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Name: Iselin

Nickname: Issa, Isse, Kjøttleif

Star Sign: Taurus

Gender: she/her

Height: 172 cm

Favorite Color: Anything pastel

The time right now: 7:10 pm

Average hours of sleep: 7-8

The last thing I Googled:  Spider bite piercing lmao

The number of blankets I sleep under: One it’s too hot these day omfg

Favorite fictional characters: I can’t really think of anyone rn ;;

Favorite Celebrities: Dong Sicheng! Lee Taeyong, Seo Youngho, Ji Hansol, Qian Kun

Favorite Book: I’m not really into books..

What I’m wearing at the moment: Black pants and a red sweater lmao stylish af

I tag: @tenyonce @jchnnyseo @nctredv @tentv @jaeqyun and everyone else who wants to do this! But you don’t have to if you don’t!!

anonymous asked:

Hi!! I'm new to the NCT fandom lol, i was wondering what some good blogs (besides your own) are to start with? :)

Hi! Welcome to the family!!

(oh thank you, im glad you think im a good blog haha)

here are some faves: @taeyongshi, @nct-the-type-to, @hansoulji, @jaehyun-n, @taeyongfied, @jaehyun4u, @yutaish, @buynct127onitunes, @heauxscode, @nctsobangchamp3, @chokemewinwin, @kittensicheng, @taesaesthetic@fy1ao, @tenrais, @nct-longassride, @yutagf, @h-aechan, @kdoyoungs, @yutaone, @nctepdnim, @tensbootyhole, @coconutminhyung, @teayongg, @taeyonggi, @jungyoonho, @jaeminology, @y-ta, @tentv, @hanbokjohnny, @127-firetrucks, @dammitdoyoung, @taenebre, @ncttrashaf, @nct-the-type, @tensolar

this definitely isn’t everyone but these are ones i remember; i gave you a mix of editors and meme blogs and general hardcore fans so this should be a good variety


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Rules:  tag 20 followers you want to get to know better.

Name: Allison/Yoonji

Nickname: Alli/Yoonie/YoYo

Star Sign: Virgo

Height: 4′9

Favorite Color: Yellow! ♥

The time right now: 5:39 PM

Average hours of sleep: 3-5

The last thing I Googled: Firetruck - NCT 127

The number of blankets I sleep under: Two

Favorite fictional characters: Kaneki Ken & Yūichirō Hyakuya &  Mikaela Hyakuya

Favorite Celebrities: I dont really have a favorite celeb tbh.. 

Favorite Book: The Mortal Instruments series…

What I’m wearing at the moment: Crop top and tight sweat pants sexy right

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I was tagged by @y-ta (ty bb) I was also tagged by @tentv in a different get to know me tag but I already did that one but I still wanted to thank you as well :) 

rules: tag 20 followers you want to know better!

name: Melody

nicknames: Mel

gender: Female

star sign: Scorpio

height: 5'3 ½

age: 21

hogwarts house: I like to think I’m a Hufflepuff but honestly Slytherin lol

favorite colour: Purple

time right now: 8:49 PM

hours of sleep: 8 ish?

lucky number: 3,7,27

last thing i googled: “What do you call people that worship satan?” DON’T ASK

blankets i sleep with: One

favorite bands/artists: NCT obviously, EXO (my number 1 hoes), basically all of SMTOWN

dream trip: Anywhere that I can go shopping

dream job: Don’t have one

what i’m wearing right now: a pair of gym shorts and a EXO t-shirt

when did you make this blog: July 2015

follower count: 1,487

posts: 3, 415

what do i post about: I try to keep it purely NCT, Johnny of course

most active followers: Zuza is listed #1 on my biggest fan thing right now so shout out to her but I honestly have so many lovely active followers <3

when did your blog reach its peak: Around NCT-U’s debut probably

why did you get tumblr: There wasn’t really anybody to talk about the Rookies with and I wanted to be apart of the small community

do you get asks on a daily basis: Not really lol

why did you choose your url: When Johnny wore a Hanbok in that one introduction video

I tag: @061494 , @saltyjohnnystan , @okayjaehyun , @haechansgf, @johnniesuh (This isn’t 20 oh well)