” Sokka told him as he pointed at the one year old.

Tenzin slapped his tiny hands on his high chair and squealed with laughter as he blew another gust of air in Sokka’s face.

“Uncle Sokka! Uncle Sokka!” Bumi shouted as he ran into the kitchen. “Come outside, we gotta show you something!”

Sokka picked Tenzin up from the high chair, groaning as he wiped drool from his nephew’s mouth. “What is it?” Sokka asked as they walked outside. He set Tenzin down on the steps with an Acolyte and followed his eleven year old nephew towards the greenhouse.

“Show him, Kya!” Bumi exclaimed.

Out of the corner of his eye Sokka saw a small figure rushing towards him with their arms held over their head. Before he could do anything, his niece spattered mud all over the place, and the four year old burst into laughter.

“I’m a mudbender!” Kya cheered, covered head to toe in mud.

Sokka wiped mud off his face, and Bumi roared with laughter as his sister started bending mud balls at him.

“Uh, Councilman Sokka!” the Acolyte called from the steps. She was holding Tenzin an arm’s length away and he was blowing air in her face repeatedly. “Help!”

Sokka smacked his forehead and groaned. He looked between his niece and nephews and suddenly felt a wave of admiration come over him for his sister. This was madness.

“Attack!” Bumi shouted. He and Kya pelted Sokka with mud balls and tackled him to the ground. “Surrender, Sokka of the Southern Watertribe!” Bumi commanded. “You’ve been defeated!”

Sokka closed his eyes and laid silent in the mud, and Kya climbed onto her uncle’s stomach.

“Are you okay, Uncle Sokka?” she asked.

“Sneak attack!” Sokka shouted as he grabbed Kya. He hoisted her over his shoulder as she squealed with laughter and started chasing Bumi through the mud.

The Acolyte watched in concern and tried her best to keep Tenzin in her arms. “Councilman, I don’t know how Master Katara would feel about-!”

Sokka turned to look at the Acolyte with a huge grin and mud dripping down his face. “Forget Master Katara!” he told her. “I’m in charge now!”

“YEAH!” Bumi shouted. “Forget Mom!”

Sokka went over and took Tenzin from the Acolyte and laughed as he blew the mud off of his face. He noted the Acolyte’s look of disapproval and he raised an eyebrow. “What?” he questioned. “If you can’t fight ‘em, join ‘em!”


While it is always best to believe in one’s self, a little help from others can be a great blessing. ~ Iroh

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I wish you would write a Korrasami fic in the Star Wars universe

Ahhh, nonnie I love this prompt! Thank you! Also on ao3 because I’m sure I’ll write more of this verse in the future. More under the cut because it got long, naturally.

“Padawan, we’ve talked about this. Attachments are forbidden by the Jedi Code,” Master Tenzin says. His cloak is billowing impressively behind him, a fine example of a frivolous use of the Force, considering the fact that they were inside.

“Under the old Code, maybe,” Korra shoots back, seemingly entirely unconcerned with the fact that she’s arguing with her Jedi master while practically naked.

Asami, beside her, is a little more concerned. She would really like to get something to cover herself that wasn’t a sheet, but that would require interrupting Master Tenzin and Korra, and she learned years ago that it’s best to just let them work it out of their systems first. So instead she’ll just sit here and try not to burn up with embarrassment.

Master Tenzin sighs sharply. “You can’t just discount millennia of tradition because you found another jumpsuit to chase.” He glances at Asami. “No offense meant, Miss Sato.”

“Excuse you?” Asami asks, outraged. She sits up a little straighter on the bed, but Korra beats her to it.

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Five Minutes To Midnight - a Kyalin fanfic

Fandom: Legend of Korra

Rating: K+ / General audiences

Pairing: Kyalin, with references to Lin/Tenzin and past!Kyalin

“Tenzin sent me a letter asking for help with the repairs on Air Temple Island…I told him to shove it. I did take a look before coming here, though. That was some masterful work.”


