tenzin cosplay

this is tenzin and his chicken. tenzin and his chicken will protect your blog from all guilt reblog posts and chain mail posts. 
also, good luck and prosperity comes to everybody who sees this post. 

do not underestimate tenzin and his chicken. 


Here’s a massive collage dump of Day 3 formal Korrasami Fanime 2016 shenanigans! It was super fun meeting new people and geeking out over this fandom. 

Shoutout to the Aang https://www.instagram.com/gracelessaesthetic/)  who had a Korrasami phone case lol, and the Tenzin putting up with my annoying Korra self. Will Smithin-ing cosbae Asami @secretasiantt is always fun too~

More edited pics to come later.

Edit: @crimson-blade-cosplay  as the Season 4 Korra in the first pic! Nice meeting you :)


Among some of the awesome Avatar/Korra cosplayers at Connecticon:

  • Steampunk Korra. Creative and super cute!
  • Princess Yue by cassietotallyjust. She did an amazing job! She got the floaty things working that I never could, so I got some cosplay tips from her. =)
  • Older!Zuko. Hell yeah. He had some really nice scar makeup, the best I’ve seen.
  • Adorable water tribe family. These same folks cosplayed as Tenzin and the airbabies last year. I have so much love for cosplay families.

Let me know if you are in any of these pictures so I can credit you!