tenzin does not approve of this relationship


Korra and Asami can’t wait to make their relationship official, but they decide to stick with the extended Team Avatar first. They decide to do so during a small party.

Tenzin approves, saying something about how Korra keeps changing the world and yes, Ikki, not all relationships look like him and Pema.

Nobody has been able to locate Varrick and Zhu Li during the past two weeks.

Lin just gives Korra a clap on the shoulder and tells Asami “I hope you know what you’re getting into”. She hopes it says everything she wants to. It does.

Su gives them a big hearfelt speech about true love and how happy she is for the both of them, sneaking in one or two or ten hints that she’d be happy to host a wedding at Zaofu.

Korra and Asami haven’t even thought about a wedding, but they both instinctively want to hold it in Republic City.

Korra has a little idea about a wedding in the Spirit World, but she hasn’t told Asami - she’s learned a thing or two about rushing things.

Asami has already arranged for Future Industries to manage without her for another week, which she plans to spend with Korra in the Sato mansion.

Bolin gives the both of them a Earthbender-style hug with the biggest, dorkiest grin on his face, saying that he kind of hoped this would happen and he’s so happy for his friends. He also guesses they’d probably like to be alone for the rest of the evening and would you look at that, Opal seems rather demanding right now. He whispers “Have fun”, making Asami smirk and Korra blush.

Mako gives them both a big long hug, saying that he kind of saw it coming ever since Korra came back and is really happy for them. There is a long moment of mutual understanding, which Wu interrupts by demanding the attention of his bodyguard. Mako obliges, a small smile on his face.

I have a lot more, but right now I really need to write a “Mako and Bolin have a few drinks together” thingamajig.