A week after her break up with Tenzin, Lin receives a midnight visitor in the form of the one person who cares enough to come and see if she’s okay. 

Tenzin was the final straw.

Lin had given up on gaining affection from her mother even before she had disappeared, her father remained a glaring question mark on her family tree, and Su’s betrayal had cut deeper and left her even more solitary than before. Tenzin, her beloved numbskull of a boyfriend, had been more or less all she had left.

Until now.

A more sensible part of Lin’s brain knew it had been inevitable. That the only living Airbender couldn’t very well settle down with someone who never wanted kids and in that regard they had been doomed from the start, but him leaving her for that Air Acolyte (who was fifteen years younger than him, to boot!) stung.

The fury that had consumed her for a week since the break up had given way into bitter melancholy that had Lin wallowing in her house when not at work at the police station. Not necessarily the most mature action for a woman of thirty six, but she just couldn’t face Tenzin again yet, even if her reaction to his breaking up with her would hopefully keep him afraid to approach her for a while.

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How do you think Katara reacted to Aang favoring Tenzin over their other children?

I think she and Aang tried their very best and love all their children equally and were both guilty of trying to put too much of themselves on their children, and maybe not even realizing it until years later, as seen in LOK when she insists Tenzin take his siblings with him. 

I do not for a moment think Katara was ever a woman who would openly allow favoritism in her family or neglect from her husband. 

I think she knew Aang was literally the only one in the world who could teach Tenzin and that Air Bending could be dangerous without instruction and that she knew one day Tenzin would have to carry the weight of only Air Bender and Avatar Teacher and that Aang was the only one who could teach him that. 

I think family is hard and Aang and Katara did their best. I think they both felt like failures at times, even when trying their best, probably got annoyed with themselves and each other from time to time, but both always loved their kids and knew this about themselves. 

I think she very obviously still loved Aang and, knowing Katara at all, she would not have had he really been the cruel father the fandom tries to paint him as. 


Everybody who’s in the Avatar fandom should have a look at this.

guess what I’ve been watching

I love Pearl so much <3

bulletproofteacup asked for #19.


19. parents meeting when they take their kids to class au.

It’s 8:27 a.m. and if the traffic light turns red, Kya is going to be late for preschool.

Katara isn’t really surprised when the traffic light turns red.  It’s been that kind of morning—there may have been spilled milk that she cried over, among other things—and she managed to get Bumi to the bus stop on time, but Kya fell and skinned her knee on the way from the bus stop to the car, and the time needed to comfort her with a hug and a Band-Aid had put them far enough behind schedule that her five-year-old is going to be late for class.

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tenzin & kai
  • Kai convincing Tenzin to play Pai Sho with him and Tenzin’s surprised because the kid’s actually really really good (at the street version, anyway)
  • Kai coming home with a black eye after getting into a fight (”he said something mean about Jinora,” is the only explanation given) and he doesn’t want Jinora to know so & Pema’s busy so Tenzin patches him up
  •  Tenzin struggling to discipline Kai and Bumi when they get into shenanigans together
  • Kai begging Tenzin to let him keep Lefty and Tenzin caves pretty quickly to everyone’s surprise
  • Tenzin getting up for a glass of water in the night and he finds Kai crying and they talk and some of Kai’s past comes out and they bond (oneshot coming soon now god i’m a mess)
  • Tenzin being so damn proud when it’s time for Kai’s tattoos
  • Tenzin getting Kai’s records from the orphanage he lived at briefly and officially adopting him
  • Tenzin reassuring Kai that he’ll be a great father when Jinora’s pregnant because the poor boy is just so nervous
  • the two men waiting outside the delivery room and Kai thinks he’s going to pass out
  • Kai having his first father’s day as an actual dad and Tenzin saying “I told you you’d be a great one” and Kai just smiles
  • “I learned from the best.”