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Name: Iselin

Nickname: Issa, Isse, Kjøttleif

Star Sign: Taurus

Gender: she/her

Height: 172 cm

Favorite Color: Anything pastel

The time right now: 7:10 pm

Average hours of sleep: 7-8

The last thing I Googled:  Spider bite piercing lmao

The number of blankets I sleep under: One it’s too hot these day omfg

Favorite fictional characters: I can’t really think of anyone rn ;;

Favorite Celebrities: Dong Sicheng! Lee Taeyong, Seo Youngho, Ji Hansol, Qian Kun

Favorite Book: I’m not really into books..

What I’m wearing at the moment: Black pants and a red sweater lmao stylish af

I tag: @tenyonce @jchnnyseo @nctredv @tentv @jaeqyun and everyone else who wants to do this! But you don’t have to if you don’t!!