tenzin as aang's son

Haha, yeah, “Commander Zhao” has been lost in the “Fog of Lost Souls” for ages. How should he know that he’s talking to Avatar Aang´s son Tenzin. ^^

(As we see in “The Legend of Korra” where Tenzin finds his daughter Jinora where she have been placed by Unalaq)

Oh! I forgot I had a fun little story for you guys. 

So I just finished my Avatar rewatch. And my mom’s sort of been watching it off and on with me. She’s seen a lot of it before, and she remembers some of what happens, but sometimes I have to fill in the details for her. But she missed a lot of season 3 for various reasons, and I finished the finale while she was out. 

Anyway, on Friday, I launched straight from ATLA into Korra, as you do. And Mom came home about in the middle of episode 3. And she sat down and was doing her typical “Okay, who’s that?” and I’d explain to her who everyone was. 

And we got to Tenzin. And I’m like “That’s Katara and Aang’s youngest son. He’s an Airbender.” 

And she goes “Okay.” Then she gets this weird look on her face. And she turns back to me and goes.

“But wait! Weren’t Katara and Zuko supposed to end up together?”

tldr; even my mom ships Zutara, caused me to almost pee my pants with laughter

“No! You can’t bend it up. That is cheating, you great Airhead. Just plain cheating.” - Lin to Tenzin in @republiccitylin ’s ‘Adored’ I wondered if she ever said that earlier. With Katara watching but unwilling to interrupt one of Tenzins rare jokes and Aang being slightly amused thinking, 'Oh, son, should not do that to a Beifong while sitting next to a pile of rocks.’