GDCの期間中に開催されるパーティー用にゲームをつくっているんですが、Tenya Wanya Teensという名前になりました。そして、パーティーだけでなく、ほぼ毎年GDCでおこなわれるExperimental Gameplay Workshop(初代塊魂をプレゼンしたことのある)でも、このゲームを紹介することになりましたー。興味があったら是非。

We are making a game called “Tenya Wanya Teens” for PARTY that is held at GDC week in SF. Tanya Tanya means chaos or panic ( but it’s not serious ) in Japanese. And also we are going to show this game at Experimental Gameplay Workshop. I have shown a first Katamari Damacy in this workshop at 2005. Please come and enjoy.


Pen is playing Tenya Wanya Teens at Juegos Rancheros.


Our friends at Wild Rumpus- resident London indie bacchanalians, held their latest videogame showcase merrymaking maritime; with their party on a fucking boat. Aboard the MS Stubnitz, partygoers were treated Johann Sebastian Joust, Nidhogg, Tenya Wanya Teens, Samurai Gunn, Starwhal, and more, with music from Super Hexagon’s Chipzel.

Be sure to follow Wild Rumpus should they come ashore near you.

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